The Don't Expect A Friday Mailbag

By G. Leon


The Don't Expect A Friday Mailbag

What's up greg? I was just reading all of the BS that bob arum is trying to put out their in the boxing world. Winky Wright is the challenger to beat at middleweight, I mean I think Kelly Pavlik is a strong, hungry fighter but I think Winky Wright has proven his opposition to get this title shot.  John Duddy, whom has he beaten to be put into the place of number one challenger or even Giovanni Lorenzo? If I was there promoter I would give them a couple of fights with big names before being put into the ring with a guy like Pavlik.  I'm a Winky Wright fan, and he has beaten the better opposition than Kelly Pavlik and I think as a champion they should take the bigger test not the guarenteed victory.  I'm a mainstream and hardcore boxing fan, and I believe that Winky is the man that should get the opportunity and I think he would give Kelly Pavlik Problems.  Winky throws a lot of punches, with an amazing defense, and carries a high intensity into the ring and I believe that winky could match Kelly punch of punch.  Winky has an amazing chin, and if kelly was to get tired it would be against a opposition in Winky Wright. BOB ARUM is an idiot, and he cares about what boxing fans want? BOB BOXING FANS WANT KELLY PAVLIK VS. WINKY WRIGHT.  IF KELLY FIGHTS GIOVANNI OR JOHN DUDDY, I WILL NOT WATCH THAT GARBAGE!!! Winky has proved and  proved himself, and I think that Bob Arum is afraid his prized middleweight champion might lose! Adam From Jersey

Leon's Response: Facing Winky would be a helluva lot riskier than any of the names the Bobfather is looking at it, there's no doubt about that. Winky Wright is the challenger at middleweight, there isn't another fight that matters at 160 and that's clearly based on Winky's resume. Pavlik and Loew love the fight and they don't think somebody who can't punch has much of a chance against them. Who knows if Pavlik would get up the same way for a Duddy or Lorenzo and defeating Wright would only make Pavlik's purses for fights with the Lorenzo's of the world, larger. Imagine what Pavlik would be able to draw in the Youngstown area against anybody coming off of two victories over Jermain and another one over Wink?

Hey G, Even though I would rather see a Pavlik – Wright fight than Pavlik – Duddy. I can sympathize with Bob Arum to a degree. Pavlik just had 3 tough fights in a row against the best the Middleweight division had to offer – he fought Edison Miranda, a fighter everyone including Taylor was afraid of. Then fought Taylor twice in give and take wars. He deserves a fight to pad his stats. Also I believe Pavlik is not a household name just yet , and another showcase on standard HBO will help this cause. Thanks G,-Matt

Leon's Response: I too can emphatize with my Bobfather and as a businessman I certainly see his vision, but it's not like Winky hasn't been fighting the best at multiple weight classes also. Few have faced tougher opposition than Wright has since he first defeated Shane Mosley. Last time I checked Pavlik wasn't 4-0, if you look at his record, you'll see that by this point the padding process should be completed.

Yo Greg, I just read the mail bags and some guy actually wrote this "It’s the same reason PBF is going to fight ODLH again instead of Cotto- More money and less risk, even though the public wants Cotto"  Look man, Cotto don't even want too fight Floyd or Oscar!  Oscar is a hell of a bigger risk than Cotto, please believe me!  Lets be real Oscar would KNOCK OUT Cotto inside of 4 rounds if not 2!  Floyd would PUNISH and I repeat PUNISH Cotto for about 8 or 9 rounds before he had Cotto's ass counting the lights (stretched out on his back on the canvas)!  Look people Cotto's time is coming but not while Floyd or Oscar is still at Welter.  I know, I know he beat Mosely!  So what, he beat a Mosely with depleted skills and that's a FACT!  Cotto is a GOOD fighter and that's all!  His chin is very suspect and his skills need a bit more tuning and that's why he's fighting a Gomez instead of a Floyd or Oscar, Bob Arum ain't no fool!  Hell the more I think about it you people better not sleep on Gomez it's not like he's coming to lay down he will come to fight! For the record, Hell if Cotto fought Clottey I would put my money on Clottey!  Greg as always I value your opinion and as always I would like to know what it is. Get at me Daniel Telley Colorado Springs, CO my Bible of boxing.

Leon's Response: Not sure if Oscar is a bigger risk, but he's definitely a much bigger payday. I also believe Floyd would have a good time with Cotto as well, but that doesn't mean that come 2009 Mayweather-Cotto becomes a must as long as Miguelito doesn't lose to Gomez or Margarito, if he beats Cintron. Based on how many mailbaggers thought Margarito would beat Cotto, Cotto still being undefeated in 2009 isn't a foregone conclusion if Margarito beats him. Clottey is the best welterweight in the world that nobody wants to fight.

