T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Lennox Lewis

Original chat session on April 7, 2005


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Lennox Lewis

"I believe that the best heavyweight needs to reveal himself because what I put down, they could take up, if they've got enough strength."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome to Lennox Lewis to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

nardfan: What up Lennox?Why did you beat my boy Mike like he stole something?Not taking away from your win,but if he was in superior shape and not medicated do you think the result wouldve been the same?

LENNOX_LEWIS: Mike was supposed to fight me before Holyfield. He chose to fight Holyfield because he was the easier opponent. Mike had been ducking me a long time, but at the end the superior fighter won.

blinkz: Lennox you are one of the greatest heavyweights of all time you are well and truly missed now champ.i hope you are enjoying your retirement you deserve it. What would you say was your toughest fight lennox ? who is the best heavy out there now lennox ?

LENNOX_LEWIS: I have the true pedigree. Mike Tyson learned one dimensional fighting and I'm four dimensional.  I'm four dimensional because I could box, move, and I'm a mover puncher boxer.

LENNOX_LEWIS: I believe that the best heavyweight needs to reveal himself because what I put down, they could take up, if they've got enough strength.

Yeah!: What up Lewis!  Thanks for taking you’re time to talk with us, you’re a legend!    I know that you’re not returning to the ring, but do you think that with appropriate training you could recapture the WBC championship again?

LENNOX_LEWIS: You're right, I'm not returning to the ring, so let me just say that clearly. But if I did, it would take me at least a year and I would have to have a couple of warm up fights. And yes, I would definitely reclaim it.

LENNOX_LEWIS: I would reclaim it because there's still things that people haven't seen.

LENNOX_LEWIS: The opportunity didn't present itself while I was boxing.

Wafe: sup lennox ur my boxing idol being that im british born toronto raised just wanna say thanx for the great fights

LENNOX_LEWIS: You're very welcome and I 'm glad that I could be appreciated. What football team do you support?

Wafe: liverpool



Four7even: A lot was made of you not being in shape for Vitali, however I recall you and Emanual on HBO after the Johnson fight was cancelled, talking about how you've spent weeks training and are in good shape so you are going to take on Vitali.  Vitali makes it a fight he almost won, and the excuse is I wasn't in shape?" Can you explain?"

LENNOX_LEWIS: Yeah, when we talk about shape. We're not talking about physical shape, we're talking about boxing shape as well. I took a year off after I beat Tyson because I was celebrating. The man was training for me and two years and I wasn't able to have a warm-up

attyg3: Lennox, when are u coming back? You need to comeback and cut up the other side of Vitali's face, to show the world he is a fraud? Do u think Rachman can beat him and who are other fighters of today that you admire??

LENNOX_LEWIS: I trained for him for two weeks. You could be in basketball shape to run around, but you still got to practice your shot to score.

LENNOX_LEWIS: I do think Rahman has the power and the hunger to beat him because of the fact that he's been in the position. It's like a drug, you can't get enough. I don't really need to come back but thanks for the compliment, it's great.

Mino: You beat an old ass Tyson, you beat a well past his prime Holyfield and never fought Bowe, got knocked the hell out by an unknown Rock and was getiing your ass whooped by Vitali what the hell makes you think you are so great????

LENNOX_LEWIS: Cause I've been through all that and I was still standing on top at the end. I'm the king of the hill and at the end of the day, that's what matters.

LENNOX_LEWIS: I ruled this era.

dakur: Hey champ, great to talk to you and I hope you're enjoying your retirement. Who's your pick for Toney/Ruiz and why?

LENNOX_LEWIS: I say Toney has the talent to beat Ruiz, but Ruiz is coming back and I'm sure he's still got the hunger and determination. It should be a good fight and an interesting one. I wouldn't want to bet on it.

awesomeald: Lennox, whats up man.... did it upset you that many people think of you as a person who had a glass jaw , but took some great shots against klitchko, holyfield and many others ? did that bother you ? and can i get an auto lol

LENNOX_LEWIS: If you have the chance to meet me on some point, sure I'll give you an autograph. In your boxing career, they're going to say a lot of negative things about you. One is that you have a glass jaw. Then when you prove them wrong, they say you have a stamina problem. Then when you prove them wrong again, they ask, when are you going to retire?

