T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Sam Peter

Original chat session on August 28, 2006


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Sam Peter

"I believe he's not going to be slick when he slips into my punch."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Sam Peter to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

Moses1212: if you get toney out of the way, and then maskaev, which russian will you go after next?

Samuel_Peter: Klitschko!

Rogers_Mtagwa: Sam who do you consider the best out of the Heavyweight champions? who is the worst?

Samuel_Peter: Calvin Brock. If he trains, he's going to beat Klitschko.

Samuel_Peter: I made mistakes I should not have done. If he don't make mistakes like I did, he'll win.

Samuel_Peter: I don't consider none of them the best.

Samuel_Peter: I give it to Klitschko though.

JJ: Samuel why did you choose to take this fight surely you had other options

Samuel_Peter: I didn't have options. My option was to fight Toney so I could get into position to fight for the heavyweight championship of the world.

Samuel_Peter: None of those guys wanted to fight me.

tysonfan4eva: hi sam good to see you, how have u been handling Toney running of his mouth , you know he talks more than he does, and where does a victory put u after this fight? who next man ?

Samuel_Peter: He's going to have enough respect for me after the fight.

Samuel_Peter: The victory gets rid of him and makes sure I fight for the WBC title.

ArturoGattiFan: Mr Peter Iwant to first say godbless may you and james come through this fight safely.My question is do you feel james toney will be a bigger challenge than any of the other fighters you have fought?

Samuel_Peter: No, I don't think so. Thanks for wishing us well. Toney is a two-time world champion, but I can't count what he was before and right now, I don't think he's the toughest or the best so I'm going to get rid of him.

Samuel_Peter: Four rounds!

toneykoduva: Peter do you think you will be able to hit toney flush with his slick movements and fast counter punching?

Samuel_Peter: I believe he's not going to be slick when he slips into my punch.

BeReal: What makes you think you can beat Klitschko next time around? Good luck with your fight against Toney (PLEASE DESTROY HIM)

Samuel_Peter: Because I know what it takes to do that. I can't tell anybody right now, but I made mistakes last time and I won't make it again.

Titlebelt: Samuel, Great to have you here on BoxingTalk. Why do you believe you'll KO Toney in 4 rounds?

Samuel_Peter: Because I say so.

bknumber1: Thanks for coming out Peter. Me and my friends think Toney is going to beat you like Calzaghe beat Lacy but with less movement. How do you plan to get past his defense? Thanks again and God Bless!

Samuel_Peter: I know Toney can't beat me. He might beat other guys who aren't me, but on Saturday night, you will see.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Sam Peter for taking time out to chat with us tonight

Samuel_Peter: I thank you for having me on here and I want all my fans to watch me show Toney how to respect someone. He's going to respect me after Saturday night.