T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Paulie Malignaggi


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Paulie Malignaggi

Original Chat Session on October 28, 2004

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Paulie Malignaggi to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Sup? howis everybody doign tonight?

OnFire: whats up Paulie? How's training and have you begun sparring?

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Everything is going smooth, I am looking forward to fighting on Dec 4th, for the WBC international title. Yes I have sparred here and there so far

jgoo: hey paulie big fan, who are u fightin on dec 4th and how will that fight pan out?

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Iam fighting Sandro Casamonica, I dont know much about him, he is a former european champion from what I do know. It's goign to be my first fight scheduled for 12, but if my hand holds up I dont see it lasting the entire 12rds

travismarks@hotmail.com: i attended your fight against Rocky Martinez at the manahattan center

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Thanks for the support, I appreciate it and I hope you enjoyed the fight, keep showingme that love

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Because with allof the haters i got, my fans are important to me

travismarks@hotmail.com: i wanted to know what you thought of your opponent and is there anything you would have done different

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Travis are you talking about the martinez fight?

travismarks@hotmail.com: yeah

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: The martinex fight was a step up on paper because he had challenged for world titles...

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: But I knew going in that my speed was going to be the main factor in me winning thae fight

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I wanted to show everybody that I can dominate in that fight to prove that i was I am on another level, and I feel I did that


Bryan_AKA_Superman: Hey Paul...wut up bro?  How many more fights before you think you'll get to fight for one of those belts?  Who do you think will win Tszyu/Mitchell?

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I feel it will be about four or five more fights before I fight for a major world title. My next fight will get me ranked in the top ten in the WBC because Iwill be winning their international title.

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I am a slick boxer myself, and I think Sharmba has been very active while Tszyu has been inactive

AKay: Paul what has been your toughest fight to date amatuers or pros and what is your biggest obstacle to overcome to achieve your goals in boxing?

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: My toughest fight to date was probably my last fight against Ramiro Cano, mainly because of the extreme heat I had to fight in and I had an opponent who kept the pressure up the entire fight, and kept on going to my body.

AKay: yeah body shots are very underrated

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Plus the fact that I hurt my hand early in the fight didnt help..pluis....

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I dominated on all of the judges scorecardsand people have no idea how tough that is to do

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Plus Cano came into that fight not well knwon and it made him hungrier because of my name



madcap: Any chance of you fighting Salita somewhere in the future ?

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: That is a fight that many are startingto talk about, it is a fight that a fight that might materialize in the next year to year and a half

Method: Champ, Who do you currently spar against and who have you sparred with in the past (any high profiles?).  Also, who are your current favorite fighters to watch, and why?

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I get any work I can in the gym, it is hard for me to get work sometimes, so I have to travel to other gyms

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Gatti one time.....

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Kevin Kelly and countless others

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Gatti is my favorite fighter, btu I enjoy watching all slick fighters.

madcap: Is Gatti really as smooth a boxer as the HBO crew is trying to lead us to believe ?

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Gatti can be a smart smooht boxer, but against another boxer he can't pull it off

Method: Thanks a lot for the courtesy of your time, brotha.  That was solid of you to come chill for a hot minute.  Best of luck in the future.  Continued Success.

Bryan_AKA_Superman: thank you very much Paul


travismarks@hotmail.com: Paulie what part of brooklyn are you from? And who would you want to fight the most at the jr. welterweight division right now? How do u think you would fare against the likes of a Bojado or Vivian Harris or a Miguel Cotto

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I am from Bensonhurst, Brookyln

travismarks@hotmail.com: i am from east NY

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I dont have  name preference, I use to want to fighht Bojdao real bad because I knew he was a fake as we ended up finding out, but now that he has been exposed that fight does nothing for me

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I saw many of his flaws a looong time ago, but obviously somebody else already beat me to it


travismarks@hotmail.com: thank u my brother

Bryan_AKA_Superman: Paul, there is no doubt that you are young contender with 18 pro fights.  You recented stated that hate keeps you going.  is this hate that you feel from other boxers or other promoters, or would you say that you feel underappreciated and that breeds hate?

Bryan_AKA_Superman: I think you need to get an HBO date or atleast a fight on ESPN

Bryan_AKA_Superman: because I like watching slick boxers as well

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I feel it is a combination of both, and also a combination of what i have been through in my life to get to this point in my career. I worked hard to get out of where I was early on in my life and I feel people dont give me enough credit in boxing or...

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Life in general and that is what builds that hatred I was talking about with Ray campbell

Bryan_AKA_Superman: I hear ya

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Probably HBO will give me a date with a couple more wins on my record

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I fought on Showtime my last fight and I have a showtime date for Jan 21

Bryan_AKA_Superman: cool

Bryan_AKA_Superman: is that Shobox?


PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Yes it will beon shobox

travismarks@hotmail.com: there is only one magic man brother

travismarks@hotmail.com: and it’s u kid

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I will be the Jr. Welterweight dvisions Magic Man, there could be a Magic man in every weight class, it really isn't that important. What is important is...

travismarks@hotmail.com: paulie i was giving you props

travismarks@hotmail.com: i was saying that u were the real magic man

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Ooh Sorry about that that, I thought you meant to say it aint you

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: My apologies, i appreciate teh props
travismarks@hotmail.com: its cool kid


Bryan_AKA_Superman: Paul, would you fight Vivian Harris somewhere down the line?  He seems to be getting avoided like the plague

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Me and Viv are real good friends, but if the money is right I willfight anybody... I feel that he is one of the most uderrated fighters in teh division. i feel Cotto or hattan wont last the distance with him. Simply because to beat him, you have to be...

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Slick because you can't take too many punches from him, and Cotto or Hattan in no where near being slick

Bryan_AKA_Superman: Hatton would've gotten beat

Bryan_AKA_Superman: if he fought Harris

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I agree 100% Bryan, knowing him personally he is dying for exposure...

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: and I know he woudl have stepped it up and put him out!

travismarks@hotmail.com: paulie good looking, much love and continued success. Good luck int he future. God Bless..............

Bryan_AKA_Superman: I couldn't agree with you more.  Thank you very much for your time Paul

Bryan_AKA_Superman: and good luck on the 21st

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Mynext fight is the 4th of december, but I appreciate the love for the 21 of Jan also

OnFire: When you get that WBC In'l title. Can you bring it to my crib?

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: You know I will fire


OnFire: my dogg

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Your welcome I appreciate the support

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Who are we calling?

travismarks@hotmail.com: i wish u continued success


AKay: good luck paul!


Bryan_AKA_Superman: Best of luck Paul

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Bryan, Thanks alot, your support means alot

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Paulie Malignaggi for takin' time out of his schedule to speak with us tonight