What's up Greg.  Have you caught wind of the rumor about "The Big Show" being pissed about Floyd puncihng him for real?  I'm not sure how much truth lies behind the rumor, being as I heard it from Jim Rome's mouth.  I love his show, but I think he speaks from his ass sometimes.  But...on the other hand, if you see the slow-mo replays of Floyd's 3-punch combo, the first 2 punches land square in the Show's huge face.  If there is any truth to the rumor of this freak show being pissed, I wouldn't set foot in the same arena with him if I was Floyd.  Who knows if he's holding a grudge and wants to spoil Floyd's big pay day.  If you could shed some light on this subject that would be great.  Also, the last mailbag was refreshing to see so many other voices out there up in arms over Bob Arum's apparent lack of integrity, honesty, and testicles - I thought I was the only one.  Keep up the great work.  Tim - Long Beach

Leon's Response: Don't pay much attention to the WWE at all. Boxing takes up too much of my time for me to catch-up on gimmicks. Floyd is making a pretty penny for the Wrestlemania appearance and he's opening himself up to a new market of fans in the process, kudos to Money May and Leonard Ellerbe for capitalizing on an opportunity to damage!

G, Do you have a percentage of Winky Wright or something? Why should Kelly give Winky a shot when Winky turned him down 1-2 years ago? Winky is that guy who screwed over Gary Shaw, Roy Jones, Dibella, etc. as soon as he got big and started his own "promotional" company which is just a way to cut promoters out who have been forced to put on his stinky fights for years. Now Winky is finding out how tough it is to find a fight after losing to B-Hop without a real promoter. Why can't "Winky Promotions" get him a fight? Larry

Leon's Response: I wish I had a percentage of Winky Wright. I might not find so much time to answer questions like these. Winky told him to wait because the fight would be bigger down the line and guess what? He was correct. Who wanted to see Pavlik-Wright two years ago? Last I checked everyone wanted to see Wright-Taylor or Wright-Mayweather. Winky's got his own promotional company, but he's still working very closely with Golden Boy Promotions. Save for DiBella, I'm sure the other names you mentioned made a pretty penny off of Winky while they were working with him.

Hey Greg Hatton has his date for May and DLH has his September date but what’s your thoughts on there being a match between the two in December/January in the UK? Its something Oscar has spoken about repeatedly, even after Hatton’s loss to Mayweather, plus he wants to finish the career off with a bang! There is no way DLH vs Hatton can be a boring fight, Hatton packs out a stadium with fans and the PPV numbers DLH generates would make it financially a great move. As for the winner I think DLH is just to big for Hatton but it would be worth the pay day and the memory of DLH having that exciting toe to toe fight that I feel is missing from his career, it also would make no difference if DLH beats Mayweather or loses as the fight is a viable option either way Also what are your thoughts on Amir Khan, in the UK they are lining him up for a title shot by the end of the year, do you think he stands a chance either diaz? Or is it just to much to soon...Brian, Larkhall, Scotland

Leon's Response: My understanding is that Paulie Malignaggi will have a rematch with Lovemore N'dou on the undercard of a Hatton fight in Manchester. If Malignaggi and Hatton are victorious, I understand they will fight each other this fall and my dude Paulie will get a life changing payday. De La Hoya-Hatton, if it ever happens would probably take place in 2009.

Greg, Brother, I have to give you major props for keeping it 110% funky with the Bobfather. It is more than clear that he is trying to protect Kelly Pavlick.  Does he think that us die hard boxing fans are that stupid  to believe that a Kelly Pavlick fight vs Duddy, Rubio (who?) or Lorenzo (who?) is more worthy than a fight against a well known, future hall of famer, and top 2 current middleweight in Winky Wright? C'mon now.  This is not a knock on Pavlick because I genuinely feel he would take the fight.   The problem is Bob Arum.  How can he say in one breath that Mayweather is a fraud because he wont make the biggest fight at welterweight with Cotto, when he is intentionally blocking Pavlick from making the biggest fight at middleweight against Winky Wright? He sounds like hypocrite to me.  Maybe, MAYBE, I could see him avoiding a fight with Wright if he had a unification bout already set up with Abraham (who most of the boxing public haven't even seen fight yet), but it's clear that Abraham already has a fight setup for this spring.  Pavlick has no concrete partner for June and you have somebody in Wright right here who is saying he has no problem taking less money.  Sounds to me like Arum is trying to Pimp Pavlick for his services up front because he knows that while Pavlick has a crowd pleasing style, it's not one that will give him the longevity a Hopkins, or a Wright have had. Greg, im so heated man and tactics like this are just plain old bad for boxing.  Please print this because I hope Arum reads exactly what the real fans feel about his nonsense.  I knew from the jump when he claimed he "never saw the Wright vs Taylor fight" that he was going to pull a stunt like this. Im done ranting, but I do thank you Greg for shooting straight from the hip with him and not letting him off the hook easy. Hopefully Arum will have some sense and give the fans the fight they want to see. Peace brother. C. Boogie

