Up-and-coming MMA star Cub Swanson

By Percy Crawford


Up-and-coming MMA star Cub Swanson

PC: What’s good Cub? How are you doing?

CS: Everything is real good right now.

PC: You’re training for a fight against Chuck Kim on the 17th of November. One of your training partners is Joe Stevenson, who’s already beat Kim. Is he giving you some good advice on that fight?

CS: Yeah, he’s telling me some good stuff.

PC: For the people who don’t know, could you tell us your credentials?

CS: I’m currently 8-1. I’ve fought in King of the Cage and Total Combat so far. I started off fighting Total Combat down in Mexico and I continued to fight with them when they came down to California, but I’ve also fought King of the Cage. My fight on the 17th is going to be in Bakersville. It’s going to be called Beat down in Bakersville. Frank Shamrock is over that card.

PC: You were able to avenge your only loss against Shannon Gugherty. How gratifying was that for you?

CS: Aw man, it was awesome because I knew the first fight was a fluke. I got hurt in the fight and lost in 15 seconds which is embarrassing, so in the second fight I wanted to show everybody that I was better than him. I didn’t just win, I dominated him, so I was very happy in the way I fought.

PC: You are one of the more exciting fighters to watch. What do you bring to the table that makes your style more fan friendly?

CS: If the fight is not moving, then I get bored. I know I fight for the fans and I love being an exciting fighter, so I bring that intensity and my whole mentality is to destroy.

PC: As a MMA fighter, what are your strengths?

CS: I’m really slick on the ground, but I guess you would say I’m a ground and pounder; which is unusual for somebody my size. I am a smaller 155 pounder, but I work so fast that people who keep up with my pace usually tire out.

PC: What’s the toughest part of the MMA game in your opinion?

CS: The training, definitely.

PC: What fighters do you have the most respect for?

CS: I have different opinions about fighters. I really respect a lot of different things about fighters. The number one thing is staying humble and staying hungry and always staying open minded.

PC: This is definitely a tough way to earn a living. What turned you on to the sport?

CS: It’s just the ultimate sport. It’s just you against another person one on one. You have to train your body to be a machine and it’s nothing cooler than that.

PC: You guys sustain a lot of injuries in training. Are you 100% for this fight?

CS: Yeah definitely. I feel healthy. You always deal with injuries. I was injured going into my last fight and I beat Charlie Valencia, which was a very tough fight for me. I took the fight on a week notice and I had a messed up rib. I had to fight with a lot of heart and it pulled me through.

PC: Who are some of the people you are training with to prepare yourself for this fight?

CS: Some pro boxers and some boxing coaches. Joe Stevenson is all the help I need on the ground for now. These aren’t my usual training partners. I usually train with Eric Paulson, but when Joe gave me the opportunity to come up here and train with him, I took it.

PC: Why do you think MMA is so popular right now?

CS: It’s the real thing. It’s an art. MMA is real fighting. Everyone has tried different styles, but its boxing, clinching and wrestling all in one.

PC: I appreciate your time. Are there any sponsors you need to shout out?

CS: Of course. Warriorwear, Fat Burger in Palm Springs, MMA fanatics, Sickem clothing also and all of my training partners and friends. I love them all and that’s what keeps me training hard…my family.


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