T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Sechew Powell

Original chat session on January 5, 2006


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Sechew Powell

"I want to fight the best, and I'm ready to fight whoever my promoter puts me in there with."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Sehew Powell to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

nardfan: Sechew,Happy Holidays man.Do you know who your next opponent is and where will it be held?Who do you like to watch fight now?What weight do you walk around?

SECHEW_POWELL: As far as my next opponent we don't have any solid info yet. We do know that we will be boxing Feb 3 on Shobox. Normally I walk around 165 pounds tops.

SECHEW_POWELL: I watch old fight tapes. I'm an oldie head. I like to watch guys like Whitaker, Hagler and Cuevas.

SECHEW_POWELL: I would love the chance to face the winner. I would have to go with Shane Mosley. I think he's going to to be able to carry the fight and outbox Fernando.

Titlebelt: Sechew, How many bouts would you like in 06, and how many of them will be against fighters ranked in the top 10?

SECHEW_POWELL: Hopefully four or five fights. Hopefully out of those fights at least three of them will be in the top five

SECHEW_POWELL: I want to fight the best, and I'm ready to fight whoever my promoter puts me in there with.

boxfan: Do you ever laugh at your fight with Bundrage if you watch the tape? Because that is extremely rare in my opinion.

SECHEW_POWELL: No, it's not funny. I feel more of a sense of pride to know that I was able to clobber this man to the floor, get dropped, show that his shot was a fluke and then thundering him back to floor

SECHEW_POWELL: I give myself more props for that than laughter.


Clubber_Lang: Hey Sechew thanks for hanging with us tonight.  What made you get into boxing & give us your honest prediction for 2006. Prediction for Mayweather/Judah & Rahman/Toney.  Peace, goodluck in 2006!

SECHEW_POWELL: Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys tonight. I more than appreciate it. Honestly, Mike Tyson. I wouldn't say idol, but he's a hero to a certain extent.

SECHEW_POWELL: He was doing big things and getting a lot of recognition from mainstream America coming out of Brownsville Brooklyn.

SECHEW_POWELL: Mike had the influence, he influenced me and the rest is history.

SECHEW_POWELL: I think Zab has the speed and power to beat Mayweather if anybody does.

SECHEW_POWELL: Will he do it?

SECHEW_POWELL: That's yet to be seen

SECHEW_POWELL: If I had to give someone the edge, it would have to be Zab by a little bit.

SECHEW_POWELL: I like Toney over Rahman to be honest with you.

ShakaMaad_Sports: If you dont feel Anthony Thompson deserves 50/50 please explain?? Your last fight was tight keep up the good work. Hope you guys work things out for Thompson fight

SECHEW_POWELL: Thanks brother, now we get to me on some Maad Sports. I think Thompson deserves it, but only because he's my friend.

SECHEW_POWELL: If it was going to b e according to who's done more, no he doesn't deserve it.

SECHEW_POWELL: I'm fighting on Shobox regardless, but because he's someone I like as a person, I would try to get him paid as much as possible for fighting me.

madvibes: I've seen your last couple of fights and you definitely have a fan hear. Boxing needs more exciting fighters like you who deliver action to the fans. Are you going to fight again in Connecticut anytime soon? Good luck with your career.

SECHEW_POWELL: Thanks a lot mad vibes, I appreciate that. I definitely hope to fight in CT again.

SECHEW_POWELL: My promoter loves putting on shows in CT and I love fighting there…especially for fans like you who appreciate what they're watching.

nardfan: Some people will say you have a questionable chin,what do you say to that?Good fight with the Shark.I was surprised how you handled his pressure!Who is your favorite rapper?
thehype: okay...nardfan you're up...Antonio00 on deck

SECHEW_POWELL: I respect that assumption. They could only go by what they see and they've seeen me go down twice. Boxing since eight years old, I know the amount of times I've tasted the canvas and I don't worry about that. I just keep working hard and train to dominate every fight that I'm in.

SECHEW_POWELL: I love rap so much that I could listen to everyone, I would say Killa Cam and the Dip Set movement.

Antonio00: Sechew, how is Jaidon recovering from his first loss ? How does he look in the gym ?

SECHEW_POWELL: I have not seen him in the gym working out since his fight.

SECHEW_POWELL: I think that he's taking it very well. I've seen him since and he still seems positive and I think he's going to bounce back.

Edelmiro_Martinez: who are the fighters you looked up to as a kid growing up?

SECHEW_POWELL: The fighters I looked up to were Muhammad Ali, Pernell, Hagler, Tyson.

attyg3: Sechew would you say Brewer was your toughest fight?  I actually thought he edged you out, any chance of a rematch? Is Thompson next or what?

SECHEW_POWELL: I would say he gave me the toughest fight because of my lack of preparation. He's not the best guy I've been with and he's lost since then and turned down the rematch, so I don't think we're going to fight again.

SECHEW_POWELL: We're not sure who the opponent is yet.

Elements: What's up Sechew, who do you want to call out, who you want to fight most?

SECHEW_POWELL: There's nobody in particular that I'm looking for because there's no other young fighters making noise like me in this division.

SECHEW_POWELL: I want to fight one of the big boys and I want to fight whoever the fans want to see me fight the most.

SECHEW_POWELL: And I wouldn’t mind slapping Ishe around for a little bit.

Titlebelt: Sechew, What would you like to accomplish in boxing before leaving the sport?

SECHEW_POWELL: Just to be recognized for my talents as a real fighter. I would love to become a marquee fighter coming up. The game needs fresh blood and I'm here to provide that. I just want to be remembered as one of the greater world champs out of Brooklyn

boxfan: What was your best moment as an amateur Sechew? And whats your pick for Mormeck-Bell this saturday?

SECHEW_POWELL: The greatest thing was going overseas to win the world championship, at the junior world's

ShakaMaad_Sports: At one time the New York dudes had things on lock...Speak on the current state of NYC boxing.

SECHEW_POWELL: There's a little bit of everything in there, we have world champions, prospects and contenders in NYC.

SECHEW_POWELL: Personally I'm not concerned with the progression of anyone else, but I would love to see Curttis Stevens and Luis Collazo do well. But the bottom line is I'm trying to better my game so I could be around and continue to perform for you guys.

Clubber_Lang: Sechew,What makes someone who has tallent and skill to under prepare for a fight like you did with Brewer?  Also, 1 word for what it's like to knock someone out!

SECHEW_POWELL: The same reason that you stated earlier, but when you're talented and skilled sometimes your ego blinds you from doing what's right.

SECHEW_POWELL: I knew i was better than he was and I thought I didn't have to prepare as hard as I should have

SECHEW_POWELL: It was a learning experience and I don't make the same mistakes twice en route to a championship

nardfan: Sechew,what did you think about The Contender?Who is the hardest puncher you've faced(in the ring or gym)Who would you take if Quartey and Forrest got it on?

SECHEW_POWELL: I think I' punish any of them. Sergio would be no Mora if he got in there with me. And I told you Ishe would get slapped around

SECHEW_POWELL: As for the hardest puncher I've faced as a pro, I would have to say Brewer

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Sechew Powell for taking time out to chat with us tonight

SECHEW_POWELL: Thanks for having me Boxingtalk