T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Paul Malignaggi

Original chat session on May 8, 2006


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Paul Malignaggi

"He will be hit more than he's ever been hit in his life...Bet on it!"

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Paul Malignaggi to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

Titlebelt: Paulie, What do you say to the doubters, including myself, who believe you have no shot against Cotto? I mean, come on now, Al Gonzales would whup you.

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Now you showed me you don't know anything about boxing by mentioning Speedy Gonzales

Jaite: I don't mind all your yapping.. but please do me a favor-- if Cotto beats 'dat ass real proper.. make sure you stick around for the post-fight interview. Ok?

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Believe me, there's not going to be any talking like that...at the post fight interviews I'm going to be gloating in my glory.

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: It's people like you that make me talk more. I know that there's people out there like that to get on their nerves.

Hammer: WHAt's up Paulie, I'm a big fan, do you play other sports

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I love all sports. I'm a pretty good natural athlete. I like baseball, basketball, I used to play a little hockey when I was younger

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I'm a fan of all sports.

Celtic1888: Hi Paulie, im a big fan of yours from Ireland. I read in an aricle that your father played pro football in Italy, who did he play for and will you be watching Italy in the World Cup? Thanks and Good Luck against Cotto!!!

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Thanks. I love soccer and I will definitely be rooting for the Italian team when the world cup start.

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Atatlanta was the best team he played on

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: He also played on a couple of lower division teams and some in Mexico.

ErikMorales: Hey Paulie, Liverpool England here, i saw your last fight against Camarena you was awesome, do u think your fight with Cotto could play out similar to Cal Lacy, i can see a slight style similarity, obviously i think it would be alot closer fight, good luck

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Yeah I believe so. I don't expect too tough of a night on June 10. That's not to take anything away from Cotto because I think he's a great champion. Stylistically though this is going to be an easy fight for me

Sierra: Paul all you have to do to beat Cotto is pivot and turn him in the corner then hook and throw straight punches is that your game plan? If not it should be!! Mexican soccer is the best!!!!

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Mexico got a team but Italian soccer is the best in my opinion. The game plan is to be smart and neutralize him in every aspect

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Whatever he gives me will be taken advantage of during the fight

CoryR: Paul...are you at all worried about the judging since the place is going to be full of Puerto Ricans supporting Cotto?

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I don't worry about the judges. I'm going to have my fair share of fans. it'a Top Rank card and all but I plan on beating him so bad that there's no way they could rob me

Jazzi_s_Writer: What do you think about Top rank setting a Cotto V Castillo match, almost as if they are writing you off?

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: It really makes me laugh. I think they have a lot of nerve doing that. Cotto is going to fight whoever after I whoop his ass.

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Bob Arum will be able to pull it off, but rest assured he's going to be going into his next fight with a loss on his record

hitman_hatton1usa: have u ever been stopped in the amateurs???

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: one time early in my amateur career. In my eighth fight. I was in over my head and didn't have enough experience for th fighter I was in with

ZabStevens: who do you think will win the fight between castillo-corrales?

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I lean towards Castillo but I'm leaning towards Corrales because I want the Cotto-Castillo fight to be ruined on both ends.

KO_KING: Paulie you will get murdered in there unless you get on your bike, Cotto can bang and he can box, Cotto stops you in 6. Cotto can box dude, you are in for a rude awakening. Remember you are going to the showers in 6.

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Cotto can box? In your dreams he can box with me

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: You're in for a rude awakening.

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: If anyone is getting stopped it's going to be Cotto

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: He will be hit more than he's ever been hit in his life


jrdaman: Paul whats good..I dont know much about you but I know Cotto has a suspect chin. Your fighting in the Mecca are you going for a ko verses a decision in his back yard??

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I'm going to go for whatver is more convenient to me

shyne: paul, what is one bit of advice you would give a young boxer/person to use in life, that perhaps you have lived by?

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Don't believe too many people's opinion's. Stick to your guns. Even the positive opinions could sway you.

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: The best advice I could give is stick to your guns, work hard and the results will speak for themselves.

naqvu: hey Paulie i have read read that you were influenced watching prince naseem hamed vs kevin kelly many pple havent written him off but u seem to really respect him-what do u think of him coming back can he dominate like he once did?are u still a fan of his?

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I'm not sure Kevin Kelley can dominate like he once did. Not sure what he has left because I haven't seen him since Barrera stopped him. I wish him luck in all his endeavors and I learned a lot from him in the gym when I was growing up.

tapia78: I  tixs and i hope u fight as well as u speak. Cotto has no chin but he hits hard. r u worried about the body shots. ps u fight like camacho, thats not a good thing

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I take that as a compliment. I love Camacho and I was a big fan of his early in his career. I'm not worrying about what he brings. The only person that needs to worry is Miguel Cotto

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: and I think that's what he's doing because he's reacting to everything I say

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: Cotto will be neutralized on June 10!

garik_from_Russia: Paulie, i hope you have a good health insurance, because Cotto is gonna give you a hell of a beating.

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I got great health insurance. The only place I'm going after the fight it the after party and haters like you are not invicted.

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: I just want all of the big names and whoever is on top at the time. Whoever is at the top at 140 is who I would want the most

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Paul Malignaggi for taking time to chat with us tonight

PAUL_MALIGNAGGI: See you next week!