T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Vassiliy Jirov


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Vassiliy Jirov

Original Chat Session on October 14, 2004

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Vasilliy Jirov to tonight's chat session

gilmoredog: what happened at the post fight press conference for toney booker

VASSILIY_JIROV: Nothing happened. I came there to show my face and he started freaking out like he always does. That was it.

VASSILIY_JIROV: I was there to try to make a fight but he wasn't ready for it.

AKay: hey Vassily i was wondering if you would fight Tarver and if maybe you have the perfect style to beat him since you did in the olympics?

VASSILIY_JIROV: He knows I do and that's why he doesn't want to fight me. He knows I was better stronger and more powerful. He knows I'm not good fight for him. He's on top of the world and he wants to stay there so I'm the wrong fight for him.

TonyMontana: Not to mention you beat him with a broken hand

VASSILIY_JIROV: That's right, I broke my hand in the first Olympic fight.

kinggrump: Jirov, huge fan bro, been watchin you since you shitted on Letterlough. I just wanted to ask how you think a fight with you and Tyson would go down, and if heavyweights really hit that much harder than cruisers?

VASSILIY_JIROV: Not really. I've been sparring with both heavyweight and cruiserweight. The power is basically the same. But of course the bigger guys punch harder. It's not about how you take punches it's about how you dont' take them. it's  about slipping punches and

VASSILIY_JIROV: giving them back. I would love to fight Tyson and it would be a nice good fight to bring him to Moscow. That would be a huge show.

VASSILIY_JIROV: I would still love to fight him and it would be a nice fight.

spinksjinx: Vassily whats happening.Knowing you are a rugged fighter, how does it feel to put an end to a mans career and Michael says this fight with you is for the number 2 ibf spot...Isnt this really a tune up for you to get back on the trail and beat the hw bums

VASSILIY_JIROV: Why would call him a bum? I have no idea why you would say that. He
spinksjinx: Im not calling anyone a bum just the heavyweight division in general...

VASSILIY_JIROV: He's been a great champion. Joe Mesi, the last I heard he still wants to fight so he's capable to fight if he wants.

KYLE_THEEE_SPINKS_FAN: hey why dont you drop down to cruiser?  Thats were you were most effective and I still think you could beat all the cruisers right now.  I like you as a fighter and I wish you luck in your career.    Oh yea just for kicks what you think about C Spinks?  ha

VASSILIY_JIROV: I have to do my thing in the ring, I'm need to perform and the more I perform the better I am, but I will be going there to do my thing. Anybody who goes in the ring is a fighter, not a bum. I would like to ask you if you've ever been in the ring?

VASSILIY_JIROV: There's nothing there for me. I'm looking for big fights and at cruiserweight there's one big name, Don King and if you're not with him there's nothing to do. I like Don King but I don't want to work with him.

VASSILIY_JIROV: There's nothing good for me at cruiserweight, no big money at all.

MICHAEL_MOORER: im telling you now i will be 223 for the fight so you beter be ready

MICHAEL_MOORER: and if you think im a bum your way wrong

VASSILIY_JIROV: Bring your all baby!


nardfan: vassily how do you think it would play out with you and some of the bigger hw.you have a ton of heart.THANKS

VASSILIY_JIROV: I spar Klitschko before so I know what it is, I know I can do it.


VASSILIY_JIROV: I sparred both Klitschko's so I do know what it is to be in there.

TonyMontana: Huge Fan Tiger........Two Questions.....Do you watch alot of boxing? If so who are your favorites. (should they win)? and two, how does a fan go about getting a pair of signed boxing gloves from the Tiger Vassiliy Jirov?

VASSILIY_JIROV: I don't want too much but I watch the best. I like a lot of the old fighters like Muhammad Ali, Marciano, Sugar Ray Robinson. Robinson was the best.

VASSILIY_JIROV: My website will be up soon, stay with KGB for updates on it.



Brian_from_Alaska: just got here, I want you to tell everyone in this chat room why you feel you will beat the heavyweights out there now.   What would you say you have over them.   Please name names and pull no punches

VASSILIY_JIROV: What I have is a brain, heart and a body. And they all work together. I also have goals and I know how to reach them. Nothing is impossible and I know I can do whatever I want.

VASSILIY_JIROV: I want to fight the best of the best, you know the names.

