T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Kassim Ouma

Original Chat Session on February 1, 2005


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Kassim Ouma

"I want to get all of the belts from Jr. Middle to Middle on to Light Heavy!"

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Kassim Ouma to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

nardfan: What up Kassim?You are the truth!What part of the fight did you see him becoming tired?I see why Winky want nothing to do with you!Way to rock that Boxingtalk shirt!

KASSIM_OUMA: I broke him down. He is a great fighter. He is really strong. I had to keep working on him. I am a warrior from the East and I made it happen. I felt him getting tired around the 7th round.

goussen: Kassim, I really didn't know you were that damn tough, but after seeing you Saturday night you really are the champ

KASSIM_OUMA: I am what I am

litzauNEXTlegende_: Hell of a fight last weekend KO! How will the Winky-Tito fight affect your plans? Who would you like to fight in the meantime?

KASSIM_OUMA: They don’t affect my plans…they are just other fights. I can fight any of those guys. I will fight anybody. I am not going to pick and choose. I will fight whoever comes my way. I am here to make it happen. It doesn’t matter.

J-Gon15: Kassim a sensational performance. Kassim did you expect to make the adjustments you had to make with such ease? Now what, would you like to fight thw winner of Trindad-Wright?

KASSIM_OUMA: It wasn’t easy. I am a fighter that just makes it happen. People will always come and go, but I am here to stay in boxing. I am not playing. I am not joking. I am going to make something out of this.

oumaisthefuture: Kassim, congratulations on a dominate win, you dominated the whole fight.  when do you think you will be fighting next?  how long do you think you will keep boxing?  until what age?

KASSIM_OUMA: I want to fight for about 4 more years until I am 30. I don’t want to fight forever, so when I turn thirty I will quit. I don’t know who I am fighting next. I am hearing about Daniel Santos, so I will fight him if I have to.

Praise_Him: After the fight I saw you go up to RJJ and it sounded like you were saying something to Roy.....what did you say and what was his responce brother?  GOD BLESS YOU!  That was an excellent fight...what you do to be in that kinda shape homie? it looked like u could go another 12

KASSIM_OUMA: I told Roy that I want to be just like him. I want to get all of the belts from Jr. Middle to Middle on to Light Heavy. And he said keep doing what you do. He said if I keep doing like I have been doing nobody will be able to touch me.

KASSIM_OUMA: I just train hard to stay in shape. I was in Philly running in the snow. I ran hard…like I was Rocky.

jj: who do u most wana fight and y

KASSIM_OUMA: I am a Jr. Middleweight. I will fight whoever they want me to fight. I don’t pick and choose my fights. I will fight anybody!

jj: but whos ur preference

KASSIM_OUMA: No Preference

Philip: Hello Oumma, I saw saturday fight and your were excellent outhere, I kinda only say that you threw too many punches. I am wondering what specifcally objectives or goals you have make yourselve for 2005.

KASSIM_OUMA: For 2005 I just want to fight and keep busy. I want to fight three times. Last year I didn’t fight much. I want to fight more this year. I want to be in the top ten. I feel I should already be in the top ten pound for pound.

byrdman: kassim, much is being made of your chin, but what happened in your one ko loss? did you enter the ring cold or underestimate your opponent? do you think you could take a trinidad punch...?

KASSIM_OUMA: I don’t try to take punches. I try to get out of the way. I try to hit and not get hit. Sometimes you can take good shots and sometimes you can't. If you sleep on it, you can get hit real hard. But I have no comment for my one loss. I don’t know if I can take his punch…once we meet we will see.

KASSIM_OUMA: My one loss means nothing

nardfan: R.I.P. to your uncle Kassim!

KASSIM_OUMA: Thank you Nard Fan. I will talk to you guys next time.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Kassim Ouma for taking time to chat with us tonight