Tom Yankello of team Minto Speaks on Maddalone Rematch

By Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Tom Yankello of team Minto Speaks on Maddalone Rematch

“Minto is the best he has ever been”

RC: How do you feel everything went in training camp for this fight?

TY: Ahh very good. He is the best he has ever been, he really is sharp and I am looking forward to the fight. I mean it is a great opportunity, great exposure, a lot of people will be watching and I don’t expect anything but a great performance from Brian.

RC: I spoke to Brain earlier and he mentioned to me that he feels Maddalone is pretty much the same fighter when they first fought, and he feels that he has gotten bett…

TY: (Cutting in) Absolutely, I feel the same, I mean in watching his last fight, we feel that Vinny is the same guy we fought a year ago. I think Brian has in the last seven eight months has come so far. In Brian’s last two fights he has improved tremendously. I think the skill factor is going to be…. Well what you seen in his last fight with Vinny, it was his first time on television, a little bit of anxiety because of that and plus fighting in someone else back yard. He fought Vinny in New Jersey and Vinny is from New York so that is basically his back yard and It was definitely a pro Maddalone crowd, so fighting on television and having the crowd against you and it being his first time on television I think Brian was very uptight.

He didn’t relax at all in that fight the way he has the ability to, and he really didn’t relax and get into the fight until the later rounds, like in the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth. The seventh round is really when he started letting loose and relaxed. But at that time he had drawn so much energy out of himself when he kept getting himself worked up, and got knocked down in the first round so that didn’t help much either. In that fight he didn’t appear to be in the condition that he is able to get himself into, and did get himself into for this fight. So I look for him to be a much more relaxed fighter and much more confident fighter. This is his second time on T.V., now he is a lot more confident in his ability. A lot more relaxed, and I just think he is just a totally different fighter and I think that this Saturday night he will be a totally different fighter from when the last time they met.

RC: As a trainer I want to get your take on this, in preparing for a rematch. Is it harder preparing for a rematch when you won the first match because being that you guys already beat him one way, you don’t exactly know what to expect from him the second time around?

TY: Well I really don’t think that Vinny has as many dimensions to change. I don’t think he can fight more than one way, I don’t think there was any improvements in his past fights that showed he can fight any differently. But if he was to come out in a different style in a different way, Brian has the dimension to be able to adjust, where as I don’t feel Vinny has the dimensions to adjust to what we are going to do. We really haven’t worried about what he is going to do. We more or less worked on the mistakes that we made in the last fight, and we tried to improve on all of the facets that we think will make a difference.

If he was to come out differently, Brian he has the psychical skills to adjust to whatever that is. We just feel that Vinny wouldn’t come out any different because he actually was winning on the scorecards when Brian stopped him in the tenth. What he did more or less, he wouldn’t want to fix. He would just want to end it strong and not get caught. He did a take a lot of punishment in the later rounds, but I just don’t think that he will come out much different. We have watched film on the last fight and we are just trying to improve on what we didn’t do as well as what we wanted but didn’t get a chance to do in the last fight.

RC: How do you see this fight ending?

TY: I think you got two great warriors that will die in the ring if they have to, I mean literally they will. They proved that in the last fight. I think Vinny can take a great shot, and I think it comes down to how much punishment he can take. I think that Brian….well I think really if you look at the fight last time Vinny won on points, he was pushing Brian around the ring but if you look at the guy that was landing the more damaging  punches, it was Brian. And I think Brian would land even that much more in this fight and I think he would land it a lot earlier. I think what Brian did to him in the later rounds of the first fight; I think he will do to him earlier on in this fight.

We are just looking for a victory either way but I think Brian has a good opportunity on being able to stop him. Our game plan isn’t to underestimate him by any means. I just think it comes down to how tough Vinny is, I know he is tough as nails, but I think that if Brian does enough to keep his onslaught off of him, I think Brian wins the fight either by a unanimous decision or maybe a mid round to late round stoppage. Anywhere from the 6th to the 8th round maybe, I see the fight being a competitive and strong fight, but I see Brian dishing out a lot of punishment in the first six rounds, from there I think it just comes down to heart, guts, and will from Vinny.


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