T.N.T. Chat Trascript: Hasim Rahman

Original Chat Session on February 22, 2005


T.N.T. Chat Trascript: Hasim Rahman

"James Toney's mouth is like the radio...it's always on."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Hasim Rahman to tonight's TNT chat session

nardfan: Hasim,PLEASE rid the boxing world of this over hyped dude.Train hard.

nardfan: No question just had to get that off my chest

nebor: Hasim man wats up thanks for poppin up,  When you go to training for the fight, and is the fight signed yet?

HASIM_RAHMAN: Well everything aint 100%, I expect to be done this week

HASIM_RAHMAN: I'm hoping the fight takes place April 30

J-Gon15: Hello Hasim, How do you plan on getting inside of vitali and avoiding his jab? Also will you work the body this time around? more often than other times?

HASIM_RAHMAN: Definitely I will work the body. There's going to be a lot of in and out movement and I'm going to work the jab heavy

CoryR: Hasim, do you plan to unify after you whoop Vitali?  If so, what will you do differently against Ruiz if you too were to meet again?

HASIM_RAHMAN: I would fight Ruiz this time and I definitely plan on unifying. Klitschko is probably one of the toughest guys out there but the heavyweight division will be mine.

AKay: Hasim thanks for coming by! Hasim whose your pick for Winky/Tito? and i saw a video of James Toney saying hes never met you? Is that troo or is he really a pussy cat in person and a fake on cam? Would you like him next?

HASIM_RAHMAN: Oh my goodness. I just think it's going to be a great fight. It's hard to pick they're both great fighters. I'm just a fan in that one I could see it going either way and that's the time of fight I'd pay money to see.

HASIM_RAHMAN: Anybody who knows the boxing game…knows James…knows he runs his mouth for nothing. If he says he's never been around me that's lying.

realtorchill: Rock, how much will fighting Lewis twice help you in this fight and will you train harder than ever?

HASIM_RAHMAN: I'm training harder than ever and I plan on hitting him harder than anybody.

South: What's up Rock? Are you goin in lookin for the KO, or are just goin to let things happen, do your boxin thing and if the KO happens, it happens?

HASIM_RAHMAN: I will do my boxing but I expect a KO. I plan on bringing the pressure. He can't prepare for what I'm bringing and I would be shocked if I don't get the knockout.

ZABJUDAHUNDISPUTED: Rock what round do you expect to KO the big frankenstein fag?  if you could fight anyone in the division after klitschko who would it be?  also what are your thoughts on a judah-dlh fight?

HASIM_RAHMAN: Probably in like eight or nine. I would want to get Ruiz out of the game once and for all. He wouldn't go four or five rounds with me in a rematch.

alex: hey hasim,not the biggest fan but i think ur one of the best out there,move ur head a lot ,hit the body n intimidate the crap out of klitchko tell him u gonna  eat his children lol,n dont do like danny williams  move ,move ur head,n my money is on u ,how many amtuer fights u had?

HASIM_RAHMAN: Safe bet. After I knock him out, I'm going to expect you to be a fan. I had ten amateur fights

clallave: What do you think was what let you to loose against Ruiz?

HASIM_RAHMAN: I just didn't fight. I had some issues prior to the fight and I still went through with the fight. But I just didn't fight and I was fighting just not to get knocked out and come back to fight another day.



HASIM_RAHMAN: You could get that. I'll still get Ruiz either way to show that he's not on my level, but I'd knock Toney out too.

HASIM_RAHMAN: Ruiz don't need a belt for me to fight him

nardfan: Hasim,what weight do you plan on being?What do you think of James Toney calling you garbage in his int. with Greg?Do fighters get into fghts free?

HASIM_RAHMAN: I plan on being about 230-235. James Toney's mouth is like the radio...it's always on. People give him too much credit for being a heavyweight, but I'm his huckleberry at heavyweight. We could fight in the gym with no head gear on.

HASIM_RAHMAN: And if he wants, I'll pack my crew and go to his gym in the morning.

HASIM_RAHMAN: Since it all started on Boxingtalk, only Boxingtalk will be allowed to tape it. Then y'all see a free Rahman-Toney fight.

clallave: Coming from the island of Puerto Rico myself, I find it very hard to accet the claim that Ruiz is the first PR champ. To me he is not a champion at all, and I think you can beat him. After you are done with Klistchko, would you unify with him?

HASIM_RAHMAN: I would go for all the belts and wants whoever has them. Heads I'll take the WBA, tails I'll go for the IBF. You could pick which belt it doesn't matter to me.

ToneyistheGreatest: Hasim salam alaikum.  Do you ever watch the Holyfield fight and say DAMN!?".  And does Holyfield really headbutt as much as they say he does?"

HASIM_RAHMAN: Walakium Asalam

HASIM_RAHMAN: Holyfield head butts more than that but he's more deceptive with it. He headbutts you and uses a lot of old veteran tricks. It wasn't just me. Tyson bit his ear because of it.

CoryR: Hey Rock, what did you do with the glove that put Lennox down with one shot?

HASIM_RAHMAN: I still have that and I'm hold on to that and give it to my son.

clallave: I would love to see you fight Tyson.  How realistic, in your view, is that match from ever happening?

HASIM_RAHMAN: I think it could happen. I think Tyson is coming back and we can definitely put it together. It's all up to Mike.

superhigh: Where are you training and who is traing you for this fight??

HASIM_RAHMAN: Thell Torrence I think we'll start off in Vegas and go to Big Bear of the Poconos. It depends on where the fight is at.

philly_southpaw: Which boxer are you closest friends with?

HASIM_RAHMAN: Several boxing friends. I don’t wanna slight nobody, but I'm cool with everybody.

clallave: Was it me or did I see you a little lost during your rematch against Lewis? I really thought you could have won that fight as well!

HASIM_RAHMAN: Definitely. I hit him and buckled him. I thought it was going to be a walk in the park and I was fighting to land one more big punch.

magnum: What do you think the deal is with lennox's retirement?Do you think he will fight you again if you unify?

HASIM_RAHMAN: I hope so. I think if the money is right and the people demand it enough it could happen.

HASIM_RAHMAN: I still think we have some unfinished business

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Hasim Rahman for taking time out to chat with us tonight

HASIM_RAHMAN: Be good everybody