THE TRANSCRIPT: Mayorga and Ouma going at it!

By G. Leon


THE TRANSCRIPT: Mayorga and Ouma going at it!

GL: It's been a while since we heard from you Ricardo, how is everything?

Ricardo Mayorga: "I've been good, I'm starting to train and I'm starting to work on my game plan with Castillejo."

Kassim Ouma coming in from out of nowhere: "What's up how are you?"

GL: After the loss to Trinidad you announced your retirement, what led to you changing your mind to come back?

Ricardo Mayorga: "After thinking things over, every great champion has a mark on their career, that's not going to stop me so I'll be on top again."

GL: Are you confident that you'll be stronger at 154 than you were at middleweight?

Ricardo Mayorga: "That's my weight. That's where I feel I'm going to be strongest at and that's where I'm going to become champion again."

GL: De La Hoya fought Castillejo in his first fight at 154 and the fight went the full twelve rounds, do you plan on knocking Castillejo out?

Ricardo Mayorga: "Of course I do. And after Castillejo I want De La Hoya and Vargas. That's my hitlist right now."

GL: What did you think of Vargas comeback fight?

Ricardo Mayorga: "I think he showed a lot of effects from the layoff. I think he's still hurt from the surgery, but I want him to get in the rignt with me."

GL: The best junior middleweight champion Kassim Ouma, is here to the right of me, how do you feel about fighting Ouma after you take care of business against Castillejo?

Kassim Ouma: "Tell him I'll knock him out."

Ricardo Mayorga: "Come try it right now."

Kassim Ouma: "Not right here Mayorga, not right here. At the Orleans when you beat Vernon Forrest I was there and I asked you for the fight. You were a welterweight, but now you're my weight right. And if you step in the ring with me I'll knock you out."

Ricardo Mayorga: "I'm not used to fighting mediocre guys like this one, I want to fight the real champions, the ones that are going to pay me a lot of money. After I finish with Castillejo and possibly De La Hoya I'm going to start picking up titles left and right."

Kassim Ouma: "After I knock you out I'm going to take your girlfriend."

Ricardo Mayorga: "Bitch get over here."

Mayorga's attorney: "Relax"

Zab Judah to Kassim: "Chill that's my boy."

Kassim Ouma: "We're boys too. You're cool with me. I'm just going to wait till I get you in the ring, then I'll be mad at you."

Ricardo Mayorga: "He's nobody, he's talking because he just wants a piece of the action. I want to become the WBC champion and then possibly go after De La Hoya. If he's going to come after my girlfriend, I'm going to have his mother first."

(Mayorga leaves)

GL: so what's popping Kassim?

Kassim Ouma: "What's really popping is this homeboy like Mayorga over here talking shit when he's nothing. He got beat by a small guy that my brother knocked out. I'm right here and I'm the champion of the world. This African boy is here and he's hungry. Mayorga is good, I'm right here. Bring Mayorga to me and I'll knock him out."

GL: What about Vargas?

Kassim Ouma: "He's my boy, but I'll knock him out too. I'll hit him in the belly like De La Hoya and knock him out cold. I'm here a long way from home and I'm here to fight.


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