Tsurkan: Pressure Will Be Key To Defeating Foreman

By Darren Nichols


Tsurkan: Pressure Will Be Key To Defeating  Foreman

"Yuri doesn’t like to fight when pressure is on him. I’m going to apply pressure on him from round one."

By adding an intense amount of heat and pressure to the undefeated Yuri Foreman on Thursday night at the Paradise Theatre in New York, the rugged Andrey Tsurkan is hoping to become the diamond of the junior middleweight division.  Tsurkan is not going to let a potential title shot slip away from him.  He has had a great traning camp, working on his boxing skills as much as his cardio, allowing him to not tire until he has his hand raised in victory.  Boxingtalk caught up with Tsurkan while still at the gym to get his thoughts about fighting Foreman, how training camp went while preparing for Foreman, why he feels applying pressure to Foreman is the best strategy to defeat him.

Boxingtalk:  Andrey, how is preparation going for your fight with Yuri Foreman?

Andrey Tsurkan:  It is going very good.  We worked hard, and we’re ready for this fight.   I can’t wait for the bell to ring.

BT:  Has this training camp been any different than some of your previous ones?

AT:  There has been nothing different.  It’s been work, work, and work.  I doing a lot of cardio and I will not tire in this fight.

BT:  Your past four fights have ended early for your opponents.  Will Yuri see the same result as those fighters?

AT:  Yeah.  From what we’ve seen from the videos Yuri doesn’t like to fight when pressure is on him.  I’m going to apply pressure on him from round one.

BT:  What do you feel is your best strategy in defeating Yuri?

AT:  Pressure, pressure, pressure.

BT:  What do you feel a victory against Yuri will do for your career?

Andrey Tsurkan:  It will give me a championship fight.  Both Lou DiBella and Joe DeGuardia have agreed that the winner of this fight goes on for a title shot.

BT:  You are averaging about one fight a year for the past several years.  Do you think this much inactivity will help you or hurt you in your fight with Foreman?

AT:  It’s not just a matter of fighting once a year.  It’s what I’m fighting for and for what purpose.  When I get in a fight I don’t throw 17 punches and run around.  I like to pick and choose when and with whom I fight.

BT:  What can we expect to see from you once the bell ring next week?

AT:  A lot of pressure, jabs, and combination to the head and body.


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