Throwback Series: Marvis Frazier

By Reg Jones


Throwback Series: Marvis Frazier

BT: Marvis, what’s good man, how are you doing?

MF: I’m doing well, I can’t complain.

BT: Marvis, I would like to jump right into your career with a few questions. I know your only two losses came from Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes, of the two who would you consider the harder puncher?

MF: Tyson by far was the harder puncher of the two, whenever I speak at a prison, guys always ask me that question and by far Tyson was the stronger puncher. You know when you are in the ring and you hear the crowd screaming, when Tyson hit me there was just silence, the noise just disappeared.

BT:  You had an excellent amateur career before you went pro?

MT: Yes I did, I went 56-2 in the amateurs before turning pro. I lost in the Olympic trials and didn’t make it to the Olympics, we were boycotting the Olympics at that time.

BT: Marvis your career in the ring lasted for eight successful years, when did you realize that it was time for you to hang up the gloves?

MT: Pop(Joe Frazier) always told me when boxing starts feeling like it’s a job its time to move on. He also told me if you start getting hit more than less, that’s a sign as well. I knew when my time had come and I moved on to better things in life. I’ve been an evangelist and associate minister at Faith Temple for 22 years.

BT: Earlier we talked about Tyson being the harder puncher.  Have you heard the rumors that Mike Tyson and Antonio Tarver are considering fighting?

MF: No, I haven’t, but I believe that Mr.Tarver is biting off more than he can chew by stepping in the ring with one of the big boys.

BT: So you believe that Tyson still has what it takes beat the light-heavyweight champ?

MF: Tyson still has a lot to offer boxing in the ring and outside the ring.

BT: Marvis, on behalf of I’d like to thank you for your time today.  God Bless you and yours.


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