T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Riddick Bowe


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Riddick Bowe

Original Chat Session on September 14, 2004

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Riddick "Big Daddy" Bowe

Nebor: SUP BOWE AS MASE WOULD SAY : welcome back!!! after your 15 fights who is the champ do you see as the easiest challenge if everything is the smae

Riddick_Bowe: Probably Ruiz. I would have to say Ruiz.

Riddick_Bowe: Thanks for the welcome back

Brian_from_Alaska: gwould you fight holyfield again

Riddick_Bowe: If the money is right, absolutely. If the money ain't right tell Evander to keep it moving, because I know that would be a hard fight and I would have to get compensated accordingly.

Riddick_Bowe: A guy like Evander, if was going to fight me would train twice as hard for me. For me he would make sure he brings his best to the fight. Ruiz and Rahman don't motivate Evande like I do, everytime he fights me he's going to bring his A game.

superhigh: What is your goal and why are you comming baack.....Mike tyson is a fight for you ......what do you think

Riddick_Bowe: My goal is to be the heavyweight champion. I'm coming back because I love the sport of Boxing. I love Mike Tyson and I respect him, but business is business and if the fight can happen we can put our friendship to the side for that one.

Riddick_Bowe: They would have to show me the money for that one to happen though.

madvibes: Hey Champ, I admired your reigns as heavyweight champion.  You gave the fans some great fights.  I'll never forget your trilogy with Holyfield, I'll be telling my grandkids about those fights.  Do you regret never fighting Lewis?

Riddick_Bowe: I don't regret not fighting him, but I'm trying to get Pecan Tam to fight me now. I want him to come back for me.

koinone: riddick i see golata beating ruiz the money fight is golata you needthat monkey off your back what do you think.

Riddick_Bowe: My thing is, if Golota has a title and I got to see him for a title, we could do it. The only thing I ask for is that they check him for steroids because I know mano y mano I'm the better fighter.

TheChampIsHere: which fight do you regret not fighting more, tyson or lewis?? as a part of our boxer poll, who do you like this weekend?? good luck in your comeback!!

Riddick_Bowe: Lennox Lewis. I like Bernard Hopkins by decision over Oscar. Thanks for the best wishes.

TonyMontana: Other than yourself who do you see in the division, that has the potential to be linear champ?....Are there any boxers out there the mainstream haven't heard of that are gonna be making noise in the division, in the near future?

Riddick_Bowe: No one that I can recall at this point, but I think Klitschko has a pretty good chance.

Riddick_Bowe: None of these guys impress me.

Word: Hey bowe, who would be the hardest fight out of all the heavys i think toney

Word: Thanks bowe for coming on and i wish you the best hopefully champ by the end of next year

Riddick_Bowe: I think James Toney would be quite easy because of his size. Not to mention he beat my buddy Evander Holyfield, so I would go all out with James Toney. I don't see that fight going the distance.

Riddick_Bowe: Thank you.

Shrek: Jus came on too wish you luck and for you to take it slow

Shrek: Good luck champ

Riddick_Bowe: Thanks a lot, that's a will do.

Riddick_Bowe: The truth of the matter is, I'm not in a rush, but I'm not going to waste any time.


Riddick_Bowe: I ain't never hide from Lennox Lewis or anybody else. He took an opportunity and ran with it as opposed to fighting me. If he thought he could beat he could have taken the 75-25 split, we would have fought

Riddick_Bowe: But he wanted parity, Pecan Tam doesn't want no part of me.


Riddick_Bowe: You got that right.

Riddick_Bowe: Glad to see you know that as well.

chodeberg1: Riddick, thanks for coming to the chat.  You've talked about 15 tuneups before a title fight, what time frame are you looking at for 15 fights?  2 years?

Riddick_Bowe: Eighteen months to two years.

Riddick_Bowe: lol

koinone: riddick i see golata beating ruiz which will be your or one of your money fights.what do you think . you need to get that monkey off your back  and for the championship

Riddick_Bowe: My main goal is Lennox or the Klitschko with the belt. I don't have any monkey on my belt, but if the money is right I'll definitely fight Golota. If he had fought me fair and square then I would have a monkey on my back

nardfan: who do you wish you could have fought in youre prime

Riddick_Bowe: Lennox Lewis aka Pecan Tam, he likes his butthole slammed. I think for the most part the only two guys are Lewis and Tyson.

Riddick_Bowe: Wouldn't you agree?

nardfan: thanks good luck on youre come back

Riddick_Bowe: Thank you.

Todd: Simple question, Riddick, and apologies if it's already been asked. Who hit you the hardest as a pro?

Riddick_Bowe: Herbie Hide. He could punch with either hand.

superhigh: Pecan Tam...??explain...

