T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Paul Briggs


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Paul Briggs

Original Chat Session on November 30, 2004

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Paul Briggs to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

nardfan: What up Paul you where in line to fight Tarver how frustrating is it that the sport is all about money,promoters,and name recognition?Who are you looking to fight?And who is your fav. to watch now?

PAUL_BRIGGS: I suppose it's as frustrating as you let it be. This is a business. I still want Tarver whenever he's ready. Let him do his thing, I'm sure we'll meet eventually.  Kostya Tszyu is my favorite to watch now. My next opponent will be Tomasz Adamek from Hollan

PAUL_BRIGGS: He's undefeated but untested also.

nardfan: Good luck,hope you can get that big fight soon!


AKay: Paul how satisfying will it be for you to finally win a world championship and will you stay at LHW long or plan on moving up in the distant future?

PAUL_BRIGGS: It's going to be pretty fulfilling to be the first Australian to be world boxing champion and world kickboxing champion. I think I'll always stay at light heavyweight.

mikefrmmiami: would you prefer the winner of johnson vs tarver or michalzewski tiozzo

PAUL_BRIGGS: Johnson Tarver of course. I want Tarver! So I'm hoping he wins.

kilgore: I know Jirov is now a small heavyweight, but would you ever have any interest in meeting him half way, like maybe at 190?  Or maybe moving down to fight Lacy?

PAUL_BRIGGS: I hear Lacy wants to move up eventually, so I'll wait for him to come to me. I'd love to fight Jeff Lacy, I think that would be a war. Jirov doesn't really excite me enough.

TrustFundTony: What are your principle methods of training to build strength and power.....Also who would you like in a Tarver-Jirov fight at heavyweight?

TrustFundTony: Punching Power

PAUL_BRIGGS: I do a lot of unorthodox training for strength and power. I have a lot of power so I do a lot of strength boxing with Jack, that's all we do. I'd pick Jirov

byrdman: how's mr mosely as a trainer, are you friends with shane?

PAUL_BRIGGS: I've just been all about my business since I've been here so I haven't had the time to get to know Shane. Jack's style suits me to a tee because it's all speed and power and a lot of destructive punching. I love the way he trains and we have a lot of fun in the gym

tysonfan: what would you do to beat tarver? do you see any weaknesses?

PAUL_BRIGGS: I don't think he handles pressure too well and I don't think he's fought someone with my power and aggression and I really question his deep down desire. I think he's basically a confidence fighter.

john_va: i just stepped in to listen, but i hope you get a shot at tarver, i think he is ducking you, would you move up in weight for bigger fights?

PAUL_BRIGGS: Thanks for that. I've got a lot to do at light heavyweight and I'm going to make myself a commodity at light heavyweight, but I want the other fighters to come to me, so I've got to build my name. But 175 is the limit for me

nardfan: What motivated you to want to box?And if given the chance a year or so ago how would a fight with you and Roy Jones had played out?You look pretty big what is your walk around weight and do you lift any weights?And do you mean once you take his confidence away he's done

PAUL_BRIGGS: I've been world champion before and I took two years off. I just want to be champion again and boxing is my first love. I'm always up for a challenge a becoming a champion in two fighting genres is exciting to me. As far as Jones, I've always have a punchers chance and Tarver showed Jones what could be done with one punch. And I believe I'm hitting harder than Antonio Tarver. I fear no one and I want to fight the best out there.

tee101: Not much is known about you Paul and I'll admit I dont know much about you, but in a division that lacks stars what do you bring to the table.  The only thing Tarver brings is a big mouth and a lucky punch

PAUL_BRIGGS: I don't look like a boxer, I don't talk like a boxer and I could fight like a demon. I'm going to bring something different to boxing, I've showed a lot of people in Australia that you don't have to be from the gutter to fight

PAUL_BRIGGS: I think I'm going to be like a breath of fresh air to American boxing.

PAUL_BRIGGS: three more questions

AKay: Paul are you dissapointed that Tarver and Johnson got to Roy Jones before you? How important to you is it to become undisputed at LHW cause most everyone will say the true LHW champ is the tarver johnson winner and your belt wont mean much?

PAUL_BRIGGS: I'm never disappointed in missing opponents. You fight the opponents that you're meant to fight in life. I wasn't meant to fight Jones. Whoever wins out of Tarver-Johnson is who I want to fight, but it doesn't bother me much.

TrustFundTony: Can you specify, what kind of things you do with Jack to specifically increase your punching Power?

PAUL_BRIGGS: Ummm. No lol

PAUL_BRIGGS: I've always been a puncher I knocked out my first dude in the ring at 15. I've always been a puncher, Jack has just cultivated my power.

mikefrmmiami: how tall r u

PAUL_BRIGGS: four foot nothing...

kilgore: Boxing doesn't seem to be a particularly big sport in Australia (at least outside of bars) and I was wondering how you find suitable sparring partners and competition as an amateur coming up.

PAUL_BRIGGS: I never fought amateur boxing, but I know the Australian amateur scene does the best it can. It doesn't matter what you're doing to be the best you have to train where the best are

PAUL_BRIGGS: That's what I'm doing now, it's called sacrifice.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Paul Briggs for taking time out of his schedule to chat with us tonight

PAUL_BRIGGS: Thanks for having me Boxingtalk!