T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Sharmba Mitchell


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Sharmba Mitchell

Original Chat Session on September 23, 2004

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Sharmba Mitchell to the chat room

KEvett: Just want to say hey - and that yu never did get back with thta (juice friend)

Sharmba_Mitchell: What are you talking about?

TheChampIsHere: Cort Spinks keeps mentioning Kostya Tszyu as a possible opponent but hasnt mentioned anything about you. Do you feel he is over looking you because he is scared of you or because he thinks Kostya will beat you?? Is that a fight you would like to take after

TheChampIsHere: tszyu??

Sharmba_Mitchell: Thanks for the compliment. I'm not looking past this fight and I'm not looking that far ahead yet. That's a good question for after I beat up on Tszyu. Boxing is a dangerous sport so if you're going to be in be in it 100%

Sharmba_Mitchell: I think it's disrespectful that they do that, but hey, maybe they don't want to mention me because they don't want to fight me. Yes that's a fight I would LOVE to make so we'll see what happens after Tssyu. I'll fight anybody.

tee101: After your win over Tszyu, I would like to see you get the big money fight you deserve But we know Floyd wont dare speak your name, what's next.  Also I think you're the best Jr. Welter in the world  HANDS DOWN!

Sharmba_Mitchell: He won't speak my name because he's a little boy, so he knows better than speaking my name. I don't think anyone in the junior welterweight division should speak my name unless they're ready to call me Mr. Mitchell.

OnFire: I'm choosing you to beat Tszyu. I'm confident you won't disappoint. What is the main thing you're looking out for in Kostya Tszyu?

Sharmba_Mitchell: Probably for him to be the same. I have to train for the same Tszyu as if he was fighting regularly. You can't put anythning past anyone, this is boxing and anything can happen, so I'm going to be fully prepared for anything.

nebor: My bad,  Sharmba I got all my money on you against Zu, Who is the oen fighter from 140 that will give u major problems

Sharmba_Mitchell: There aren't any at 140. The only person who can cause me major problems is me.

awesomeald: floyd may be a lil boy but he can whoop ya, why dont boxewrs do autograph session anymore

awesomeald: hed school ya at boxing

Sharmba_Mitchell: lol

Sharmba_Mitchell: Floyd doesn't know how to say my name, so what's he going to beat up on?

Sharmba_Mitchell: I don't know why boxers don't do more signing sessions.

nebor: good luck vs. zu And im tired of people saying u have no heart brother u got heart just dust that shit off ur shoulders

Sharmba_Mitchell: I'm going to do that. If I didn't have heart, I wouldn't have stepped in the ring in the first fight. In the first fight most people still fell I was winning the fight with a bad leg, but I thank you.

Montana: If I wanted a pair of Sharmba Mitchelll signed gloves....................how'd i get em

Sharmba_Mitchell: realplaymakers.com

KEvett: (Toney is being nice) Sharmba where are you training & how many sparring partners do you have?  [Get my email from Juice!]

Sharmba_Mitchell: I'm training in LA right now and I've got about four sparring partners.

Sharmba_Mitchell: lol

Sharmba_Mitchell: I could definitely beat Booker.

Bandito: will u ever move up weights to face the big guys and whats the highest u'll ever go? and what bigger guys do u want?

Sharmba_Mitchell: I will definitely move up to 147 and 154. I don't think I could go higher than that. But if I could make heavyweight that's where I'd be right now.

TheChampIsHere: Though you have moved on to bigger things in Tszyu, do you still have an itch for Hatton?? Does it bother you at all that the fight was slightly hyped but then called off and would you give him a title shot after you beat Tszyu??

Sharmba_Mitchell: That's a good question. I have no plans for Ricky Hatton. I'm not even concerned with him. I'm ready to fight Kosta Tszyu and after that I'm moving on to bigger and better things.

Method: Sharmba, how do you see a fight with Cotto playing out?  What kind of fight plan would you employ right now if you were to fight him?  Who are your current favorite fighters to watch? And do you prefer Pussy shaved or do you like a landing strip?

Sharmba_Mitchell: I never really sat and watched him fight,. He's a good little fighter, but I think he needs some more fights to be mentioned with guys like myself and the other top guns. I love watching Bernard. I think he's a masterful fighter.

Sharmba_Mitchell: I like watching James Toney because he has some of the best old school moves.

OnFire: Do you ever take your belt off the mantle and throw it on your shoulders? I know I would.

Sharmba_Mitchell: Sometimes I do. lol

tee101: I'm from Baltimore, and I was wondering where did u start, did u start in P.G. or in D.C. and if so what gym did u start at I'm a young kid trying to get into boxing and also what do u think of that clown Hatton?  Dude couldnt touch u wit a 10ft pole

Sharmba_Mitchell: I'm from DC and I've never lived in Baltimore. I started at the Round One Boxing club at the age of 8. I think you're right, he can't touch me.

Sharmba_Mitchell: He is a clown, you're right.

spice718: sharmba, whats your favorite color and do you like coke or pepsi better?

Sharmba_Mitchell: Blue. I don't drink soda's.

Sharmba_Mitchell: two more questions.

Montana: Would you have ANY title defenses at 140 or would you move directly to 147?.....

Sharmba_Mitchell: I'm going right to welterweight after Tszyu. I can't stand the weight anymore. Unless Mayweather or Gatti step up there's nobody there for me to fight.

OnFire: what's your favorite boxing exercise (hvybg, spdbag, jump rope,etc) ?

Sharmba_Mitchell: I love to jump rope.

Method: Sharmba, what is your opinion on 15 round fights.  For DECADES, boxing was predivcated on 15rounds, and earlier, unlimited rounds.  Why was it able to go on so long with little ill effect, then suddenly, someone rules it too dangerous?  Are there fighters

Sharmba_Mitchell: I think they should bring 15 rounds back. I think I'm one of them who can go 15. I love twelve but I'm all about taking guys to the deep water and drowning them so 15 rounds is right up my alley.

TheChampIsHere: Will you take another question Sharmba??

Sharmba_Mitchell: Sure.

KEvett: Hold old are you sweetie

Sharmba_Mitchell: 24

Sharmba_Mitchell: lol

Sharmba_Mitchell: 34

TheChampIsHere: are you still interested in a fight with Judah?? if a win guaranteed a shot at Spinks would you do it??

Sharmba_Mitchell: lol, lol, lol. Judah is not even worth mentioning. I think that's one of the fights I want before I retire. I really want to beat this guy.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Sharmba Mitchell for taking time out to speak with us

Sharmba_Mitchell: Thanks for having me Boxingtalk, Be Good. Tune in November 6!