UFC 67 Fighter Predictions

Compiled by Percy Crawford


UFC 67 Fighter Predictions

Find out who some of the most well rounded up-and-coming MMA stars have picked to win at UFC 67. You don’t want to miss their picks for the much anticipated debuts of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson as he takes on Marvin “Beastman” Eastman and Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic as he faces Eddie Sanchez. They also give their take on the main event as The Ultimate Fighter season 4 winner Travis Lutter faces middleweight champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva. Check it out!


The Hype – Silva TKO2
Actually, I think this one may turn out to be a snoozer. Lutter will probably be looking for a submission while Silva will be looking for the knockout. Put that together and whaddaya got? A little bit of boxing mixed with a lot of hugging on the ground. Expect that to last for about one and half rounds until Silva takes advantage of the ref standing them up for the umpteenth time and ends it with a knee or a high kick.

Percy Crawford - Silva TKO2
I don’t see this fight going to the ground and if it does, Silva won’t be down there for long. I think Silva will turn this into somewhat of a boxing match and will stop Lutter in 2.

Kenny Florian (UFC lightweight contender) - Silva TKO3
I think Anderson is going to be able to avoid the ground. I think he will be knowledgeable enough to avoid the submissions for a little while. He may be in trouble, but I think he will be able to get out and finish him with strikes in the 3rd round. I think Lutter will get gassed before Anderson Silva does.

Ed Herman (UFC middleweight contender) – Lutter by Submission 3
I think it’s going to be a good fight. I think the way to beat Anderson is to take him down and look to pound on him and submit him.

Joe Stevenson (UFC lightweight contender) – Lutter by Submission 2
I think Anderson is good, but Travis is just so much better at what Anderson is not good at.

Jackie Kallen (boxing manager) – Silva 
They are both good fighters. I am going to go with Silva because he can do it all, plus he has great skills as a striker. I think he'll be too much for Lutter.

Nate Quarry (former UFC title challenger) – Silva

Eric Thompson (team Beat 2 Sleep fighter) – Silva KO1

J.C. Pennington (team No Love fighter) – Lutter by Decision
I don’t think he will be able to submit Anderson because Anderson Silva is a black belt too. I think Lutter could hold him down for the whole fight.

Cub Swanson (WEC 145 pound contender) – Silva KO2
Silva by knees in 2!


The Hype – Rampage TKO3
Eastman will be game and might present a few problems early on for a rusty Rampage. As the fight progresses, however, I think Eastman will burn up too much energy trying to keep Rampage at bay. As he starts to fade, Eastman will make a mistake, giving Rampage the opportunity to close the show in impressive fashion with a slam, a knee or a right hand. Rampage TKO3!

Percy Crawford – Rampage by Decision
I can see this fight being a slugfest, but I can also see it being fought at a measured pace. Neither one of these guys have fought since July, so I expect them to try and save a little something for the 3rd round. Quinton will get his revenge from his first professional fight as he beats Eastman by decision.

Kenny Florian – Rampage TKO2
I think Rampage is going to be too strong. I think his takedowns are really good up against the cage. Rampage has way more experience against high quality opponents than Marvin Eastman does and I think Rampage will step up and get the job done. He’s been under a lot of pressure before and I think he’ll get the win.

Ed Herman – Rampage KO2
I think Rampage will just be too much for him. Marvin Eastman’s chin is not that great. He’s a big bad motherf***r, but his chin is kind of weak. Rampage will catch him.

Joe Stevenson - Rampage TKO2
I think in the 1st round, Marvin will blow his wad being back in the UFC. I like Marvin a lot too, but I’ve known Quinton forever.

Nate Quarry – Rampage

Eric Thompson – Rampage KO1

J.C. Pennington – Rampage TKO2

Cub Swanson – Rampage KO1


The Hype – Cro Cop KO1
Did you see the right high kick that Rashad Evans smashed Sean Salmon with? Well if you didn’t, you’ll probably get a chance to see the same thing on Saturday night. Cro Cop by devastating KO as he lands that famous left high kick and makes an impressive UFC debut at the expense of Eddie Sanchez.

Percy Crawford – Cro Cop KO2
Mirko will impose his will on Eddie and finish this fight in typical Cro Cop fashion. I don’t expect a Heath Herring repeat performance from Cro Cop.

Kenny Florian – Cro Cop KO1
I think Sanchez is in a lot of trouble. I think Cro Cop will knock him out in the 1st round. I don’t think a lot of people know much about Eddie Sanchez, but the reality is if he’s on his feet for more than a few minutes and not able to get a takedown or clinch, Cro Cop will knock him out with his famous left hand or foot.

Ed Herman – Cro Cop KO1
I don’t know much about Eddie, but I know a lot about Mirko. You never know. Everyone is so fu**in tough these days. I can see Sanchez getting tired and dropping those hands and getting caught with the perfect high kick like Rashad landed the other night.

Joe Stevenson – Cro Cop KO1
Cro Cop by head kick!

Nate Quarry – Cro Cop

Eric Thompson – Cro Cop KO1

J.C. Pennington – Cro Cop KO1
Cro Cop is a monster!

Cub Swanson- Cro Cop KO1
I’m friends with Eddie Sanchez, so I feel bad for saying this, but Cro Cop by knockout 1st round.