The Nightmare Returns on May 4th

By Darren Nichols


The Nightmare Returns on May 4th

Chris Arreola Goes for Knockout #18 in His 20th Fight

BoxingTalk:  Chris, you have a big fight coming up on the eve of De La Hoya – Mayweather.  How is preparation going for that fight?


Chris Arreola:  It’s going good.  I’ve been running, sparring, and training there times a day.


BoxingTalk:  Have you always prepared for a fight three times a day during your training camp?


Chris Arreola:  I have actually been doing that since my last fight.


BoxingTalk:  Do you know who your opponent is yet?


Chris Arreola:  His name is Devin Vargas.  I beat his brother in the National Golden Gloves, and he is a National Golden Gloves winner himself.  He has a lot of amateur experience, and was touted very highly as an amateur.


BoxingTalk:  The last time we spoke you mentioned that we were going to see box more, but still you stopped your opponent in less than three rounds.  Can we expect the same on May 4th?


Chris Arreola:  Honestly, I’m trying to box more, and set up my punches more.  I’m going to throw more combinations in this fight, and if the knockout comes then it comes, but I’m mot worried.


BoxingTalk:  With your twentieth pro fight coming up next month, when can we see you stepping up against a top ten contender?


Chris Arreola:  I leave everything up to my managers.  I don’t question who I fight.


BoxingTalk:  Is there anyone on your radar though that you would like to fight once you defeat your Devin Vargas next month?


Chris Arreola:  No.  It’s just important that I get ready for whoever I’m fighting and I’m successful when I fight them.  I don’t even know how much I’m getting paid for this fight.


BoxingTalk:  Do you feel that it is wise for you to not know how much you get paid for your fights?


Chris Arreola:  I think too many people worry too much about money.  This is an easy life for me, and you have people crying about how much they get paid for a fight.


BoxingTalk:  Anyone who has seen you fight knows of your power, but how do you feel your boxing ability compares to the rest of the heavyweight division?


Chris Arreola:  I believe I throw more combinations than any heavyweight out there.  I had a great amateur experience myself and I come in shape for all my fights.


BoxingTalk:  Are you comfortable with what your weight will be coming into this fight?


Chris Arreola:  I haven’t always been a heavyweight.  I started boxing when I was at 75 pounds, now I’m fighting at 230.  I don’t gain weight in between fights, I just work hard in the gym to keep up my stamina.





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