Trinidad-Jones presser quotes


Trinidad-Jones presser quotes

PRESS RELEASE: DON KING: “Every time you fight, you are at the height of your career.  Corbin Bleu [from High School Musical] is going to sing the national anthem. No one can kill this fight.  These young men want to fight for the pride and legacy and they have trained to make a statement. "


“This fight is for finding the cure for breast cancer and it’s for every women.  Roy walked for them [at a walkathon in his hometown of Pensacola in October], and Tito jumped on board and we are fighting breast cancer.  This event is about fighting breast cancer and all women of all color who will hope to be cured of this disease. 


“Roy Jones Jr. found redemption and in his whole career, he has not been late for one thing we did [promoting this event].  He worked tirelessly for this fight.  Tito Trinidad a hero from ground zero.  He was here for 9/11, just two weeks before he was to fight Bernard Hopkins.  He went to Ground Zero to feed the rescue workers, the disenfranchised and all the volunteers.  Tito didn’t go home he stayed with the people and part of why he lost the fight was his working for 9/11 and having to fight right after that.


“Another magical moment for the Garden like Ali vs Frazier is what this is.  This fight will be talked about and go down in history as another legendary night in this historic building.”




“We can only imagine how many miles they have run and rounds they have sparred to get ready for this fight.  They have put themselves through very rigorous training camps.  They have great teams and they are ready.  They have promised the fans a great night of boxing.


“We look forward to Saturday night to a great event and a great beginning to another fantastic year of boxing.”




“I’m from Chicago, Illinois, and I left the cold and went to Miami to train.  I am so excited to fight at Madison Square Garden under two great legends like Roy Jones and Tito Trinidad.


“I called out Andrew Golota and I am glad I got this fight.  Now we are in New York and it’s going to be a great fight.”


ANDREW GOLOTA [Fifth time fighting at the Garden]


“Very nice to be in New York again and I am ready for the win.  I can’t wait to get back into the Garden ring and I look forward to it.”




“I am dedicating my first fight in Madison Square Garden to two Russian New York Police Department officers who died in the line of duty.  They were immigrants like me and they sacrificed their lives for saving and helping people.  I am fighting for them and our freedom.”




“I have had a few chances in the past where I came up short, but I’m not going to let this opportunity get away from me on Saturday.  This is it for me.  I am from Zaire now called Congo. I am excited to be fighting at the Garden.  Roy is one of my boxing heroes and I am thrilled to be on this card.  I have been here before and I can’t wait for Saturday night.”




“This is a big opportunity and I am only 20 years old. I am looking forward to being there Saturday.  We have been training for two months and the fact that my fight is on television is an extra bonus.  Come Saturday night, ‘The Great’ is on.”


KEVIN CUNNINGHAM [Devon Alexander’s trainer and manager]:


“I feel like Devon is prepared to put on a spectacular performance.  He’s ready to make a huge statement.  Don King needs a new star and on Saturday night he’ll have one.”




“Thank everyone for having me here.  I am glad I can come back so soon after my last fight.  You will see on Saturday night why they call me Chop Chop because I am coming back with two hands.”




“Good afternoon to everyone.  I hope all fighters on January 19 give the people a great fight.  It is going to be a great night.


“I am feeling very good with a lot of passion and January 19. I am going to get another victory for me. I trained and worked very hard and I know I am going to win.  I am confident in myself and I can’t wait for Saturday night.”




“We are on the road to this big fight and I we are very comfortable about this fight.  We have been training for six months—very hard—and Tito has trained more than he ever has.  He has the passion.  He is in the best condition of his life.  We have a team of 21 people and each one has a role and that is the reason why he will be in one of the best conditions of his career.  We hear Roy is in great condition too.


“In the past all of his opponents have been prepared quite well.  We had the opportunity to fight other big names for Tito’s comeback.  Don King put other big names on the table.  But we said we wanted the biggest name, and that was Roy Jones.


“We also want one thing that he has.  We want to beat our fourth Olympic gold medalist. 


“And the knockout can come in any rounds.  This fight won’t be decided on who is weaker, one or the other.  This fight is going to be won on will, patience and the desire to win.  The fighter who has the better corner in the ring and that describes a victory for Tito Trinidad.  I am sorry, Roy, but Saturday night you will have no break against Tito Trinidad.  You are going to fight against the best Tito Trinidad that any opponent has fought against.”




“Thank God for being here and I appreciate the patriotism for you [Tito’s fans] booing me. That’s okay you stand for what you believe in.  But come Saturday night you are going to hate me more after I beat Felix Trinidad.  It’s only me and Tito in the ring and, unfortunately, I have to give Tito a bad birthday present. 


“I do know that they have trained very hard to fight me.  They know I am a problem.  Just like I knew I had a problem when I was going to face John Ruiz.  I worked then just like they are now.  I respect that they know they have a problem in me.  And they say they are in shape.  But you should have seen what I did in my training camp.  My trainer’s been telling people about it because Roy Jones Jr. is all the way back.  All I can tell you is I’m going to be raw on Saturday night.  You don’t want to miss it.”  


ALTON MERKERSON [Roy Jones Jr.’s longtime trainer]


“What a great night it is going to be Saturday night.  This is going to be an electrifying fight.  These guys are legends and have accomplished such great goals in their careers. 


“But there are other challenges and this is a great challenge for Roy.  I can say this. I have been training Roy since 1993 and I saw Roy do things in our training camp that he has not done in a long time.  You are going to see the old Roy Jones Jr. on Saturday night and he is going to be great.”