TRU 'dat' Entertainment, Tycoon sponsors Mayweather-Baldomir fight!


TRU 'dat' Entertainment, Tycoon sponsors Mayweather-Baldomir fight!

TRU ‘dat’ Entertainment and Tycoon Holdings Inc. have partnered to sponsor the November  4th, HBO pay-per-view showdown between Pound-for-Pound king Floyd Mayweather and Welterweight champ Argentinean Carlos Baldomir at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, in Las Vegas. TRU ‘dat’ Entertainment and Tycoon Holdings are built on hard work and success in the field of entertainment and star studded events with this sponsorship being no different; both companies together are in a unique position to become a major player in the world of boxing.

Led by Hysear Randell and Dr. A Demetrius Brown respectively TRU ‘dat’ Entertainment and Tycoon Holdings will be able to showcase there businesses as well as entertainment ventures in one place during “fight week” in the mecca of boxing Las Vegas, Nevada. TRU ‘dat’ Entertainment and Mr. Randell made there “sponsoring” debut into the boxing arena September 2, 2006 during the controversial James Toney/Samuel Peter fight in Los Angeles, CA. While, Dr. Brown of Tycoon Holdings Inc. is no stranger to boxing having been involved in the sport for over 5 years, sponsoring fights with some of the fight-game top promoters and this case is no different working with legendary Goossen Tutor Promotions. 

Mr. Randall along with Dr. Brown both have lofty goals in mind for sponsoring this fight Mr. Randall states, “giving back to the community and showing the urban sports, entertainment and arts landscape we can generate new business and make key investments for the future and for many years to come.” “Another key component is the fact that we want to bring boxing back to prominence. People have a passion for this sport and so do we,” states Dr. Brown.

The week is full of activities sponsored by TRU ‘dat’ Entertainment and Tycoon Holdings Inc that will give Las Vegas and fight fans something to remember for a long time to come. The official star studded pre-fight party will be held at the Foundation Room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. The Mandalay will also be the site for the post-fight party in the legendary Rum Jungle inside the casino.

TRU ‘dat’ Entertainment and Tycoon Holdings sponsorship is one to watch as they change the fight game with a strong sense of purpose, passion and integrity to make the “comeback” of the sport of boxing the best it can be.

About TRU ‘dat’ Entertainment
TRU 'dat' Entertainment based in Los Angeles California is a firm with a cause and purpose to develop and create African American businesses, artists and investment endeavors.

About Tycoon Holdings Inc.
Based out of Los Angeles California, Tycoon International Holdings is a multi- facet company, with presence over-seas in fields of international marketing, and business ventures such as the Tycoon Boot by Everlast, financial investments and more.