T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Wayne Braithwaite

Original Chat Session on February 10, 2005


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Wayne Braithwaite

"I am going to make the cruiserweight division exciting and after I am done, I am going to go beat up on some of the heavyweights."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcom Wayne Braithwaite to tonight's T.N.T. chat session


WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I'm ready when you guys are

Praise_Him: Wayne........thanx 4 comin' out brother........is this fight really gonna come off or will it be postponed........if Jean doesn't fight...will you take on anyone else.....say Steve Cunningham?...or will turn down that fight again?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: It wouldnt really matter who, I am ready to fight anyone in the top ten

attyg3: I'm curious why you havent taken any tuneups since there has been so many postponements, just to stay sharp? Who are some of the other guys u look to fight in the future

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I havent taken any tune ups because it is a tournament and you have to wait. I would like to fight anybody…anybody in the top ten. Any top cruiserweight

awesomeald: if you can chang one thing in boxing what would it be? and why do the promoters get all the money and stuff when they aint doing nothing.

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: It is very hard to say what I would do. I don’t think it would matter because once they change something they would come up with different rules. It should probably make it safer, with better insurance and things like that

uno: are we going to see you as a main event

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Yes I am the main event

CHELOGLOVES: what  you think about the whole cruiserweight divisin and after you finish with every one there are you going to go and knock out some heavy weights and one other thing what time in the gym tomorrow ?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I am going to make the cruiserweight division exciting and after I am done, I am going to go beat up on some of the heavyweights. 2pm

cory_r: yo Braithwaite, let's get to the real question.  When are you gonna stop ducking Virgil Quicksilver" Hill?  You gotta pay your dues by giving Living Legends shots no matter if they deserve them or not.  When are you moving up to make some real cash?"

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Who is ducking Virgil Hill?


WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: They never offered me Virgil Hill to fight, so I don’t know who you are talking about


WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: The fight was never offered, I'm not afraid of anybody

nardfan: What up Big Truck?Will you ever move up to heavyweight?Who have you been sparring with in preperation for this fight?Good Luck and Thanks!

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I sparred one day with Monte Barrett, and I havn’t done much sparring yet

J-Gon15: Whats happening Big Truck? They have changed the date on this Mormeck Fight more than people change underwear. Is April 2nd definate now? Also have Hype foward you the article I wrote on the Cruiserweight Division. I'LL see ya at the cleaners on Pitkin Ave

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Yeah 4-2-05 was definite, he was scared, I think he kept putting it off so that he can get bretter prepared. But it doesnt matter because he is stil going to get his ass whooped by me. so it doesnt matter

BIGTRUCKRUNSOVERMORMECK: Wayne, big fan here, is there anyway I can get your early fights on tape cause i really want to see them?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I dont have any tapes of my early fights, just the more recent one

cory_r: Do you really think you could beat Virgil in a 12 round fight?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I will knock out Virgil Hill in less than twelve rounds, If he fights me he

Praise_Him: Wayne I heard Jean doesn't have the greatest work ethic.....Steve Cunningham was doggin him out in Africa during sparring......I heard u've seen Steve in the gym and were asking who he was…is he any good?

Praise_Him: lol

Praise_Him: to you?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I think he is good, I just dont think he is up to my status. But I think he is a good young up and comign fighter. I also think he should wait his turn, because when you hurry you can get hurt

CHELOGLOVES: wayne if this cat see what you do to the big boys in the gym he will change hes mine

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Yes Chelo they will change their mind

Praise_Him: Steve Cunningham is taking over the cruiser weights.....GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER!

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Praise_Him, if he was the best he woudl have a title.

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: He is not the best Crusierweight

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: You cant be the best and fight on a lot of undercards

AKay: yo Wayne J-Lo or Beyonce?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I prefer both J-Lo and Beyonce

cory_r: Yo Wayne, how about Jirov as your first Heavyweight match?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: After I become the undisputed champion at cruiserweight

nardfan: Big Truck who are your favorite fighters to watch and why?Do you think being inactive so long will affect you? Why dont fighters ever admit they just lost? Did you watch Dale Brown fight Friday night?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I like watching Mayorga, because he is an exiciting fighter. I like watching Zab Judah, De La Hoya and Shane Mosley. I never stop training so it shouldn’t affect me, also....... No I didn’t know who fought

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Dale Brown is my Son!!!

