T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Ricardo Mayorga

Original chat session on July 28, 2005


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Ricardo Mayorga

"If I can't fight Vargas I want De La Hoya or Shane Mosley, but if Floyd Mayweather comes up to 154 I'll knock him from Vegas to Managua!"

thehype: Boxingtalk would like welcome Ricardo Mayorga to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

nardfan: What up Ricardo?You are 1 of the craziest muthafuckas I know,I cant get enough of that shit.My question is do you ever think you'll move to the United States and what do you think of Vargas new roll the shoulder defensive style?Great effort against Tito!

RICARDO_MAYORGA: First of all, I think he's the crazy one. Vargas is nuts for mentioning I don't deserve the title shot. I've been a great champion and I don't know what you have to do to earn a title shot. As long as he takes care of his business hopefully we could meet in November.

Bryan_AKA_SUPERMAN: Good evening El Matador.  You have a wild style in the ring, always utilizing a take-no-prisoners type of attack.  With the assistance of Yoel Judah, are you working on tightening up your defense?  That would make you one hell of a threat in the ring!!!

RICARDO_MAYORGA: With the help of my trainer Luis Leon and Yoel I have sharpened up my defensive skills that will help me become a better fighter. I think you will see great results on August 13

RICARDO_MAYORGA: Vargas is crazy because he thinks he deserves a title shot after taking steroids!

jeremy_from_www.docsports.com: Ricardo, was trinidad the hardest puncher you have ever faced? And who do you prefer, Vernon Forrest or Cory Spinks in rematches?

RICARDO_MAYORGA: Vernon Forrest was a harder puncher than Trinidad. I wouldn't consider another fight with those guys because I beat Vernon twice already and I think I beat Spinks the first time.

Antonio00: Ricardo , after you fight with Trinidad you said you were going to retire , what made you change your mind and fight again ?

RICARDO_MAYORGA: More than anything I had a chat with my family. I considered retirement and I came back home after some deep thought and meditation, my mom asked me not to retire that way.

RICARDO_MAYORGA: I promised her I would win another world title before I make the decision if I was going to retire or not.

MAYORGABEATSPINKS: Ricardo huge fan here, after you get past piccirillo I know you want to fight Vargas, but if that cant happen for whatever reason who would you like to fight next?  Also would you ever fight Zab at 147 for the titles or can you get down to 147 again?

RICARDO_MAYORGA: Zab Judah is a great friend of mine and besides there's no way I could make 147 ever again. I had a big smile on my face when he knocked Spinks out.  I'm in huge debt to him because of that. If I can't fight Vargas I want De La Hoya or Shane Mosley.

RICARDO_MAYORGA: But if Floyd Mayweather comes up to 154 I'll knock him from Vegas to Managua! If he comes in at 154 with that style he got I think he would be in the line of fire for me to retire him in one night.

boxfan: Whats up Ricardo? During your training for a fight do you lift weights. And how far do you run for your roadwork? GOOD LUCK in August!!!!!!!!!

RICARDO_MAYORGA: I run about five or six miles when I'm training for a fight. I really don't lift any weights except my wife' wife's legs around my neck

RICARDO_MAYORGA: What else would I want to lift?

nicoya#1: hola campion. porfavor aprende una derecha recta,un gancho al cabeza fijo y una buena defensa at tu aresenal y nadie te gana!vargas no puede bloquiar un gancho de izquirda o una derecha recta. pero ojo. winky no puedria bloquiar tu combinasines viejas! [translation: hi champ. learn form joel a str8 right, a text book left hook and learn some suttle moves in defense and nobody will beat you!.vargas is a sucker for a good left hook and str8 right.although with winky use your old combinations and odd angles to beat him.]


Titlebelt: Ricardo, Do you still drag race?  If so, how often?

RICARDO_MAYORGA: I'm constantly racing in Nicaragua, in fact when I get back we're going to have a tournament back home that I'll be participating in.

litzauNEXTlegend: Yo Ricard, what color will your hair be for the fight with Piccirillo?


JTwonDEALwithIT: What's goin on Ricardo...how do you see the Castillo/Coralles rematch goin down?  What about Peter/Little Brother?

RICARDO_MAYORGA: Before I tell you that, I promise everyone here that I'm going to KO Piccirillo out in two rounds. In my opinion Corrales takes him again, I think he's a harder puncher than Castillo.

C_Rice: What up, Rico?  What do you think about Winky Wright and his style?  And is that a fight you'd look to make if you can't get Vargas, assuming that you will win in the great city of Chicago?

RICARDO_MAYORGA: I will blow him away in the windy city, two rounds tops. Winky Wright is a great fighter and once I get rid of Piccirillo. I think Tito had a bad night, I don't think much of Winky's style. I think Winky would be an easy victory for me.

killa: Hey ricardo..real recognize real..and i appreciate what you do in the ring and how you handle yourself...that said....do you think Shane Mosely or Oscar have any motivation to fight you..especially after what tito did......and if you cant fight them who are you looking at

RICARDO_MAYORGA: I think it would be great for me to fight those guys, I don't see why there wouldn't be motivation, great fighters should want great challenges. The one I really want is Oscar De La Hoya I think that would be a great fight. I'm going to ask Greg for De La Hoya's address so I can mail his wife a pair of balls so she could sew them on to his groin.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Ricardo Mayorga for taking time to chat with us tonight

RICARDO_MAYORGA: Thank you and tune in on August 13