LENNOX_LEWIS: But I stayed focused, eyes on the prize.

Michigan_Assassin: Hey Champ you ever meet Nigel Benn and were you a fan of his during his hayday?  See you in Canastota in a few years.

LENNOX_LEWIS: Absolutely! I've been to his great fight in London under the tent. We used to call him the Dark Destroyer. He's also a great DJ now.

fefe: what do u think of Wladimir Klithsko?can he be champion again?what was it like to fight Vitalij?thanks Lennox. great champ.

LENNOX_LEWIS: I thought he was going to be the better out of the two, but I stand corrected. If he has the drive and the hunger he can possibly become a champion, but people know that he could be beat. Fighting Vitali was very nice thank you.

LENNOX_LEWIS: He did belly ache a bit, the fight wasn't pretty, but at the end of it, I was victorious.

avon_barksdale: with mike tyson's one dimensional style, could you see the same similarities in Floyd Patterson?  or Custamado's teachings?

LENNOX_LEWIS: Interesting question, I like it.

LENNOX_LEWIS: Not necessarily, because of the fact that Floyd Patterson was a short heavyweight who had to rely on his quickness and speed. Not only did he go forward, he went backwards and side to side. The reason I say Tyson is one dimensional now is because he stopped moving his head. Cus wouldn't have stood for a one dimensional fighter.

LLcoolL: Lennox if you are to fight ruiz, how would you knock him out

LENNOX_LEWIS: Probably with a slap.

LENNOX_LEWIS: I do not mean to be rude.

ft_myers_pal: do you ever spar wit audley harrison. when  do you see him fighting for a title

LENNOX_LEWIS: I haven't sparred with Audley, I make it a habit not to spar too much with southpaw, but I have watched him spar and he has some good talent, that's why he's an Olympic champion.

LENNOX_LEWIS: We're definitely going to be looking for him to make his mark in the early future.

Couldda: Whats up LL, just wanted to know what you would say is the hardest shot you’ve ever landed on anyone, and in turn, what was the hardest shot landed on you?

LENNOX_LEWIS: I would say the Rahman was the sweetest punch and it wasn't necessarily hard it just flowed with a lot of chi. The hardest punch I've gotten hit with? I don't remember.

jgoo: lennox, should they make a super weight divison for u big ass mother fuckers?

LENNOX_LEWIS: It basically is a super heavyweight division already.

LENNOX_LEWIS: Heavyweight is super heavyweight because you could be 500 pounds and come into the ring. You don't have to have the stamina to move though.

Four7even: lets say Riddick bowe becomes champion in a year or 2, and calls you out, any chance you come back? I'm sure he's a name you'd like to have on your resume.

LENNOX_LEWIS: If he wins in two years and calls me out and I come back, he'd probably join the scouts this time.

LENNOX_LEWIS: But no, it doesn't even make sense for me. He used to be a big chicken but now he's a fat turkey.

awesomeald: is that why you didnt fight byrd cause he was a southpaw or there wasnt a lot of money in the fight ?

LENNOX_LEWIS: I like Byrd and he's a nice fellow, but could you really imagine a lion against a Byrd.

Four7even: how often do you come back to Brampton lennox, thats where i'm at

LENNOX_LEWIS: I'm there once in a while. That's where my mother lives, so you know.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Lennox Lewis for taking time out of his schedule to chat with us tonight

LENNOX_LEWIS: Thanks for having me Boxingtalk and we're going to do this again sometime. I hope I answered all your questions. Lennox Lewis is the best, I laid them all to rest, no boy test.

dakur: Thanks champ!

Couldda: Big up form Canada!!!

Four7even: eazy champ