T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Mike Tyson


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Mike Tyson

Original Chat Session on October 26, 2004

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome the one and only “Iron" Mike Tyson to tonight's T.N.T. Chat Session

nardfan: Hey Mike,i've been a big fan for years(damn near shed tears when you lost to lewis)Do you wish you could have got the chance to fight Roy Jones for that big money?I think you would have koed him easy.Thanks Champ!Hope that knee is doing better.

MIKE_TYSON: Thank you very much. I would have loved to fight Roy , that would have been great for boxing. Roy is a good friend of mine and I hope he does well following his two setbacks.

Erik_The_Viking: Hello Mike,first of all I wanna to say how mutch I like you and how important you have been in my life. Manny people says you have stamina problems and runs out of gas after 4-5 rounds,how is your stamina now? and do you think you need to improve it?

MIKE_TYSON: I always need improvement. I just need to stay active and work out to make all of my problems become a minimum.

Brian_from_Alaska: How are you Mike, thanks for taking time out of your schedule to kick it with us fans for a bit. You said in a  conversation with G. Leon that you just don't have it no more, referring to your instinct to inflict  damage upon your opponent...
Brian_from_Alaska: is that still the case ?

MIKE_TYSON: I don't know. Sometimes I have doubts of fighting, sometimes I want to fight. I have a lot of mixed feeling sometimes.

homicidehank: mike, how do you think henry armstrong would do in todays welterweight division, do you think he would eat up guys like spinks, cintron, and other elite ww's? do you still watch old school fighters or try to learn  more from watching fighters today?
homicidehank: who's your favorite to watch today?

MIKE_TYSON: Henry Armstrong would be a hard fighter to be in any era because of the perpetual motion.

MIKE_TYSON: All of the fighters today are too immature to be put in the same breath really.

MIKE_TYSON: I don't know there's a lot of them.

AKay: Hey Mike wassup!! Mike my question is do you think the HW division is ripe for you right now to regain the HW championship?? And now that you and don king have settled your lawsuit can you see yourself signing with him since 3 of the 4 titles are with him?

MIKE_TYSON: I don't know but they don't look too good.

MIKE_TYSON: I could see myself signing with Don, once my leg gets better I'm going to start fighting a lot more often.

deadlyonetwo3: Mike, I'm 20 and I am a HUGE fan

deadlyonetwo3: basically theres so many things I'd like to ask

deadlyonetwo3: but My question is.. out of all of the moments in your career

deadlyonetwo3: what was the most fulfilling,

deadlyonetwo3: winning the title vs berbick? back vs bruno?

deadlyonetwo3: or beating a guy like larry holmes, who was a great champion who I had the priveledge of meeting


KidCUba: Mike, much love brother.  You are a nut, but we all nuts.  Best of luck in the future, outside of boxing and know we love you.  Any truth the the rumor you moving up to Santa Barbara Management's Ranch up in San Luis Obisp?

MIKE_TYSON: We're talking and anything is possible but we're having good negotiations right now.

roc: To truly finish the Tyson legacy is there a chance of you ending it where it started ! With Rooney in catskill They say boxing is mental do think going back would benefit you ? Mike Gerard Tyson is a Custamato disciple it must end where it began !

roc: ps your ring walk is the illest thing in sports !! black trunks,black boots no socks, 2PAC in the background much respect.. much love... im riding with you to the end !

MIKE_TYSON: Anything is possible but I don't believe so.

MIKE_TYSON: Thanks for that brother. Tupac told me not to play anyone else's music, so that's why I play his music.

Wafe: is it true that your camp and bernard hopkins camp got into it in miami as was reported in the new york post?  and who do you rate as a better fighter out of lennox lewis and evander holyfield?

MIKE_TYSON: Oh no! I love Bernard, we would never have no problems with Benrard.

MIKE_TYSON: Evander Holyfield.

Shady: Hey Mike, I'm a huge fan. Whats your predictions for Vitali Klitschko vs. Danny Williams?

MIKE_TYSON: Vitali Klitschko by KO, but Danny may be up from the last fight and he might be up but I don't see him doing too well.

Bryan_AKA_Superman: Wut up Mike.  How are you? I hope all is well.  I will never forget the force of Iron Mike that was present in the 80s and how you stormed through the heavyweight division. Best of luck in the future. At this point, who do you really want to fight?

MIKE_TYSON: Thanks for that, I basically want to get some good tune up fights and then go look for a title.

MIKE_TYSON: I need three or four tune up fights first

B-rad: Mike, hope all is well, ever considered coming to Australia to fight or holiday, who was your toughest fight,any chance of a rematch with Holyfiled if he had a belt or you did? Good luck with whatever you do in the future champ.

MIKE_TYSON: I would like to go there, Jeff Fenech is always trying to get me to go, but I'm a convicted felon so they might not let me go...me and Holyfield fighting again? Fuck You!

