Teddy Atlas Unplugged I

By Darren Nichols


Teddy Atlas Unplugged I

Too Passionate About Boxing to be Read, He Must Be Heard

Legendary trainer and ESPN commentator Teddy Atlas is about as passionate as one man can be on enhancing the sport of boxing.  While in front of the Friday Night Fights camera, it is not uncommon to hear Atlas pleading for a National Boxing league, the improvement of training for referees and judges, the banishment of the alphabet organizations, and anything else the leads to the betterment of the fight game.  In fact, after listening to Atlas for a couple hours, one might find themselves suddenly on the Atlas bandwagon, reinvigorated about the Sweet Science, and wondering why his way is not the only things are.  BoxingTalk recently spoke with Atlas about the world of boxing, and love him or hate him, agree with him or not, after listening to what he has to say, all will know why the Sweet Science is still the greatest sport of them all! Check out the first three clips from this 9-part audio series...

Audio 1:
Atlas shares his view on how he felt ESPN’s Friday Night Fights went in 2004, and what we can expect when they once again hit the airwaves for another exciting year on January 21st.

Audio 2:
As ESPN prepares to launch itself into the Pay-Per-View market, Atlas shares his thoughts on how this can improve boxing for both fighters and fans.

Audio 3:
With Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins recently partnering up in the promotion business, Atlas gives his thoughts on whether or not fighters turned promoters will take over Don King and Bob Arum’s reign.