T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Shannon Briggs

Original chat session on June 13. 2006


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Shannon Briggs

"James Toney reminds me of that fat cousin at the family reunion that no one pays attention to."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Shannon Briggs to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

lacyfan716: Wassup shannon what do you think about fighting baby joe mesi if you beat him and he's rusty you could really have a coming back party?

Shannon_Briggs: If he continues to win and TV doesn't mind puttng him on, then let's do it. I want him to have a couple more wins because I dont' want to be held responsible when I decapitate him.

german_hitman: shannon briggs.. i would first like to say congrats on a successful comeback thus far. I would like to ask you if you think that you can beat Wladimir Klitschko (yes or no please) and if so how many rounds would this take?

Shannon_Briggs: It would take me no more than 3-4 rounds and hopefully that fight will materialze and it will happen at the Garden in NY. His head will be on a platter afterwards.

fausto: shannon, when you gonna step it up and knock some heads off? you a big dude...i fully expect you to dominate these smaller foes.

Shannon_Briggs: I'm working hard at it my man. I want people to know that a lot of people are turning me down. The guys I have fought, I'm having to pay out of pocket. They want big money. I've paid at least $20,000 for my opponents to fight me.

Shannon_Briggs: I would send Sam Peter's ass back to Africa

ko_victim: shannon are you still trying to promote?

Shannon_Briggs: I'm still trying to promote. I'm looking for new talent and we are looking at keeping our guys busy.

knockout: shannon- What do you think of Jeff Mayweather as a trainer? And Whos the best heavyweight out there other than yourself?

Shannon_Briggs: Jeff is an excellent trainer. He is one of the most underrated Mayweathesr. He's really respectable and a decent man.

Shannon_Briggs: Jeff spends time at my house and with my family. I should be working with him for the rest of my career.

PrimeTime: Shannon, why is the division so weak right now?

Shannon_Briggs: I don't think it is weak. You got Valuev, Klitschko, Rahman, Lyakhovich...all who are good talent.

Shannon_Briggs: I rank Valuev, Klitschko and Rahman as one of the best. Rahman is an enourmous puncher.

Shannon_Briggs: Say what yhou want. These are tough guys.

freeworld: who do you wanna fight?.and would you fight W. klitchko or james toney or valeuv??

Shannon_Briggs: I want Klitschko next. My manager has been speaking with Don King. My next fight will either be Valuev or Klitschko.

Shannon_Briggs: I should have an answer by next Monday.

traemobbg: shannon when you work out do you do sit-ups or crunches. and how many and how many sets.thanks and god bless.

Shannon_Briggs: I don't work out that hard. I just do them until they hurt. I'm a talented man. I work out on my punching as hard as I can. People don't want to see a heavyweight box around the ring. The bottom line is I'm looking to decapitate my opponent.

Shannon_Briggs: I'm looking to always knock out my opponent.

Titlebelt: Shannon, What are your thoughts on Toney turning down 1.5 million for a titleshot, and would you travel to Germany, and face Klitschko for 1.5 million?

Shannon_Briggs: Yes I would. I would travel to Kalamazoo and fight a dinosaur for 1.5

Shannon_Briggs: I don' t think Toney was worth that money.

Shannon_Briggs: They don't want to see a 4'11" heavyweight against a 6'6" champion

Shannon_Briggs: James Toney reminds me of that fat cousin at the family reunion that no one pays attention to.

Boxing101: Mr. Briggs, whos your choice to win on Saturday evening between Taylor and Wright?

Shannon_Briggs: That's a tough one. Whoever i pick, go with the opposite guy. I always lose my bets

Shannon_Briggs: I will take Taylor though.

Shannon_Briggs: it's a pick em fight.

Shannon_Briggs: I think Winky may be distracted from being in Hip-Hop videos

Shannon_Briggs: I love him as a fighter though

jmspb: valuev conquering the US, what are ur thoughts about that?

Shannon_Briggs: It depends on who he fights. If he fights me, he won't be conquering nothing.

Shannon_Briggs: Valuev can bring back some needed fans though, and I'm excited about him.

Shannon_Briggs: He's a big guy that people can pay attention to.

hitman_hatton1: who hit harder?? foreman or lewis?? what about rematching jameel mccline?? he nearly shut u out on points last time around didn't he lol

Shannon_Briggs: Foreman hits harder. Lewis was stronger in the clinch.

Shannon_Briggs: : I was better in shape with Lewis. If McCline wins his next fight then I would love a rematch with him

glassjoe: briggs how to you feel about samuel peter?

Shannon_Briggs: As a person, Sam is a nice guy, but in the ring it's a different story. He's crude, basic, and a clubber.


Shannon_Briggs: Naqvu, I love watching PBF and those Peterson brothers.

Shannon_Briggs: I like Antonio Margarito. I love watching ShoBox: The Next Generation.

Shannon_Briggs: I like Andre Ward a lot too. Foreman has to be the hardest puncher I ever faced.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Shannon Briggs for taking time out to chat with us tonight

Shannon_Briggs: Thanks BoxingTalk...see you soon

Shannon_Briggs: Everybody check out ShannonBriggs.com. PEACE