Trinidad-Wright Final Presser Quotes


Trinidad-Wright Final Presser Quotes


“It is going to be a great fight.  But like I have always said, I am here to win.  I am prepared for whatever Winky brings to the table.  But Saturday night you will see another great victory for Tito Trinidad.  I am telling you face to face and I am telling you seriously, you still have time to walk away from this fight.  Because I am ready to punish you.  I hope your corner will not allow me to hit you a lot.  You are going to get out of the ring hurt.  I am here to win and nothing else.  Thanks to Don King for putting this card together and I am sure he will still do the same in the future.  I am willing to fight anyone in the future.”


“Tito said already what he is going to do in the ring.  And he is basing his statement on all the rigorous and hard work he has done in the gym.  Tito has done 260 rounds of sparring.  That way you can realize what kind of condition he is in.  I want to thank Gary Shaw.  They will not see the difference in size at the weigh-in.  But you will see the difference in size inside the ring on Saturday night.”


“I thank Tito for giving me the opportunity Saturday night.  Tito is coming to win and I am coming to win.  He is going to try to knock my head off and I am going to try to knock his head off.  I know I will be the winner come Saturday night.”

DAN BIRMINGHAM, Trainer for Winky Wright

“I have never seen him train any harder for a fight.  Come Saturday night, we are going to evict Tito Trinidad from the middleweight division.”


“I didn’t pick my opponent, but he’s the IBF mandatory and I respect that.  Not everybody knows who this guy is but he’s a good fighter who has fought a lot of guys.

‘This is my first time fighting at the MGM Grand Garden Arena since I fought Kostya Tszyu.  I want to apologize to everyone for my behavior after that fight.  I promise you I will take care of business on Saturday the way I should.”


“This is the best opportunity of my career.  I’m looking over at Zab Judah and he doesn’t look like much.  I expect to win Saturday nights and take his belts.”


“I am going to give my all in this fight because I want bigger fights in the future.  I saw his fight against Ricardo Lopez.  He (Grigsby) is a tough guy and former champion.  I want to become a legend in the future and it will take big fights like Carbajal and Gonzalez put on.  I can go up in weight.  I want to go through this opponent and Don King will make it all possible in the future.  This is going to be a great fight and a great show.”


“I take my hat off to Victor Burgos.  I don’t think he realizes what and who he is fighting.  I come to fight.  I hope he is in front of me to make it easier for me.  I do my thing when I get in the ring.  He’s no Lopez.  This will be his biggest fight come Saturday night.”