Toney Wants Ruiz On April 30, But Can Jawny Be Ready In Time?

By G. Leon


Toney Wants  Ruiz On April 30, But Can Jawny Be Ready In Time?

Lights-Out Continues To Speak Out, ONLY On Boxingtalk!

Outspoken world class heavyweight James "Lights-Out" Toney informs that he is ready, willing and able to challenge John Ruiz for the WBA heavyweight title on HBO April 30, as the replacement to postponed Vitali Klitschko-Hasim Rahman WBC  heavyweight title fight. Now that Toney has expressed his willingness to face Ruiz on April 30, Boxingtalk will be in touch with Team Jawny later today, but in the meantime read on to see what the self proclaimed best damn heavyweight period had to say.

GL: What's going on Juggernaut James? "You're going on Big G. I see you on BET's Maad Sports with your little camera with Zab Judah after the fight with Cory Spinks. I turn on BET and I see you with the up close footage right after the fight."

GL: Ever since Boxingtalk broke the news that Klitschko-Rahman was officially postponed, my phone's been ringing. A lot of people are bring your fight with John Ruiz, but not a lot of people know if you'd be ready on time. What can you tell us about this?

James Toney: "I will be ready for April 30, as a matter of fact I'm ready to go the gym right now. On Sunday most people go to church or whatver, but I go the gym. That's my church, that's my sanctuary. I'm working hard already and I'd be ready in time for April 30. I want the people to see who the man is at heavyweight sooner than later. I'm gunning for his title and now the fight is already signed so its up to him if he wants to lose his title on April 30 or lose his title a few weeks later.

"As far as I'm concerned, Ruiz is lucky he's getting that kind of money. He's doing all this damn talking but he better be ready to back it up and take his dumb Puerto Rican ass to the gym so I can knock him out on April 30."

"I'm ready to do this right now. I'm anxious. I was watching Pacquiao get ready for his big fight next week and I'm jealous. I want to get in there and kick some ass take over the entire division."


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