The Pure Power Mouthguard!

By Matt Goldstein


The Pure Power Mouthguard!

Adjusting the Overbite to Increase Range of Motion, Balance, Speed and Power

In all sports and athletics, the abdominal muscles are thought of as the core of the body.  Almost every time the human body exerts itself, significant force flows from the abdominal muscles through the entire course of action.  Well, what if the upper body had its own sub-core?  According to research and studies in Neuro Muscular Dentistry, a relaxed Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ can unlock that upper body core.  While this particular philosophy has been researched for over 40 years, technological advances in medical science have enhanced precise measurements and allowed research findings to be more consistent and evident in recent years.  From this research has come the Pure Power Mouthguard, and many dentists believe it can unlock hidden potential in every athlete.  When the Pure Power Mouthguard is fitted properly by a trained dentist and the overbite is adjusted to relax the previously constricted TMJ, facial, head, neck, trap, deltoid (shoulder), glute (buttocks) and hamstring muscles eased.  Now, those muscles that have previously been tense and strained, become stronger and more flexible. Speed, power, stability and range of motion are increased.  This phenomenon is sweeping the sports world having been fitted for Shaquille O’neal, Terrell Owens, Manny Ramirez, and boxers like Juan Manuel Marquez, Paulie Malignaggi and Dimitry Salita.  If all of that wasn’t enough, one dentist even claims that the Pure Power Mouthguard can allow boxers and athletes to sustain more blows to the head and face because the jaw becomes further separated from the brain. 

Pure Power Mouthguard creator Dr. Anil Makkar explained that “Where the TMJ is located, there is a nerve called the Cranial Nerve #5.  When the jaw comes down into that relaxed position it releases itself from that nerve and then right away you’ve got an increase in balance.  If that nerve is pinched there becomes a distortion of balance.  Other parts of your body are compensating because of your jaw position.”  Dr. Makkar implied that Michael Jordan’s performance was enhanced because he stuck his tongue out while playing, almost recreating correct jaw repositioning.  Dr. Makkar also pointed some other athletes who have a tendency to stick their tongue out such as Tiger Woods, Tom Brady and Kobe Bryant.        

Fighters Ability to Sustain More Blows

According to Dr. Gary Lederman, the Pure Power Mouthguard also separates the brain from the jaw more than any other mouth guard.  When most fighters are knocked out, a punch to the jaw forces the upper jawbone (condyle) to make contact with part of the brain and puts the human senses to sleep rendering the fighter helpless.  However, when the overbite is adjusted through the PPM, the jaw is further away from the brain than with any other mouth guard.  A mouth guard that can accomplish just that alone could have a dramatic affect on a fighter’s performance and significant implications on the long term effects of boxing on the brain such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and Post-traumatic dementia.  This would not only have a dramatic effect on boxing and mixed marshal arts, but even football, hockey, rugby and any other sport where physical contact results in brain trauma and a considerable amount of concussions.           

When was the last time you saw a baseball player use a mouth guard?

A few weeks ago when I first discussed the Pure Power Mouthguard with Joe Lear of Big Boxing, he let me know that Manny Ramirez uses the mouth guard.  I thought to myself that it sounded a little strange because there is no need for a baseball player to wear a mouth guard.  Well it looks even stranger when you actually see it on TV.  Sure enough, during the playoff series between the LA Dodgers and the now World Champion Philadelphia Phillies, Manny Ramirez was wearing the mouth guard as he had all year.  In the 2008 MLB postseason Manny Ramirez batted a .520 with 4 HR, 10 RBI, and 9 Runs in 25 at bats.  He was also walked 11 times.  Those numbers are flat out astounding.  In the regular season Manny Ramirez batted a .331 with 37 HR, and 121 RBI.  This was Manny’s highest batting average since 2002, and his highest HR and RBI production since 2005.  Can this be all attributed to the Pure Power Mouthguard?  Not necessarily. 

Going into my 2008 fantasy baseball draft I did extensive research on Manny Ramirez and two major plusses stuck out.  1)  Manny Ramirez was going into a contract year and players always tend to play better when they are about to enter the free agent market.  2)  Apparently, Manny Ramirez went to some off season facility in Arizona and had a very intensive training regimen.  So of course I drafted him.  However, when Manny Ramirez was fitted for the PPM, he went to the practice field right away and hit his first three balls out of the park and became an instant believer.  According to Dr. Gary Lederman, the Pure Power Mouthguard enhances an athletes conditioning ability as well.  So it’s thought that if an athlete trains with the PPM as well as play with the PPM, that particular athlete will step onto the playing field in better shape than ever.  

A Second Opinion

According to Dr. Jerald M Shapiro, DDS, FICCMO, and Fellow of the International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics, who practices TMJ dentistry just outside of Philadelphia in Southampton PA, when the jaw is not in the right position it’s harder for the muscles surrounding it to do their job.  Dr. Shapiro explained the philosophy as this, “If someone is holding a weight in one arm and curls the weight there is some resistance.  If that person then puts their arm behind their back and attempts to do the same exercise, there will be even more resistance.  It’s all about positioning, and when the jaw is not in the most optimal position, the muscles surrounding it are working overtime.  It effect’s the entire body!”  Dr. Shapiro researched studies at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine with a jaw repositioning appliance where athletes performed a variety of tests and believes the evidence is overwhelming.  Dr. Shapiro is currently not affiliated with the Pure Power Mouthguard.    

Some of the previous claims in this article seem almost too good to be true.  An increase in range of motion, speed, power, and the ability to sustain more blows, all at the same time seem more like a fairy tale than actual fact, but the science and research of more than 40 years is starting to be applied on the playing field with seemingly astounding results.  With athletes such as Manny Ramirez, Terrell Owens, Shaq and Juan Manuel Marquez all being fitted for the Pure Power Mouthguard, one has to wonder, why would a baseball player wear a mouth guard?  Can I myself become the slow pitch unlimited arc beer league softball God I was truly meant to be? 

With Universities such as Tufts and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine conducting extensive research, there must be some merit to the philosophy.  Jaw positioning in fact controls multiple muscles and acts as an upper body core.  Dr. Makkar, creator of the Pure Power Mouthguard says to simply go to a PPM trained dentist and try it out.  There are currently about 250 PPM Dentists world wide.  To find a PPM Dentist near you, just refer to their web site below.  The consultation is absolutely free. 

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