Team Viloria Speaks About Upcoming Fight

By Darren Nichols


Team Viloria Speaks About Upcoming Fight

"The way Brian punches, when he hits his opponents they hit the floor."

BoxingTalk:  How is Brian looking for his Feb 18th fight?

Freddie Roach:  He’s training hard, he’s in great shape.  He’s in for a tough fight against a strong kid.  We’ve been boxing.  I’m happy with everything.  We’re right on schedule.

BoxingTalk:  Are you working on anything in the gym differently in a title defense as a title shot?

Freddie Roach:  We’re working even harder.  It’s easier to win the title then to keep it because you have everyone after you.  We just have to make sure we don’t make any mistakes.

BoxingTalk:  You have been able to get to Brian to the point where he is knocking out every opponent he has faced in the last two years, are you expecting the same on Feb 18th ?

Freddie Roach:  Yeah, Brian is a good boxer, and he also has great power for a small man.  Brian will use his boxing ability to set up the knockout shots.

BoxingTalk:  Do you feel there is anyone in the 108 pound division that can handle both the speed and power of Brian?

Freddie Roach:  I don’t think so, which is why I’d like to see Brian move up to 112 soon to challenge Jorge Arce.
BoxingTalk:  With Aguirre’s last two fights ending in stoppage are you looking to do the same but more impressively?

Freddie Roach:  I think so.  The way Brian punches, when he hits his opponents they hit the floor.  You can’t go out looking for the knock out, it needs to be set up completely.

BoxingTalk:  Gary, what are your thoughts as Brian’s fight as the 18th draws closer?

Gary Gittelsohn:  This is a tough fight for Brian.  He has had a terrific experience winning his first world title.  Getting back to the gym and dedicated training was a little bit of a transition.  He’s been working very very hard.  Started earlier then usual because there were plans for Brian to be on the undercard of pacquiao-morales II, but we moved him to the 18th  Brian stayed in the gym and worked hard, and he’s ready.  There is an old axiom that you are 20% better after you win a world title

BoxingTalk:  What is your game plan for Brian?

Gary Gittelsohn:  Brian is being promoted by Top rank and we’ve had many discussions about the long term strategy on Brian’s development.  We want him in major showcases against rising stars.  Everyone points to Brian and Arce, and that will happen as long as they both continue to be successful.  Look forward to that showdown for Brian in 2006.


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