Leon's Response: Pavlik would take the fight and at the end of the day The Bobfather would make the fight if HBO paid for it. HBO are the ones with the power to make this fight, perhaps they can lure the Bobfather into making the fight by offering Pavlik an exclusive contract with HBO were he to defeat Wright. The Bobfather is trying to make good money off of easy fight, that's what he's supposed to do as a promoter. If he's not willing to make Pavlik-Wright it's hard to understand how he wants us to think Mayweather must fight Cotto.

I find it funny how you criticize Bob Arum's promoting decisions. The fact of the matter is that Bob Arum is arguably one of the best promoters of all time. He knows more about fighters, how to promote them, and how to make them more money than you will probably ever know. He's got more knowledge and intelligence in his pinky than you do. So what if Pavlik doesn't fight Winky. Do you really think that there will be an uproar of injustice? Winky is great but he's not that exciting. You can't sell that to anyone. Just like you can't sell that Zab Judah will soon dominate the welterweight division. That's ridiculous. The problem with your assessment and analytical view on boxing is that they are biased. You "represent" Zab Judah so you need to tell everyone how he'll beat everyone in boxing when the reality is that he's fallen short time and time again. That's a fact. He's a two time world champion; so what!  So was Arturo Gatti who I thought couldn't beat a top five jr. welterweight when he was in his prime and fighting at 140. But back to Winky. I don't disagree with you on Winky being a great fighter. He is. But what has he done lately in the middle weight division? What has he done in the middle weight division period? He beat a shot Trinidad and drew with Taylor. Wow. Boxing is a business; Pavlik is the popular middle weight champion who has plenty of entertaining options, and Winky is not in the future plans of the "ghost." What a travesty, huh?

Leon's Response: The Bobfather is one of the greatest promoters of all time, there's no question about it. Other than Don King and my good friend, Charles Muniz, Arum is the one person I've learned the most from. I don't call him the Bobfather for nothing. Joelene from Main Events has a picture of me with the Bobfather in Memphis with him standing behind me holding my shoulders and me with my hands as though I'm praying ala Michael Corleone. Still waiting for a hard copy of that pic. Joelene if you're reading, send me my pic and I'll send you a copy of the Bobfather dancing with that singer from Memphis! Pavlik-Wright is the best middleweight fight that can be made, that kind of stuff sells itself.

What up G.  Let me get straight to it, the Bobfather just doesn't give two shits about boxing fans.  It has already been pointed out but I will recap.  He claims that Cotto and Mayweather is the best welterweight fight out there so it has to get done.  Now that Pavlik-Wright is the best fight at middleweight it doesn't have to get done because all he cares about is how much money can he milk for himself.  But what pisses me off even more is that Pavlik wanted to bring a fight back to Ohio and they were going to fight, maybe at CLeveland Browns Stadium.  The Bobfather was quoted (ON BOXINGTALK) that this was going to happen this summer and ticket prices would be reasonable to bring a fight back to the fans.  If you look at it, the Duddy fight would have been just fine to fight in Cleveland but the Bobfather felt that he could milk some more money in New York because of Duddy's popular New York fan base.  Now that the fight has fallen through, is he going to make the best fight???  Hell no.  Is he going to bring the fight back to Cleveland???  Hell no.  It was reported in by the AP that it looks like it will be Giovani Lorenzo or Marco Antonio Rubio.  And on top of that, if it is Rubio, it will be held in Atlantic City, because Rubio has fought a lot of fights in ATLANTIC CITY.  F*ck the Bobfather for not getting the BEST fight and F*CK the Bobfather for not bringing a fight back to the hometown fans as promised.  G please tell me your comments on WHY boxing promoters don't give a shit about the FANS.  Nathan Ward, WV.

