Tarvis Simms Blasts CES and Chad Dawson

By Matthew Goldstein


Tarvis Simms Blasts CES and Chad Dawson

CES promotions recently put out a press release stating that Tarvis Simms was scared of Chad Dawson and that Tarvis turned down the most lucrative fight of his career.  After boxingtalk spoke directly with Tarvis, the picture began to look very different.  First, Tarvis claimed to have knocked out Chad Dawson in a previous sparring session.  Why would Tarvis be scared of someone he knocked out?  Second, the $9500 offer from CES to fight Chad Dawson is far from lucrative and certainly “not the most Tarvis has ever received for a fight.”  Please read further to hear the thoughts of Tarvis on the issue.   Warning: strong language.
“CES is talkin’ all this shit that me and Chad Dawson are friends.  Me and that motherfucker were never friends.  If I ever see him, I’m gonna knock him the fuck out,” Tarvis claimed.  “CES is sponsored by Foxwoods, why should I go into their territory and get robbed.  That shit happens at Foxwoods all the time.  We offered them a fight on neutral grounds and they turned it down.  They are the ones that are scared.”  Tarvis goes on, “They need to get their fighter off of the extasy.  They need to get their fighter off drugs.  He’s already been suspended for that shit twice.”
Tarvis also goes on to blast realboxing.  “Realboxing.com aint no real website.  They cater to all the New England fighters and promoters.  They didn’t put the original press release out.  They tried to claim that I was scared of Dawson in the headlines.  Fuck realboxing.”  In this writers opinion, there is only one website.  You heard it hear first.


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