T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Shane Mosley


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Shane Mosley

Original Chat Session on August 31, 2004

thehype: sup Shane

thehype: you ready to do this

ejy2@comcast.net: Shane, you were in great shape for Oscar but looked physically flat for Winky.  Can you explain why there was such a visable difference in your musculature in those fights?

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: First of all, I stay in shape all the time. I don't drink or smoke. I was flat because I was feeling deydrated, I wasn't myself. Most athlete's have off night's in boxing, there's no sick leave

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: I had to fight, couldn't sub anyone in

Koji_Hawaii: Hey shane its a real pleasure to be talking to you.  I did a little amateur boxing about a year ago and i was wondering what specifcally made you want to start and does your kids have any interest in walking in your footsteps??

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: My mother actually got me started getting me into it because I was an overactive child. They wanted to get me out of the house so they sent me to the gym.

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: My little boys look interested and my three year old walks around wanting to box everyone.

Brian_from_Alaska: What up Shane, many people, myself included,  think that this rematch will have the same result as the 1st one if you fight the same fight.  If Winky fights the same fight as last time, what will you do differently to offset his defense and get to his body.

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: I can't give my secrets away to Boxingtalk, lol. If anyone knows me, they can tell you that wasn't me in the ring. It had nothing to do with anything else other than the fact that I had a off night

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: The outcome will be different, I was at my worst and he couldn't hurt me

Brian_from_Alaska: thanks champ, you got a lot of fans up here in Alaska hoping you;ll get your revenge

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: Thank you.

superhigh: Sugar Shane What size gloves do you use when you work out on the bags...training or fight gloves..?.and what is your weight before you enter camp...your a great champ cant wait to see you in action in november man!

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: Thanks for the compliment, my weight varies, for this fight I'm walking around about 165. Every fight has been different though. 16 ounces

OnFire: Shane, How can a professional fighter and champion as yourself not know the importance of hydrating before, during and after the fight?  Can you admit Winky Wright was the better man that night and not that you were not yourself?

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: Are you aware that Las Vegas is a desert? Nothing is 100% every single night. Winky is a great fighter and one of the best out there. I'm glad he had the chance to show his skills

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: I'm not trying to take nothing away from him, but why should I lie about how I was feeling.

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: After the rematch you compare the tapes and then talk to me.

Superman: I thought the chats started at 8

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: My schedule is crazy so we had to do it earlier, or not at all.

prince: for all athletes out here, tell us about your workout regimen

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: Since I've gotten with Joe Goossen there's been a lot of new things we've been working on, I  don't want to give away too many secrets, but it's alot of conditioning work, reps and hard work

zabjudah187onkostya@most-wanted.: Hye Shane, after you beat winky in the rematch who will you look to fight next?

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: The winner of Trinidad and Mayorga.

#1ShaneFan: Kevin Cunningham was recently in a video interview on another website in which he stated he felt that Winky will “Beat your head in” in the rematch… Would a matchup with Spinks interest you and do you have any beef with the Spinks camp?

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: Who's Kevin Cunningham? Not sure who that is, but a fight with Cory is an option and no I don't have any beef with Cory or the Spinks team, I hardly know them

box-fan916: Whats the differnce in trainning with your new trainer compared to your dads?

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: Joe Goossen and my dad have different techniques. It's a little new to me but I was with my dad for so long, it's just different to have a new face, a new voice and new instructions

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: Boxingtalk wants all the secrets!

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: lol

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: By the way, this will be my LAST interview with anyone until my press conference. This fight is my career and my life, and I'm taking it very seriously so none of the press are going to be hearing from me after this

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: who's next?

ty: Hi Sugar Shane, you've been my favorite fighter since I saw you KO Manuel Gomez, what a wicked KO!!  I did an oil painting of you & was wondering if Goossen ever opens up the gym for the public so you could sign it for me? - Put Winky to sleep!

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: Thanks for all the support and the loyalty through everything, Joe's gym is private, but if you email me through my website and my wife will take care of it for you while I train.

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: 5 more minutes

KEvett: Hello Shane.  I think you are an honorable boxer However Winky is my boy.  I thank you for having the guts (unlike others) to finally fight such an awkward boxer.  What made you make such a decision?  We know it wasn't for the money.

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: I've always told my fans that I want to fight the best. To me it's more about the sport and the passion of the sport than the paycheck

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: If the other fighters started thinking that way, you'd be seeing a lot more great fights.

zabjudah187onkostya@most-wanted.: Shane, I think one of the greatest fights of all time would be between you and my boy Zab Judah, say spinks gives him the rematch and of course zab destroys him like I know he will, would he be a fighter you would want to fight?

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: Zab is a great fighter and back then I wish we would have gotten it on, but right now he's a little small for me.

Nebore: Shane sup,  Shane do you plan on fighting twice a year like this? And you just said you would want the winner of the tito fight but wouldnt hop make your legacey ?,  to have hopkins and de la hoya man you would be he fighter of our era.

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: I would like to fight Hopkins and I would like to fight all the great fighters. We'll see how Hopkins does in the De La Hoya fight. It's a fight that could happen if Bernard doesn't price himself out of the market

dbirmi3782@msn.com: Hey Shane,  your father is still training guys, is he waiting on a call from you to come back? You are a class act and even though your talking to Wink's trainer, I  think very much of you. I'll see you in Nov, take care, Dan Birmingham

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: No. At the time of our seperation I was under the impression that my father was getting into the music business. I was a little surprised that he started training other fighters

cool: who do feel will be a tougher fight Trinidad or Winky? If the winky fight doesn't come out the way you plan what will be your plans for the futur. will still stay in boxing?

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: It's hard to say who the tougher fight would be because Trinidad hasn't fought in a while.

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: We'll have to wait to see how he looks with Mayorga

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: The outcome with Winky will go my way, there's no if and or buts about it!

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Shane Mosley for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us

_Sugar__Shane_Mosley: Peace Boxingtalk, Thanks for having me, talk to you after my victory!