The Pocket Rocket Gunning for Vazquez

By Darren Nichols


The Pocket Rocket Gunning for Vazquez

BoxingTalk:  Wayne, you recently showed interest in fighting Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson, what is the latest with you stepping into the ring soon?

Wayne McCullough:  Me and Too Sharp are buddies, and we contact each other by email.  We were saying that there’s no money in it for two guys coming off losses, and we might get $10,000 each.  Still, Too Sharp called me out and asked me to make him an offer.  Go figure that one out.  That would be like me calling out Marco Antonio Barrera, then telling him to make me an offer…Too Sharp just wants to fight.

BoxingTalk:  Since a Johnson fight does not seem like it is too close from happening, who could you get into the ring with next?

Wayne McCullough:  I want to fight Israel Vazquez.  I went over to him after his fight last weekend against Jhonny Gonzalez, and shook his hand and I said, ‘Give me a crack at the belt.’  He laughed.  I even went over to his trainer, Freddie Roach and said the same thing and Freddie told me, ‘You’re too much for him.’  Freddie might deny that if you tell him this, but why would I make that up?

BoxingTalk:  I know you always keep yourself in fighting shape.  Are you ready to face Vazquez as soon as possible?

Wayne McCullough:  I’m sparring with Kevin Kelley, doing 8 rounds right now getting him ready to fight Carlos Hernandez, so I am ready to go.  If I can’t get a fight with Vazquez I’d love to fight Jhonny Gonzalez.  Why not make that fight happen.  We’re both coming off losses, and it would be a great fight.

BoxingTalk:  Will your next fight be in Ireland?

Wayne McCullough:  I would love to have two fights over there.  One in Belfast and the other in Dublin.  I’d like to make it a “Thanks for everything” Farewell Tour.  Not to boxing, but to Ireland thanking them for everything they’ve given me as a amateur and a professional.  I could fight six weeks apart, and that would mean something to the fans.

BoxingTalk:  Will Goossen-Tutor still be acting as your promoter for your future fights?

Wayne McCullough:  I’ve always been loyal to Dan [Goossen].  I’m a free agent, but Dan is my friend and I know he is going to do the best thing for me.  I know Frank Warren is interested in me but I’d like to finish my career with Dan.

BoxingTalk:  I know that you are also working in the corner of some fighters like Enrique Ornelas who is scheduled to fight on the undercard of Mayweather-Baldomir.  How is training going for your fighters and their next fights?

Wayne McCullough:  I respect the work that Enrique and his brother Librado Andrade-Ornelas have put in, and hopefully Enrique will fight Sam Soliman on November 4th. 

BoxingTalk:  You also have a new website promoting your workout routine.  Give us some insight on how that is going?

Wayne McCullough:  It’s  People, like businessmen, are always asking for it, so I’m training them and giving them what they want.  I love training the fighters I have, and I want to help them achieve their goals in becoming champions.  I want to help Enrique and Librado close the deal...they’ve done most of the work.

BoxingTalk:  In closing, what can we expect from the Pocket Rocket as 2006 draws to a close?

Wayne McCullough:  I told Librado last week in Chicago that he will fight for the championship by February or March.  Then, I’ll get in there and get Fight of the Year, Fighter of the Year, and Trainer of the Year all at once. 


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