Toney-Guinn, Byrd-Williamson presser quotes!


Toney-Guinn, Byrd-Williamson presser quotes!

PRESS RELEASE: JAMES “LIGHTS OUT’’ TONEY (68-4-2, 43 KOs) “I am ready to get down and roll and glad to be able to fight again after getting suspended from all the B.S. It makes me happy that Guinn thinks I am perfect for him because it will make it easier for me.


“I hope Guinn doesn’t run and will stand and fight like he says he wilI. This is going to be a real fight. I want to win impressively to show I am the world’s best heavyweight. I plan to make a statement.’’



“For me, Saturday is showtime. I am prepared to lay it all on the line. For me this is it. I have a great  opportunity and now it is up to me to seize upon it. All fighters say at press conferences that they had a great training camp and are in great shape, but I truly did have a great camp and truly am in great shape. “It’s all about winning now – not only for me but for my family. This is going to be the fight of my life.’’


CHRIS BYRD (38-2-1, 20 KOs)

“I want to thank SHOWTIME and everyone involved for making this fight happen. DaVarryl and I know each other very well and he is confident and that is the way he should be. But no one wants to lose to a friend. My thing is, this is a 12-round fight and that no matter what happens the first few rounds, the last half of the fight belongs to me. It is my world. That is when I really pick it up.


“DaVarryl is in great shape, but I feel I am the best-conditioned heavyweight in the world. I am like a chameleon in the ring – you never know what to expect. This is going to be a great fight with two guys with a lot of heart and skills. But I fully expect to retain my title and move on to bigger things.’’



“What a difference a year makes. Last year, I was fighting Wladimir Klitschko on SHOWTIME and now I am fighting for a world title. I am nervous but that is how I feel before every fight, so it is a good sign. I have waited my whole life for this chance, and now it is all about winning on Saturday.

“Style-wise, I have the movement and strength, as well as the right hand, to make things very interesting for Chris. I like to think I will have the edge in the later rounds. I am  coming into the fight perfectly. I am not afraid about losing a close fight by decision. If I do my job, the judges will do theirs.’’


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