Leon's Response: Nathan, glad you noticed the obvious double standard and keep in mind, Pavlik is somebody who has yet to defend his middleweight title, HE wants to make the fight or at least afford Winky the opportunity to price himself out, which Wink says will not happen. Bobfather refuses to make him an offer, it comes down to HBO intervening to make it happen.  Mayweather can retire today and he's a first ballot hall of famer and a topic of discussion forever. Pavlik is still in the process of building his legacy, hopefully the Bobfather allows him to build a solid foundation by cleaning out the middlweight division starting with Winky Wright, the next best guy.

Dear G; Commend you all out effort to push Arum to make the best middleweight fight out there between #1 and #2. Very good. But why don't you try to push Floyd to make the best welterweight fight out there - with Miguel Cotto? In fact you tried to sabotage it by pushing for Cotto to go backwards and fight #3 Paul WIlliams. Please do the right thing for boxing and use you  powerful influence to make the best fight in all of boxing Mayweather vs. Cotto! Floyd needs a push and your push might be the difference maker. Gracias, Thank you, Jose Malone, Butte, Montana!

Leon's Response: Come 2009 or fall 2008 if Cotto is still undefeated, I'm going to putting the same kind of heat on Mayweather to make the fight. Logic would tell us that there would be nobody left for Mayweather to fight and the Cotto fight would be the biggest thing on the scene. If they're both undefeated in 2009, the heat will be on.

G what are your predictions for the Marquez brothers the next few weeks? I like both brothers to win. I will be at the Vegas fight in 2 weeks and hope to say “whats up” to ya as this is the best forum for boxing fans – PERIOD!!!  Tell me why you think JMM will beat Pacquiao- I need some more reassuring. Bobfather- READ ALL THE POSTS_ FANS WANT WINKY!!!! You think he heard that one? LOL don’t be a hypocrite Bob- don’t say PBF wont fight Cotto, if you’re not willing to put Pavlic in with Winky when everyone, including your fighter, wants it!!!

Leon's Response: This weekends fight is a toss-up. It could go either way. I've liked Marquez over Pacquiao from the moment they announced this fight. Nothing has changed. Marquez by UD. If Pacquiao were to win this fight impressively it would take his mantra as Mexican Assasin to another level.

Hey Greg, Love the site, have done for many a year. I got to speak to Antonio Tarver, because of your site, after I spent an awful lot of money to travel all the way from Australia to see my man Roy in Jones-Tarver II, and for that I am forever in your debt. These last couple of days been watching the back and forth in the mailbag, and you are 100% right. You have EVERY RIGHT to barrack for one guy over the other? That’s what sucks about boxing – you holler for one guy and people say your biased, that you can’t see the fight for what it is. Bullshit to that. I have one guy I am barracking for almost every time I watch a major fight, doesn’t mean I can’t see the fight for what it is. Which reminds me, I remember back a few years yelling at the top of my lungs for Aussie hero Kostya Tszyu. I was was watching him fight an undefeated punk, the millionth undefeated punk ever to think he was the best their ever was. This guy was talking trash, being disrespectful, but my man stayed largely silent. The night of the fight came, and the flashy punk showed his speed and swept the first round looking cockier then ever. But my man stayed calm – and stalked him around the ring. He stalked slowly, slowly. Waited until just the right moment to launch the ATABM (Air to Asshole Ballistic Missile).Had the cocky punk doing the funky chicken. God bless Kostya Tszyu for giving Australia something to cheer for that day, and showing the undefeated punk the difference between good…… and great. Thanks Greg

Leon's Response: Kostya Who? Where has he been? Boxing would welcome him back with open arms and there are many lucrative opportunities out there for him, why did he just stop? I'm not as current with my international matters as I should be, can one of you guys put me on?

I cannot believe that you are now acting as Winky Wright business manager at the expense of Boxingtalk readers. Why do you have to force Bobfather to do a Pavlik-Wright fight when he is not interested? Mind you Winky has not won only one of his last three bouts and yet you seem to feel that he deserves a world middleweight title challenge. I fully concur with Bobfather here. Winky can jump the lake if he feels he will simply rock up at Boxingtalk and demand to challenge for the undisputed world middleweight title. Maybe he is your boy, but I do not think it is cool to take your personal friendship with him to your readers. And I am not interested to see a Pavlik-Wright fight either. Mendile South Africa.

Leon's Response: I'm simply interviewing the necessary parties to see what they have to say about the best middleweight fight in the world. Winky wants Pavlik, Pavlik wants Winky but was concerned Wink would overprice himself. Winky says you take the lion's share, Pavlik still loves the fight. Arum still hates the fight. If the fighters had the ability to negotiate with each other directly this fight would get done in five minutes. Hopefully HBO invests the same five minutes in a phone call to see what it would take to give them a great fight and rating for an extra special HBO WCB, ala Hopkins-Calzaghe.


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