Thanks Diego, But Can We Wait Another Three Months Before Being Delighted Again?

By Darren Nichols


Thanks Diego, But Can We Wait Another Three Months Before Being Delighted Again?

"I'm taking this fight EXCLUSIVELY for my fans!"

Arguably the best lightweight in boxing, WBO champ Diego “Chico” Corrales recently signed on to fight the winner of Jose Luis Castillo and Julio Diaz on May 7th, and is doing it strictly for his fans.  Knowing that Diaz had to give up his IBF title to face the bigger name in Castillo, Chico too is all about making the big fights happen, and he wants all his fans to know, once and for all, that he made this fight happen for them.  BoxingTalk spoke with the champ to get his thoughts on not seeing action until May 7th, who he will be rooting for in the Castillo-Diaz match up, and what progress has been made with a possible rematch against Acelino Freitas.

BoxingTalk: Diego, What are your thoughts of fighting the winner of the Castillo/Diaz on May 7th?

Diego Corrales: It’s official, and I’m doing it for my fans.  I got a lot of emails sent to my website, and a lot of people telling me that they wanted to see this fight.  So I went ahead and did what I had to do to make this fight happen.

BT: Who will you be rooting for Castillo or Diaz?

DC: I will be rooting for the winner.  The reason I say that is because whoever wins that fight deserves to be in there and we deserve to meet each other.

BT: As the saying goes, “Styles make fights.”  Whose style would make for the best fight?

DC: Castillo.  He would come at me more, and he would definitely allow me to show more of my style, my talent, my ability to box and move, and to make things look easy.

BT: There has been a lot of news on BoxingTalk lately of Diaz being stripped of his IBF title.  Coming from a guy who has never been stripped of a belt before, what is your opinion on the situation?

DC: I don’t think the IBF should have stripped Diaz.  He has fought world champions, he’s definitely a valid opponent, and for someone to strip him I don’t think is right.  Diaz will be fighting one of the best lightweights in the division, and between me and Castillo we are the top two names, how could the IBF be upset about that fight?

BT: If you were put in Diaz’ position of vacating your title to fight a bigger name, would you do it?

DC: Yes I would because I believe in making the big fights happen.  My job is to make the big fights happen and to give the fans what they want.

BT: This fight with the winner of Castillo-Diaz continues to keep you on the sidelines until it happens on May 7th…

DC: I will be sitting back watching things happen no thanks to Gary Shaw or Banner Promotions.

BT: If you had it to do all over again, would you get involved with Artie Pelullo, who essentially handed you the fight with Acelino Freitas?

DC: We’re not on good terms right now.  Artie is no better of a person than Gary Shaw is.  They’re both just horrible people, and they’re crooks in this game.  Both Artie and Gary showed their colors in this whole deal.  They’re both sliding around on their underbellies, and I guess that covers it all.

BT: Where does your fight in May and your relationship with Pelullo leave you when it comes to a rematch with Acelino Freitas?

DC: I think you’ll have to talk to Art about that.

BT: For as bad as you have been wanting to get in the ring since conquering Freitas, how far away does May 7th seem to you?

DC: I have been making a fuss about getting back in the ring for quite some time, but this is one fight that I can truly say once and for all that I’m doing this fight for my fans, and exclusively for my fans.  I’m not doing this fight for the pay…because the pay is shitty, I’m doing it for you – the fans.


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