MICHAEL_MOORER: wow....i cant wait untill dec 9th

VASSILIY_JIROV: Me too Michael.

Boxing_Seer: How come you and Darius Michealzweski never fought ? How do you think a fight between you two would fair

VASSILIY_JIROV: It's a political game. That's the best way to answer that. I would love to fight everybody, but sometimes you can't.

Method: Champ, congratulations on all your ring successes.  If given the opportunity, how would you fight James Toney differently.  In my humble opinion, I thought the only crticism is that while you had an amazing work rate that night, you kind of just kept your

Method: head down and punched (almost like a Rock 'em Sock'em robot).  that kind of leaves you not only open to being sytematically countered, but also , with your head down working away, tends to leave you suceptible to being caught with shit you don't even see.

Method: I thought the Toney Fight was a draw at worst, but when I heard the scores being read, I was convinced that if anyone won it that wide, it had to have been your work rate.  What are YOUR critiques of the fight, and what, if anything, do you do differently.

Method: Do you think you left a little bit of yourself in the ring that night as a result of that grueling performance.

VASSILIY_JIROV: I would box him more and I make sure there's different judges. I know I won the fight, but I would make him look bad in the rematch. I would punch him a lot harder at heavyweight too and he knows that. That's why he won't fight me.

TheChampIsHere: In the United States it seems like the olympics are a sping board for the pros and just a selling point to promoters. Other countries seem to produce better amateurs and have more success because a gold medal for there country is there ultimate goal. Would

TheChampIsHere: yo agree with that assessment and tell us what your mind set was like as an amatuer??

VASSILIY_JIROV: I agree with you. When you want to be the champion of the world that's what you have to be, you need to make your move. But what you said is right. My mindset as an amateur was the same as it is now, to be the best in the world.

VASSILIY_JIROV: It doesn't matter amateur or pro, I always wanted to be the best.

TheChampIsHere: but was your goal to be champion of the world or win a gold medal??

VASSILIY_JIROV: As an amateur to win the gold medal, as a pro to win the world title. HELLO?

mateball: Will you fight Tarver at light heavy?

VASSILIY_JIROV: If I fight him it would be at heavyweight. I will not go down in weight, I will stay where I am. If he wants to fight I'm waiting for him at heavyweight.

artica: Vassily, get it on with James toney again? Also, do you lift weights?

VASSILIY_JIROV: I do lift weights, but not like a body builder. I lift them like a boxer, there's special movements and all movements in a boxer way. Of course I want to fight James Toney again.

Dis-James_Toney_Bitch: Visily, How do you think you would do against wlad or Vitali?

VASSILIY_JIROV: I would do wonderful.

Gerald_Nobles: Jirov we've all heard about your crazy training

Gerald_Nobles: what's the craziest shit you've ever done in camp?

Gerald_Nobles: wrestled any animals?

VASSILIY_JIROV: You have to come to my training camp and see for yourself.  We'll help you lose those things on your chest. Too much meat in your diet.

Gerald_Nobles: what my man tits?

Gerald_Nobles: that's cuz of all the muffins I eat

VASSILIY_JIROV: Too much meat in your diet.

VASSILIY_JIROV: three more questions.

byrdman: vasily are you ever going to change you tiger trunks, those things look like shit, your style is somewhat similar to frazier's in your body attack, sluggers like joe frazier had  green deep heavy trunks, change your trunks man

VASSILIY_JIROV: No I  will never change my trunks. I will always be the Tiger until someone gives me something better. I'm still waiting for someone to come up with a better idea for me.

mateball: Would would win between Bernard Hopkins and Antonio Tarver?

VASSILIY_JIROV: Bernard Hopkins. Because he has the bigger heart and he's the smarter fighter.

MICHAEL_MOORER: eveyone watch fox sport net on dec 9th. im going to crush jirov

VASSILIY_JIROV: Those guys on that show know nothing about boxing. But I'm going to show them when I step in the ring.

VASSILIY_JIROV: They'll know me after this next fight.

VASSILIY_JIROV: last question.

TonyMontana: Do you have a short list of fights that you are looking at? Other than Moorer?

VASSILIY_JIROV: I want to be the champ. This is my main thing. I want to fight the best and whoever I need to fight to become champ. I'm ready for everyone.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Vassiliy Jirov  for taking time out of his busy schedule