T.N.T. Chat Transript: Antonio Tarver

Original chat session on January 19, 2006


T.N.T. Chat Transript: Antonio Tarver

"Hopkins is a bum...If I don't knock him out in five or less, I'll give my purse to charity!"

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Antonio Tarver to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

Titlebelt: Antonio, During filming of Rocky 6, did you accidently knock Stallone out?

ANTONIO_TARVER: He accidentally ran into a right hook and I felt the punch through my arm. But sly is tough as nails. He took it and got right back up.

ANTONIO_TARVER: I imagine if he would have taken boxing serious, he would have been a hell of a fighter.

boxfan: Hey Antonio.Who were some of the trainers you worked with as an amateur?

ANTONIO_TARVER: I worked with various trainers. Lou Harris from the Orlando outreach was my main trainer and he and I made it to the Olympics

chr1stl1ke: Tarver, as you may well know, For the LOVE of money is the root to all evil." I say this only cause I hear u speak of Jesus. Obviously u've been gifted in this sport of boxing. Plz stay loyal to the sport and the fans...and plz give us this tyson fight?"

ANTONIO_TARVER: Money has never ruled me, but it's important that I get what I'm worth

ANTONIO_TARVER: I've proven that I'm one of the best in the game

ANTONIO_TARVER: I have to support my family…not only for now…forever.

ANTONIO_TARVER: I've done everything to portray the sport in a positive light. I always make time for the fans and I'm a good role model.

ANTONIO_TARVER: It's not up to me about the Tyson fight. It's about Mike wanting to do it. I'm ready, willing and able, but he knows the deal.

ArturoGattiWORLDCHAMP: Antonio,First off thanks for expelling roy to the relics section of boxing,Would you consider fighting  at cruiser for the title?

ANTONIO_TARVER: I will definitely consider. I didn't expose Roy. I just beat him and proved I was a better fighter.

ANTONIO_TARVER: Roy still has the same ability, but he just can't beat me.

ANTONIO_TARVER: Maybe I have his number, but I look at myself as the better fighter.

cdog: hey Antonio big fan tampa bay. how do u feel that a fight with jeff lacy would play out and o bell .and whos the hardest hitter u ever faced

ANTONIO_TARVER: Down goes Lacy!

Juco: Antonio, your smart and articulate. You rep the sport well. You have your next HBO date lined up? If nothing comes along just go and retire that construction worker masquerading as a boxer okay?

ANTONIO_TARVER: We're looking at late April to early May.

ANTONIO_TARVER: Who is that?


ANTONIO_TARVER: If that fight ever materializes. I mean, I have bigger fish to fry. He's fought above his limitations and he's done well.

ANTONIO_TARVER: I've proven I'm better than he is. Why should I continue to look back?

ANTONIO_TARVER: I'm looking for bigger and better challenges. I won the first fight and won the second fight even easier.

ANTONIO_TARVER: He's doing all this talking now, but when I was promoting the fight he wouldn't say nothing.

MagicHands: What it do Antonio? If your goin heavyweight and I hope you do why not fight Byrd? He is a relatively small guy. I think that would make for an interesting fight, and you could snatch up a title right out of the gate. What do you think?

ANTONIO_TARVER: I give Chris Byrd a lot of credit. He's proven that he could take a major punch. He's been on top for three years and I don't think it would be easy to snatch his title.

ANTONIO_TARVER: Do I think I could beat him? Yes I do. I just don't know what HBO is willing to pay for that.

ANTONIO_TARVER: I took all the hard fights on the way. Now I want the biggest fights out there. I'm a PPV fighter and I'm looking for PPV fights.

CoryR: Seriously, when are you going to fight someone who isn't well over 33 years old?  Now Tyson?  Come on dude...the REAL people's champ would step up and give Lacy his shot...just like Roy gave you your shot.  And that wasn't the best RJJ in 5 years

ANTONIO_TARVER: I don't remember Roy giving me any damn thing. I took everything I got. Lacy's going to get his turn if he gets by Calzaghe and I'm going to give him exactly what he's wishing for.

Fighting_Irish: Why do you think you deserve 50-50 money terms against Tyson, everyone knows he is the draw, and were do you think you stand with the all time great light-heavies like Moore, Foster etc? Thanks James from Dublin

ANTONIO_TARVER: How I would do against the greats is arguable. You'll never know who would have won. I'm definitely head and shoulders above what's out there today. I deserve that money with Tyson because I'm the one who put it together and without Antonio Tarver, he has no big money options like this one against someone jumping up two divisions.

ANTONIO_TARVER: I'm the one who brought the fight to the table and they're not trying to give him opportunities at heavyweight.

