Thell Torrence On Bowe's Comeback: "They Didn't Want To Do It Right!"

By G. Leon


Thell Torrence On Bowe's Comeback: "They Didn't Want To Do It Right!" was recently fortunate enough to speak with Vassiliy Jirov's trainer Thell Torrence, who just so happens to have a long time relationship with former undisputed heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe, whom he "loves like a son." In fact, readers should be well aware, that Torrence was first man asked to train Riddick Bowe during his comeback. When Team Bowe annouced Riddick would be trained by Richie Giachetti no one has gotten Thell's take on the situation, that is until now.

Torrence explained that Bowe, without question has the natural ability and tools to again become the undisputed heayweight champion of the world, however, before Torrence's visions Bowe returning to prominence came to pass, Riddick  would have to get himself into proper mental and physical shape before taking any comeback fights. "That was something they didn't want to do, they had other ideas and they wanted to do it their way."

"They", whom Torrence refers to are, Riddick Bowe, his wife and promoter Terri Bowe and manager Jimmy Adams.

"Their way", as thoroughly explained by Bowe himself right here on was a 15 fight comeback plan.

Torrence felt Bowe should get himself into serious shape  for several reasons, perhaps none more important than being taken seriously.

Apparently, Team Bowe felt Riddick was better served making some money while he fought himself into shape ala  George Foreman, something Torrence doesn't feel is in Bowe's best interest.

As it stands today, Torrence appears have to been dead on with assessment of Bowe's comeback.

Bowe's physical conditioning or lack thereof may have had something to do with him suffering a torn ligament before the second fight of their 15 fight comeback plan ever took place.

One has to imagine that an in shape Riddick Bowe would have been more durable (in the gym and sparring) than super-size me version, whose injury completely ruined that amateurish train wreck of a show Randy Waldman's Straight Up Promotions put on.

Now that he's rehabbing, Bowe must take some time to reflect and ask himself the following question, should I put in some road work or just hit the road?

Many in boxing who care about Bowe prefer the latter, I'm not saying I agree with them, but if Bowe isn't going to work himself into shape it's awfully tough to disagree with that logic.



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