Toney on September 2: "Just wait and see!"


Toney on September 2: "Just wait and see!"

As James “Lights Out” Toney continues to train for his upcoming September 2 main event heavyweight showdown with Samuel “The Nigerian Nightmare” Peter at LA’s Staples Center, he continues to snipe and sneer at his critics who continue to harp on his weight and spread rumors that he isn’t training.  But he is not losing sleep over them or his nightmarish opponent.  Rather he has visions of what the future holds with a victory.


Toney, sweaty and surly, briefly entertained – and summarily dismissed -- a group of reporters today following a closed -- and apparently rigorous -- workout at trainer Freddie Roach’s Wild Card Gym in Hollywood.  


Q:  How’s the training going, James?

A:  What the (bleep) are you doing back here, man?  I thought I threw your (bleeping) ass  out of here last week.  Like I said, no more training questions or I’ll invent a new

exercise:  “The reporter toss.”


Q:  Did you go to the Rahman-Maskaev fight?  What did you think?

A:  (Bleep) no, I didn’t go.  I knew Rahman would lose. Everybody knows I beat him last March and softened him up.  I would have kicked his ass if they gave me a rematch.


Q:  Were you impressed with Maskaev?

A:  I ain’t (bleeping) here after working my ass off to talk about that (bleeping) fight.   I’m focused on kicking Peter’s ass on Sept. 2.


Q:   So you’re confident you can take care of Samuel Peter?

A:   I’m always (bleeping) confident.  I will win.  First I must take out this slow,      methodical “Nigerian Nightmare,” than it’s onto the Russians.  I’ll fight all three the same night.  That’s the only thing that (bleeping) matters now.


Q:     You’re taking a big chance going in against Samuel Peter with so much at stake, aren’t you? 

A:     That’s why they are calling the (bleeping) event “No Risk, No Reward.” Interview’s (bleeping) over.  I will answer all your questions at Staples on September 2.   Just “Wait and See!”


The WBC Heavyweight Elimination bout, “No Risk, No Reward” is co-promoted by Goossen Tutor Promotions, Don King Productions and Duva Boxing and will be the main event on the live “Showtime Championship Boxing” telecast.

Tickets priced at $300, $150, $75, and $50 are available at STAPLES CENTER box office or