Team Barrera fires back at Arum!

By G. Leon


Team Barrera fires back at Arum!

Last week at Manny Pacquiao's open workout, Top Rank chief Bob Arum make a few comments that struck a nerve with Team Marco Antonio Barrera. Roberto Diaz, Barrera's advisor told, "Bob Arum said he would make another fight with Barrera and Morales if he could negotiate with Barrera and his people but he won't deal with the amateurs, referring to Golden Boy. I just want to say that it surprises that somebody with his knowledge to know what he's saying is impossible. When you have a promotional company, you have to make the fight with the promotional company, not the fighter and that's for legal and ethical purposes. And for them to call them amateurs is a slap in the face, but what does it mean that the amateurs beat the pro's? The amateurs are teaching them a thing or two. If he doesn't want to deal with the amateurs, I guess he's saying goodbye to Erik or maybe he's using that as an excuse because they don't want to fight.

"Golden Boy offered them a fight with Barrera on September 17 and they turned it down. The fight would have been big on Mexican Independence day weekend. With all respect to Bob Arum and Top Rank, we do not need Erik Morales. If he forgets I'll remind him. We're 3-0 against Erik Morales. By the books and let's just go by the books then, we're 2-1.  The amateurs are up on the pro's 2-1 and Marco has many other options. In fact, we'll leave at that

Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer later added, "Last week he called HBO racists, this week he called us amateurs. Who knows what he's going to say next week? It's pretty much the same old story of an unhappy troubled man. Greg, go around and ask people, they don't take him seriously anymore."

Expect a full interview with Marco Antonio Barrera to follow shortly.