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I beat Dale Brown like a baby

awesomeald: my b-day is 4-6 wayne you going to get me k.o in teh first for my present >

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: awesomeald, why not. I'll try to do that for you

todaline: Hey Wayne, do you really think you can kiss my boy Jean-Marc's behind? Or is it juste plain talk. To tell the truth I don't know who to pick, my heart says mormeck. Good luck anyway.

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Kiss my ass, you are Mormeck or both bithces. bet you more on Jean and I will whoop both of your ass together

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Wayne Braithwaite for taking time out to chat with us tonight

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Thanks for having me

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I will be back in 15 minutes to answer more questions


WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: VIRGIL<<< whenever you are ready we can do this. You had two shots at Mormeck and didn’t do anything so you definitely can't beat me

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I'll be back to answer more questions so get them ready

awesomeald: wayne whats the best site out there !?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: BOXINGTALK.com  is the Best! BRB in 15 minutes

(…15 minutes later)

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome back Wayne Braithwaite to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Let's go I am ready to do this

todaline: hey wayne we got a bet going on mormeck in 9


Praise_Him: Wayne how's your credit brother

Praise_Him: my wife fixes credit lol

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: My Credit is good

BIGTRUCKRUNSOVERMORMECK: Wayne whats your favorite fight of all time to watch?  by the way im gonna win 100 from todaline for betting on you to KO mormeck

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I don’t really know. My favorite fight is of me knocking out my opponent for the world title. You got the bet right

realtorchill: Who is your current promoter?


todaline: hey wayne how was it to fight vincenzo? those italiani are quite difficult to deal with (i'm talking about the public, not the fighter)wayne swing hard and try to ko mormeck so he can counter. i need to make my 100.

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I was treated real nice in Italy. no one showed me any bad face until I knocked him out and they started throwing things in the ring. That was the highlight of my life other than my daughter being born. Mormeck doesn’t know how to counter, I am a better fighter than Mormeck by far

J-Gon15: The Crusierweight Division has been known for great champions, Evander Holyfield, Dwight Quai, Juan Carlos Gomez and James Toney. What do you feel you need to accomplish now, in order to be canonized into such exclusive company? Is MSG an option as a venue

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I need to do what i have to do and unify the cruiserweight the division. If I unify I will be the first to do so, so once I do that I will be right there with them. James Toney wasn’t really no great cruiser, the only person he fought was Jirov....

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I hope the fight would be at MSG so I can KO Mormeck in my hometown

realtorchill: How many times to do expect to fight this year?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I expect to fight three times...if I can four.

AKay: Wayne if you could have any car in the world what would we see you driving in? What other hobbies you have besides knocking people out? Do you ever have dreams of boning an
R&B chick?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I am not really the car type, but I would like to get a Bentley. I play Basketball, play cards and listen to music and big booty girls

thehype: onion booties


WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Akay, everybody has dreams of boning an R&B chick

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: LOL at onion booties

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I like apple Bottoms

CHELOGLOVES: stick to boxing wayne we in training

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Chelo I will, I am just having a little fun

J-Gon15: Are u from Brownsville? And are you a natural lefty?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I am not a natural lefty and I fight both ways, I am not from Brownsville, I am from Guyana and I live in BK

cory_r: Yo Wayne, How Bout That VIRGIL HILL FIGHT???????

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I will fight Virgil Hill tell him to come

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Wayne Braithwaite for taking time out to chat with us tonight

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Thanks for coming out tonight, I appreciate all of my fans support

AKay: Wayne be safe and good luck


WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Thanks to all of you, I appreciate the conversation we had and I will definitely be back again soon!