Tevin Farmer looking to show out in last fight of DAZN deal

By G. Leon


Tevin Farmer looking to show out in last fight of DAZN deal

Greg Leon: It was just announced that you'll be making the mandatory defense of your IBF title against Guillame Frenois on July 27th. How's everything going in camp? What can we expect to see from you on fight night? Tevin Farmer: "It's going to be another day at the office for me. This has been an amazing training camp and I've been working my butt off for this one and I can't wait to put on a show for the fans on July 27th because I've worked my butt off for this one like times five, times ten." GL: Does that mean this is going to be the best we've ever seen you? Tevin Farmer: "I'm going to be stronger, faster, in better condition and more focused than you've seen me, everything has just been A1 so it's definitely going to be the best y'all ever seen me."

GL: When are we going to see you in the kind of fight that changes your name from Mr. Halfaticket ($500k) to Mr. Second-Comma? 
Tevin Farmer: "I'm looking for that man. After this fight you're going to be able to call me that for sure, you're going to be able to call me that no matter who I fight after this one."
GL: Ok, so it's like that.
TF: "It's going to be."
GL: Well this is the mandatory, so after this fight you're going to have nine months of voluntary period...
TF: (cutting in) "Actually you could call me Mr. Second-Comma now if we're being for real, for real."
GL: I know you're smart with your money, but I'm talking about one night of work.
TF: "After this fight that's guanranteed then, this is my last fight of the deal with DAZN, so we're going to see what happens, but I know that's the kind of money I'm going to be looking at for anybody after this one."
GL: Based on the way you've been moving with DAZN, do you really see yourself leaving them? Or is it just time to negotiate a new deal with newer, sexier numbers?
TF: "There's a strong possibility I'm going to sign with them again. You know money talks and Eddie has treated me really good, I feel like they did right by me and I feel like they're going to come with a big number for me."
GL: It would be stupid of them not to when you take into account the considerable investment they've made in you thus far to just let you walk without getting a super marquee fight.
TF: "Absolutely. I feel like they're going to come with a big number and I would love to sign back with them anyway. Let's get this fight out of the way and then we'll sit down and talking numbers and we'll get it popping."
GL: Is it all about the money moving forward? If there were a deal that paid less but provided more of the fights that you really want, what would you do?
TF: "I would have to sit back and talk to my team about that, because it's not only about me. I've got trainers who got to eat too. I would have to go back and talk to my team. I feel like Eddie (Hearn) and the DAZN are going to come correct and make it happen."
GL: Will Frenois go the distance?
TF: "I'm not planning on it. I've trained very hard, I brought in a strength coach and there's been a lot of changes in the camp and I'm feeling really strong right now, I just can't wait to get in there and show out."
GL: Closing thoughts.
TF: "I just want to thank everybody that's been supporting me throughout this journey of mine, the fans, I just want to thank everybody. Without the fans it wouldn't be no me. I want to thank my family, I want to thank DiBella Entertainment and Lou DiBella for getting me opportunities and hopefully we're able to do business with Eddie, Matchroom and DAZN for the rest of my career."

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