ANTONIO_TARVER: I'm giving him the chance to make money and help himself.

ANTONIO_TARVER: If it's good for Roy Jones, it's good for me.

babydee: Antonio, I've been waiting 2 years for my autograph glove.  What's up?  Doesn't look like you and Tyson will get it on, so who might be next?  I stepped away for a minute, you probably answered already.

ANTONIO_TARVER: Right now HBO has submitted some names. My manager and promoter are looking at them and the one that makes the most sense is the one we're going to go with.

ANTONIO_TARVER: I'm out to prove that I'm the best fighter in the world pound for pound. All they have to do is line them up and I'll knock em down.

ANTONIO_TARVER: Hopkins is a bum! I just wanted to get that off my chest. He tells the world that he wants to do something that Ray Robinson never did, but then he chases Roy.

ANTONIO_TARVER: He's a bum, a farce! And then he gets on ESPN Hollywood bringing me up, but everybody on Boxingtalk knows he's running from me.

ANTONIO_TARVER: Tell Bernard to tell HBO he's ready to fight somebody with a pulse and I'm sure they'll back him.

ANTONIO_TARVER: And guess what?

ANTONIO_TARVER: If I don't knock him out in five or less, I'll give my purse to charity!

ANTONIO_TARVER: Perhaps the Bernard Hopkins dental fund.

ANTONIO_TARVER: Bernard Hopkins has one option: fight me or just retire. Ain't nobody interested in seeing him with anyone else.

ANTONIO_TARVER: He talks about he got one wish…that he could fight Antonio Tarver. But then he contradicted himself after he made that statement.

ANTONIO_TARVER: Knowing his silly ass, he might even come in thinking he could get 50-50

nardfan: Sup Antonio,how many more fights do you plan on having before retiring?Do you wish to train or stay around the sport?Hopkins stay in shape year round,do you?

ANTONIO_TARVER: As long as I continue to stay at the top of my game, I'll be here. As far as I'm concerned, things are just starting to get good

ANTONIO_TARVER: I ain't even thinking retirement.

ANTONIO_TARVER: I can dominate for many, many years to come

ANTONIO_TARVER: I'm not going to make no silly promises to my mama that I can't keep!


MagicHands: Antonio any thoughts on commentating when your done fighting?

ANTONIO_TARVER: I might commentate while I'm boxing. I hear there's some availability over at HBO.

Titlebelt: Antonio, Can I have your prediction on these 3 bouts? Lacy/Calzaghe, Bell/Cunningham, and Rahman/Toney?

ANTONIO_TARVER: My heart is with Lacy. My heart is with Toney. I've never seen Cunningham, may the best man win.

CoryR: Does your son fight?

CoryR: will you let him?

ANTONIO_TARVER: No. I don't play that

ANTONIO_TARVER: This sport is tough and I wouldn't want none of my loved ones to do what I do.

MagicHands: Hows the movie goin?

ANTONIO_TARVER: The movie is done. I finished my part. I think Sly and them are in Philadelphia and we're going to be bringing it to you Thanksgiving weekend.

thehype: Have you ever thought about confronting Bernard Hopkins on the phone and putting the audio out on Boxingtalk

thehype: wooooooooooooooooooo

ANTONIO_TARVER: I don't have to confront him. The whole world knows where I stand. If he really wants to make a fight, we could have been at it. He doesn't want to fight. He wants to steal. He calls Roy when he should have called me and he would've had a date right now.

ANTONIO_TARVER: But that's the kitchen he wants no part of.

MagicHands: Antonio Big Derek with the bling bling says What up

ANTONIO_TARVER: What's happening

CoryR: does Mason Dixon beat Rocky?

ANTONIO_TARVER: That remains to be seen. You know sly isn't going to leak the ending out there. We taped it all different ways with different scenarios. Sometimes he won, sometimes I won, sometimes we both knocked each other out.

ANTONIO_TARVER: You'll have to wait to Thanksgiving to figure it out!

thehype: if it's about money and taking care of the family, wouldn't 40% of a Tyson fight be more than fighting anyone else

ANTONIO_TARVER: It's not just about the money, it's about principles as well.

ANTONIO_TARVER: You tell me what big money options he has.

thehype: James Toney…Roy Jones Jr. perhaps.

ANTONIO_TARVER: If he wants to fight, he knows who to call.

thehype: 60-40 against Tyson is more than you'll get for fighting anyone...no?

ANTONIO_TARVER: I might be doing myself a disservice by continuing with this. With or without Mike, I'm going to be a PPV star. Will he?

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Antonio Tarver for taking time out to chat with us tonight