Travis Simms fires back at Cory Spinks

By G. Leon


Travis Simms fires back at Cory Spinks

GL:  What's the latest and greatest?" It's been a minute.  Just been taking the time to put together team Tremendous, and we're looking forward to coming back in early 2008."

GL:  Based on your call earlier, I'm sure you're aware of Cory Spink's interview, and some of his remarks, where he kind of dismissed you.  He was dismissive when it came to you. 

Travis Simms: "I was somewhat shocked.  When I was with Don, I had a fight in Kissimee, Florida.  I had just come off of my win against Jose Rivera.  We were talking to Kevin Cunningham, and Cory and his wife, about putting a fight together.  Cory wanted no part of it.  Not because of the finances of the fight, he wanted to avoid it.  You never heard him bring up my name when I was fighting with Don, because he knew that Don could easily make the fight since he had both of us.  Now that I'm not with Don he wants to take shots, and say who is Travis Simms.  I'm the same Travis Simms who put fear in his heart.  If he thinks that because now that he's got his title back, and I lost my title to Alcine.  I didn't lose my title to Alcine, I was robbed of my title.  I want to get my revenge against Alcine, I want to get my title back.  If Cory thinks I'm nobody, tell him to fight me.  All of the sudden  he wants to fight the best, I am the best.  I am the man of this division.  Who has he beat to consider himself one of the dominant guys in the division.  He hasn't beat anyone, but a bum ass Ricardo Mayorga.  What gives him any liberty to even bring my name up, period.  Last time I heard, after he beat Mayorga, he was the hottest thing going.  He turned around and got knocked out by Zab Judah.  That tells me a lot about who Cory Spinks is.  If he thinks that Travis Simms is nobody, come give me a shot.  I guarantee you I'll do more work than Zab.  I'll knock his fucking teeth out.

GL:  Does it bother you that a fight with Spinks is going to be difficult to make, because of the fact that he's with King? 

TS: That's the only reason why he's bringing my name up.  If I'm not a good fighter, tell him to come see me.  I don't run, I don't hide, I don't duck from anybody.  Alcine, they gave him an early Christmas gift.  That's only because I had Jimmy Henchman, go and talk to Don about hiding money from us for the fight.  If he wants to say who is Travis Simms? Travis Simms is still the best motherfucking junior middleweight in the world. That includes everybody and goes for anybody in the division who thinks they could fuck with me. Cory Spinks was asked a question by you about unifying and he brought my name up. I'll tell you what, all he has to do is want to fight I'll fight that motherfucker for free in St. Louis. All he'll have to do is bring his ass so I can hand it to him, they won't have to pay me a red cent. I'm willing to prove myself against any guy. The only two things that hurt me in my last fight were breaking my knuckle in the second round and dealing with Don King. As soon as I came out and I seen Don in Alcine's corner I knew what time it was. I feel like I did more than enough to win and I will be champ again. If that means I have to go through Spinks or any of these other bum ass champions, tell them to come and see me. I guarantee you Travis Simms won't be getting knocked out by no junior welterweight."

GL: Are you calling Zab a junior welterweight?

TS: "That's what Zab was. He was a junior welterweight who moved up to welterweight. He wasn't fighting at welterweight before he fought Cory and he still knocked Cory's ass out. Zab is a helluva fighter and a kid with a lot of heart and that's my dude. He spanked Cory's ass and if Cory got stopped by a junior welterweight, imagine what I'd do to him."

GL: When will your next fight take place?

TS: "Right now we're negotiating a couple of things with a couple of people and we're very close to locking in a date. I just don't want to prematurely come out with anything at this moment, but like I said, you'll be the first to know about my next fight."

GL: Who will be promoting you?

TS: "I'm negotiating with a few different promoters right now on putting together this card. As soon as everything gets confirmed, you will be the first one to know."

GL: Closing thoughts?

TS: "Any fighter out there at 154 who thinks they can deal with Travis Simms, come see me. I got a newfound energy and I'm renewed. Between the death of my brother on Christmas day and being ripped off over these years with Don, I have a new motivation and I feel so glad that I'm free and away from all those distractions. Now I'm ready to become the best Travis Simms knows he can be and the world wants to see."


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