Tarvis Simms: 2008 will be my year and it all starts with Ray Joval on January 18!

By Brad Cooney


Tarvis Simms: 2008 will be my year and it all starts with Ray Joval on January 18!

Boxingtalk caught up with middleweight Tarvis Simms (21-0-1 with 11 KOs)  and got his thoughts on his upcoming fight against Raymond Joval 37-4 (16KO), scheduled for January 18, 2008. Simms also makes it clear that he will remain a promotional free agent after the Joval fight.

BT – Tarvis, you are scheduled to fight Raymond Joval on January 18th, talk about the fight.

TS – Man, I am just excited about this. I came down here before we even had a fight on the table.  I came down here to stay in great shape, and work on my timing.  This fight just came along, but we were originally scheduled to fight Curtis Stevens. I am looking forward to taking  advantage of this opportunity.

BT – What is the key to your success against Raymond Joval?

TS – Well I don't want to give you too much information as to how I am going to beat him.  We are watching key fights of his, Joval vs Vargas, fights like that.  We are going to apply some of the things that his former opponents have done to him.

BT – Talk about how important this fight is for you career, at this point of your career.

TS – Well me being 36, and he is 39 so we are both at the later parts of our career.  It's extremely important, this guy has fought former world champions.  I am just delighted for the opportunity to get in their and show this guy that he is once again in there with one of the best.

BT – The fight is about 5 weeks away, have you been staying in good shape?

TS – Yes, I came down here to stay in great shape.  Everything is coming along perfectly for me right now.  I have been bringing my weight down, and I feel great.  My whole camp is up beat about this, and I am ready to get in there and get this W.

BT – Your advisor Greg Leon landed this fight for you, how has he benefited your career?

TS – When Greg first came to me, I was a little bit hesitant, but we just started talking.  I am so glad I gave Greg a chance to work with me, he's one of the smartest guys in the business.   Greg is confident in my ability, and he is one of the hardest working guys in the business.  I am looking forward to working with him, and looking forward to doing bigger and better things with him after we're done with Joval.

BT – You're a free agent, is the door open for offers?

TS – Yes, I am a promotional free agent.  I have no ties to anyone right now.  I am a very hard worker, and I know how to win.  We changed up my style a little bit, it's more fan pleasing.  I am looking to make a big statement in 08.  Any promoters out there that want a champion in their stable, holler. All  they got to do is contact Greg Leon at gleon@boxingtalk.com  Like I said, he's one the hardest working guys in the business, and I am so grateful to have the guy representing me.

BT – What are you looking for out of whoever signs you next?

TS – Well just someone who's honest and fair.  I would like to have a promoter that will get me smart fights, and an opportunity to fight for a world title.  I want a promoter that won't bounce checks on me, that would be nice too.

BT – After Joval, what's the game plan for 08?

TS – Hopefully a title shot.  I think I am one fight away from a title shot.  I am calling out all champions.  I want guys like Felix Sturm, Arthur Abraham, anyone that makes sense. I am willing and able man.  I want to capitalize for the lost time, and I look forward to the opportunity to competing with the top guys in my division.

BT – Before I let you go, how is your brother Travis Simms doing?

TS – Travis is doing good man, he's working hard as usual.  He's had some time to himself, and his family to think about what he's going to do next.  He'll be back real soon, so to all of his fans be on the look out, he's coming back soon.

BT – Any closing thoughts for the fans?

TS – Yes, I have a few closing thoughts.  I want to thank my fans for being patient with me, sorry I have been off for this long.  Things are about to get going for me in 2008, and I want to tell Boxrec.com please change my weight class, I am NOT a super middleweight, I am a middleweight, get it right (laughs).

Full Disclosure: Tarvis Simms is advised by Boxingtalk publisher Greg Leon


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