Bx_VicNice: Will Roach remain as your trainer and what fight in your career you feel was your best  performance in the 90's and which one was your worst lost?  Tyson many fans here in the bronx are behind you 100% Your still 1 one in my fav fighter list. thx

MIKE_TYSON: I don't know, but I'm trying to get back into shape. I'm not thinking about trainers or anything but getting in shape. Alex Stewart was one of my best performances.

chodeberg1: Hi Mike, glad you are here!  You have a lot of experience, in and out of the ring.  What advice would you give a young, upcoming boxer...say a Jeff Lacy?  Good luck with your future fights!  I'd like to see you commentating someday too.

MIKE_TYSON: Just stay active, fight consistently and go for it.

fefe: hi Mike! how is your knee doing sence your last fight?and when and where are you going to be fighting next?i think you still doing it i whis you the best i belive you will be champion again.I was there on your last fight and i would love to see you again!!

MIKE_TYSON: I should fight sometime in February. My knee will be reay after three more weeks of therapy.

fullbrightsgym: First of all Mike, huge fans here of the greatest knockout artist ever and best of luck in the future. Who do you feel is the hardest puncher that you have ever faced in the ring?

MIKE_TYSON: Razor Ruddock.

cs@onedentition.com: Hey Mike, You are a international star. Are you going to fight in other countries that allow  you. I cant imagine that you wouldn't sell out international stadiums

MIKE_TYSON: I would love to fight out of the country. I've always had great turnouts in Europe and I'm looking forward to going back there again.

skippy32: Hey Mike.  I think you know, your fans, your trainers and boxing experts you need to come in at a good weight . You think you can go below 223?  I think you gotta get your weight down to that level to fight at the high level you once did....

MIKE_TYSON: Yeah I definitely could make that weight, I wouldn't want to but I could.

MIKE_TYSON: I don;'t think making that weight and looking like a crackhead will help me anymore. My head is so big.

Friendlykid: Welcome online Mike and thanks for chatting to the fans,i would just like to ask given some of your remarks to Leon,do you have the desire and focus to get back to the top where i feel you r more than capable of getting to in the current heavyweight div?

Friendlykid: good luck to you and the family peace brother

MIKE_TYSON: I'm just looking forward to staying active. I'm looking forward to going to a training camp in California soon.

Bernardo_From_Ossining: Mike, I'm a Tyson fan 4 ever and I wish nothing but the best for you and your family...Vs Williams how were you able to get back that vintage Tyson form until you got hurt, did you watch old 80's tapes of yourself, your back healed, or you just "felt" it?

MIKE_TYSON: I'm just working on getting in shape, thank you for all of your compliments I will be back where I belong shortly, back on top. Three or four more fights.

MIKE_TYSON: three more questions.

Method: First off, Champ, just want to say thanks for comin to chill for a minute with a bunch of rabid boxing fans.  I think you do have a chance to be a champion.  I also think you have a DEFINITE career in training and/or broadcasting, IF you really desired.

Method: My question is two fold - First, did your handlers have you on medication to get you in the ring and keep you cool headed for the Lewis fight (under the mindset that there was too much at stake to risk it)?


D_Sud: First up, God Bless you sir. I hope all is well. WHEN you are a World Title holder again, how long will you keep boxing? Thanks Champ.

MIKE_TYSON: As long as I'm healthy and strong.

Praise_GOD: Mike do you feel in your heart that you will be as dominate again? or is it just the money that keeps you going? Always gonna be a fan, thanx for the gloves Mike and BT! i'll keep you in my prayers brother! best wishes!

MIKE_TYSON: Thank you. I'm working on getting in great condition. Money doesn't hurt I need to get some like everybody else does, but I'm just concentrating on gettin right.

MIKE_TYSON: Thank you everybody.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Mike Tyson for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us tonight

After receiving the phone call from the one and only "Iron" Mike Tyson, the lucky winner, deadlyonetwo3, returned to the chat room to share his experience.

deadlyonetwo3: yo hype....

deadlyonetwo3: Just got off the phone with G Leon

deadlyonetwo3: I just spoke with tyson


deadlyonetwo3: it was off the hook, i'm goin crazy you people gotta realize.. NO ONE has EVER been able to bring MIKE tyson to a chat like this

deadlyonetwo3: giving a fan a call (me) I can't believe it

deadlyonetwo3: thats like I was sayin before you gotta respect these guys when they come in here

deadlyonetwo3: I was tellin him about this e-mail I wrote to the governor

deadlyonetwo3: about him being banned from state facilities etc

deadlyonetwo3: he was very nice and askin me about the gyms in jersey city cause I box out there

deadlyonetwo3: sayin he thanked me for the support, etc. etc.

deadlyonetwo3: it was crazy, I been a tyson fan since I was like 2

deadlyonetwo3: I'm just speechless

deadlyonetwo3: I'm sure he been through that a million times, but that was an honor for me