Team Boxingtalk Predictions for Cotto-Mosley


Team Boxingtalk Predictions for Cotto-Mosley

Boxingtalk's Team Predictions are in for the WBA welterweight title tilt between undefeated champion Miguel Cotto and future Hall of Famer "Sugar" Shane Mosley.

George Kimball: Mosley TKO9 Cotto

Matthew Aguilar: Mosley KO11 Cotto

Ray Campbell: Cotto by late TKO

Matthew Goldstein: Mosley by late TKO in a classic

Ishe Smith: Cotto by late TKO

Michael Gonzalez: Mosley by Decision: I see it as a dead even fight, but if my life depended on it I have to go with Mosley.  Miguel Cotto reminds me of the Blob.  He seems slow, deliberate and easy to wobble.  But he keeps coming, hurting you if stay in front of him and ruins you if he gets you cornered.  After 30 fights he has absorbed everyone he’s faced, but some “Sugar” may be the solvent that ends his streak.  The magnificent Shane Mosley will present a skill set and level that Cotto has yet to face.  The only two fellows to beat Mosley, Vernon Forrest and Winky Wright, were taller cagey fighters who control fights with their jab.  Cotto’s style couldn’t be further from that and Mosely will have a height and reach advantage.  He should also be as strong or stronger Cotto.  In Cotto’s last fight Zab Judah was able to give him all sorts of trouble before he eventually separated himself.  (Though some “accidental” low blows in favor of Cotto added a bit of controversy.)  In this one the trouble won’t end for Cotto, although he should be very competitive, I see Mosley using all his guile to deflect the charge of the young bull that is Cotto. 

Scott Shaffer: Mosley by decision: Speed Beats Power

Socrates Palmer Jr: Mosley KO8 Cotto

Darren Nichols: Cotto by late stoppage

Brad Cooney: Mosley UD12 Cotto

Alex Stone: Mosley TKO10 Cotto: Cotto has been in with every type of style. He has beaten power punching machines in Ricardo Torres and Carlos Quintana. He's defeated a fast, slick boxer in Paulle Malignaggi, and he's even fought a combination of speed and power (yet a mental trainwreck) in Zab Judah. But he has yet to fight the full package. Mosley is just as fast and even stronger than Judah, and barring the chance that Cotto punches Mosley in the balls a few times, Mosley has the skill and mental discipline to stop a man whos been hurt and knocked down plenty of times against lesser opposition. Mosley will put pressure on Cotto that he's never experienced before, taking an exciting thriller by TKO in the later rounds.

James Ahern: Cotto KO9 Mosley: Cotto is younger, stronger and hungrier. A victory over Mosley puts him right where he's always believed he should be.

Raj Sharma: Mosley by decision

Michael Campbell: Cotto UD12 Mosley

Julius Stecker: Cotto by razor thin decision: To me this is a pick'em fight.  It will be a question of who imposes their will.  Cotto is the younger fresher fighter, but Mosley is the more seasoned vet. And while I could see Mosley winning, I am going to take Cotto by a razor thin decision.  Age might play a role in the fight.