Tarver Shrugs RJ Off!

By G. Leon


Tarver Shrugs RJ Off!

"Roy who? I got better things to do than talk about dead men!"

Boxingtalk.com contacted light heavyweight king Antonio "Magic Man" Tarver to inform him of our interview with former pound for pound king Roy Jones Jr. Tarver told Boxingtalk.com, "Right now I don't give a damn about Roy Jones Jr. I'm focused on Glen Johnson and taking care of business on December 18. It's going to make me feel good to knock Johnson out and leave absolutely no doubt as to who the best light heavyweight on the planet is."

GL: With Jones that saying he would fight the winner of your fight with Johnson immediately. How do you feel about fighting Jones immediately after Johnson should things go your way on Dec. 18?

Antonio Tarver: "Roy who? Jones who? G, right now I'm not into taking steps backwards, there's bigger fish to fry and I'm looking to cook them. I can't sit and here and tell my fans and the boxing world I want to continue to fight and then stroll through the grave yard looking for opponents."

"Roy who G? Why bother? He's got nothing going for him and he's not willing to play by my rules, so I'm don't even want to bring him up."

GL: Do you believe HBO pushed the Johnson fight so strongly to help Jones (an HBO staple) only have one guy to come back against?

AT: "HBO is doing their job. Their putting on the two best light heavyweights in the world, period. It's the best fight available and that's why we're fighting."

GL: If you beat Glen Johnson is there a long term HBO on the table?

AT: "I could have a long term deal now. The deal is this, I feel I'm the most valuable commodity HBO could have and I want my contract to represent that. I'm giving them this fight on the house. There's no exclusive deal in place now, we're still in negotiations. But they will soon see for themselves that Antonio Tarver is their most valuable commodity."

GL: So basically, you're banking on your performance against Johnson to enhance the terms of your HBO deal?

AT: "Greg, I've been rolling the dice my whole career. Risk is my middle name and I'm at my best when I got a whole lot of shit to lose."


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