Tarver to Hopkins: "Fight or flee punk!"

By G. Leon


Tarver to Hopkins: "Fight or flee punk!"

"Bouie Fisher and his two sons could be the judges, it won't matter!"

Light heavyweight king, Antonio "The Magic Man" Tarver told Boxingtalk.com, "The Extortionist claims that I'm trying to bamboozle the public, yet how many excuses did you count he came up with in his story Greg? The funniest part of his latest scam is how he and his lawyer contradict themselves time after time. Check it out, The Extortionist says that the fight won't make it to the fax machine with Don King in the middle. Later, he says, nothing can happen with Don King in the middle. The lawyer says, "If Don King calls and offers a large sum of money we'd talk". Then The Extortionist says that he believes that I'm going to lose a good percentage of fans who thought Bernard was going to over price himself. So, which one is it Greg? I don't know much about bamboozling, fraud, and extortion so maybe he can explain it to me. You'd think that if these clowns were serious about fighting me, the least they could do is get their stories straight."

"Let's count how many excuses they came up with. Don King being in the middle, money, potential lawsuits, indemnification, and he's going to camp so talks have to stop. They claim that they called my bluff because they're ready to sign a deal, and I'm not? Does this sound to you like someone who's ready to sign a deal? Is that what bamboozling is all about? "

"First of all, unlike many people in the boxing world who believe that an Execution is going to take place on September 18th, I know for a fact that that isn't going to happen. You have to understand that Oscar unlike him is no punk. Oscar is a fighter who has tremendous heart and tenacity and who will come to the fight fully prepared. So, I'm not going to disrespect Oscar by signing some deal with this ingrate before their fight takes place. I like how they conveniently mentioned all these so called deal breakers; yet they totally forgot to mention that the first thing that came up when his attorney talked with Charles was the winner take all challenge that I put forward.

"I want you to tell all your readers what The Extortionist told you about that subject. He told you no commission would allow that. The Nevada Commission won't allow that. Isn't that a fact Greg? Does this sound to you like a guy that wants to fight. You mean to tell me that a commission that would put a camera on a ref, based on this punk's tantrum in Nevada, won't allow for a winner take all? OK, let's straighten this out right now, the loser gets $100,000.00. Now what's his excuse?

"What you have here is a punk trying to find any excuse possible to "bamboozle" his way out of fighting me. This is the same fraud he pulled with the boxing public when he called James Toney out then punked out of that fight and fought William Bo James. Later, he pulled the same fraud with Roy and punked out and fought Hakkar. Did you notice how he say's that if Don King offers him a lot of money then he might consider doing the fight? Maybe the Nevada Commission should test him for early signs of dementia because how more clearly could I have been when I said winner take all?

"The real funny part of this hurried concocted BS is the part where they mention if Don is in the middle nothing can happen. Guess they just lost most of the big fish they were supposed to fry after they beat Oscar because the last I checked, Tito, Mayorga, and Winky are with Don, and as Boxingtalk reported, Shane is right behind. What big fish does he have left? Not me, not Toney or Roy because as I already told you, he punked out of those fights. I'll tell you what he really afraid of, he's afraid that when I knock his ass out, Don is going to step on his ass when he make his way to my corner to raise my hand. If he thinks the judging isn't going to be fair if Don is involved, I'd allow Bouie Fisher and his two sons to be the judges. At least they're honorable people who never falsely accused anyone of trying to extort money from them.

"IF he beats Oscar, and IF the fight can be done on December 4th, that seems to me to be more than enough time for any issues to be resolved and he knows that. All this punk needs to do is take care of his business on September 18th and I'll take care of my business by that time and we'll have a fight; period.

"I tell you this, I hope he isn't going to use me as his excuse if he loses to Oscar. This fool can't sleep at night without mentioning my name. He wishes he could be handsome like me but he can't, he wants to be able to smile like me but even his purse from the Oscar fight won't be enough to pay a down payment for that makeover he desperately needs on that train wreck face of his. He's just trying to ride my coat-tail because he knows that's the only way he can get himself some attention. The bottom line, Greg, is that if he wants to fight, get the piece of paper ready and you'll see how he punks out because that's what he does best besides getting a commission to put a camera on a ref when we all know the camera should have been put on his dirty ass.

"Tell this punk to get his ass in training camp and let me worry about my issues. Tell this punk to get on the same page with his lawyer and stop making fools of themselves. The bottom line is does this bitch want to fight or flee? Tell me Greg, what excuses does this punk have now? What excuses will he have when I show up at the post fight presser with a signed bout agreement awaiting his signature?"


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