Tarver eager to clip Byrd's wings, but all in due time!

By G. Leon


Tarver eager to clip Byrd's wings, but all in due time!

GL: A phone call from the IBO light heavyweight champion, I wonder if he's calling to talk about Chris Byrd. What's the latest and greatest Magic? "It's a beautiful thing that Chris Byrd, a former heavyweight champion and a successful amatuer fighter, I mean everybody knows his skills and ability. It took him several times to get knocked out by the heavyweights to realize that he wasn't a heavyweight to begin with. Being a super middleweight in the amatuers and then going all the way up to heavyweight, he was as successful as one can be making those steps, but I don't feel he's ever reached his potential because he's been fighting out of his weight class. Light heavyweight might be his ticket for his natural weight class and it's exciting to know that we've got a big name like Chris Byrd in the division because that just means more big fights for the champions out there.

"By the end of the 08 there will be one champion standing. My statement to the whole situation is Byrd in the hand is better than one in the bush. Right now he's in the bush, until we get him in hand it's all talk."

GL: So a fight with Byrd is something that peaks your interest.

Antonio Tarver: "Anytime you got a guy with the ability of a Chris Byrd of course. It's a super fight, it's a mega-fight and I think once Chris goes out there and shows people that he's serious about being a light heavyweight, then his name is going to ring. A long time ago people was talking about him and Roy fighting. We also wish James Toney could have stayed away from Burger King because he could be a great light heavyweight, but he's a super heavyweight now. But I'm happy Chris is in the division and if it ever comes down to that, we'll treat him well. I have an opportunity to prove that I am and should be mentioned amongst the very best in the world pound for pound if a fight like that should happen.

"Right now I know I have business at hand with Clinton Woods and I'm focused on that. My goal is to be the undisputed champion and when you're undisputed you can pick who you fight. Once I get these belts Chris Byrd is a definitely a fight that I would like to entertain."

GL :We'll keep it short and sweet, lots more of Magic to follow in the coming weeks, give us some closing thoughts for the fans.

AT: "We're going to be fighting nothing but the very best to solidify my position. Once again this is Boxingtalk, universally recognized as the top boxing site in the business, we built this G!"


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