Riddick_Bowe: Pecan Tam is Lennox Lewis.

Bowestheman: Bowe, would you ever fight Andrew Goloat again??  I know you can whip his butt!!!!

Riddick_Bowe: If he's off steroids, we're on a even playing field, the money is right and there's nothing bigger out there for me, then we can definitely fight.

TheChampIsHere: i didnt watch the rock newman interview on boxingtalk but i hear it is quite negative, if you heard it would you like to respond?? if you struggle at all in your first couple of fights, will you hang them up or are you expecting to struggle a tad because

TheChampIsHere: you were gona a while

Riddick_Bowe: That's to be expected, to struggle because you gotta get your swagger back. Rock Newman is a clown and everything he says needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

Riddick_Bowe: Rock is just mad because he's not on my team anymore and he's jealous that I'm with other people.

Brian_from_Alaska: obviously if you're winning your fights, it would inspire you to continue.  What would you consider to be a clear sign that maybe this comeback is not such a good idea?

Riddick_Bowe: I guess for me being the warrior I am it's tough to say. If I get knocked out or something or I come up with some health problems like Evander Holyfield, but other than that, I'm going to do what I do.

superhigh: Have you been sparring???an

Riddick_Bowe: Oh yeah I've been sparring! I feel great too. I'm sparring with this guy Ross Purity

Riddick_Bowe: he's the first guy to knock out Klitschko and it's been good work for me now.

madvibes: Who is the best looking heavyweight prospect that you most want to fight?  I think Guinn would be a great fight?  You and Moorer should give it go since that fight never happened in your primes.

Riddick_Bowe: First and foremost, I would knock Moorer out in the first round. I never heard of that Guinn guy before but once I get my swagger back I'll fight whoever



Riddick_Bowe: Because I'm bigger and I hit harder. Moorer, I would be like a bigger George Foreman in front of him.

Riddick_Bowe: Moorer has a problem with punchers, anyone who can crack gets him out of there.

Riddick_Bowe: Michael, you can't whoop me, stop it.

Riddick_Bowe: three more questions.

chodeberg1: Could you see yourself fighting Holyfield in the state that he's in if the offer is there?

Riddick_Bowe: Absolutely, there ain't no shame in my game. He can get it as well as the next man. Not to mention that would be history because it would be the first time that two heavyweights would fight for the titles four times.

Riddick_Bowe: Two prominent heavyweights. Frazier and Ali only did it three ....

Method: Big Daddy, My question is two-fold:  First, can you comment on Ollie McCall's seeming crack relapse against Lennox Lewis?  Do you think Lennox's marriage is staged to hide his homosexuality like Tom Cruise's was, or Richard Gere'?  My second question:  Who

Method: are your favorite fighters to watch BELOW heavcy, and who do you like this weekend and WHY?

Riddick_Bowe: The second part of that first question, absolutely! He's married, that's news to me, I didn't anybody would marry that gump. I don't know much about Mccall anyone can have a breakdown, maybe he had a lot of pressure on him.

Riddick_Bowe: I can't believe that cat is married.

Method: Don't shoot the messenger

Method: Who do you like this weekend?

Riddick_Bowe: I like Hopkins by decision, of the current fighters I would have to say Cory Spinks. He's a southpaw and he knows how to box for real, he's going to surprise a lot of people.

Riddick_Bowe: last question

Bowestheman: Bowe, how do you think you would do against Ike Ibeabuchi if he gets paroled next year ?? Also, Michael Moorer cannot hang with you Bowe, you would put him to sleep the first round!!!!! Also, how do you think you would do against Oliver McCall

Riddick_Bowe: I would knock Ibeabuchi out. It would be a Ron Lyle Vs. George Foreman type fight but in the end I would come out on top, Moorer knows he cannot hang with me.

Riddick_Bowe: I would thiink I would beat McCall by a late round stoppage or unanimous decision.

madvibes: bowe you should fight grant, savarese, moorer, and maskaev.

Riddick_Bowe: Those guys sound like some good guys to whoop on on my way back to the top of the mountain.

Method: Could be a marriage of convenience.  Maybe she is his Jamaican DOPE connection

Riddick_Bowe: It's a marriage of conveinance for sure.

Riddick_Bowe: And I'll tell you why, because he lacks the pole to knock the hole!



Riddick_Bowe: Tell Michael Moorer if he wants to speak to me he needs to call Jimmy Adams, then we could move past this bullshit.

Riddick_Bowe: You can call me whatever you want, just don't call me late for dinner.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Riddick Bowe for taking time out of his schedule to chat with us

Riddick_Bowe: Be good Boxingtalk, anything less would be uncivilized, you guys know I keeps it real!