T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Joan Guzman

Original chat session on May 9, 2006


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Joan Guzman

"Anyone 135 and under I'll take on!"

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Joan Guzman to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

Antonio00: Joan, what do you think of the Cotto-Malignaggi fight, and do you have your sights set on the winner ?

JOAN_GUZMAN: I think that it is going to be a good fight, and it is going to be better than people think.

GMS3ll: This weekend was the first time I've ever seen you fight and I became a fan instantly, Just wanna say great job on Saturday and I'm wondering who would you like to fight next if you could choose anyone? Your style will give a lot of guys problems.

JOAN_GUZMAN: I leave that to my promoter and my manager, but I'm ready to fight whoever is up to the challenge

Tee101: Great performance Saturday night, why didnt you sit down on your punches? Was your hand bothering you? I thought you would have KO'ed the kid by the 7th.

JOAN_GUZMAN: I hurt my right hand in the second or third round. Then I injured my left hand by the fifth or sixth so I had to take it easy to prevent hurting them worse

quicksilver: Solid performance last Saturday Joan, do you see a fight with PBF in the future?

JOAN_GUZMAN: I don't think that'll be happening. He's definitely going to be fighting in the higher weight classes and I just started at 130

raydog: Joan what weight do you see your self eventually fighting at


JOAN_GUZMAN: The only thing that could happen to me after that is taking too many punchers.

Golden_Again: Who/How did you get the nickname "little Tyson" i think it fits you perfectly

JOAN_GUZMAN: Why do you think that?

garik_allboxing: Joan, do you lift weights? How many meals a day you eat? Whats your favorite food?

JOAN_GUZMAN: I don't lift weights. Three meals a day when I'm in training. Dominican food

Jazzi_s_Writer: Amazing performance, would you fight Baby Bull?

JOAN_GUZMAN: Oh yes, that would be a good fight. Of course I would do that. Anyone 135 and under I'll take on!

jay_water: Wassup Joan, i see you fought at the county center in white plains in august? I live in yonkers .. u gon fight there again?

JOAN_GUZMAN: I don't know. I leave that to my promoter and manager. I would like to fight in New York, not only Yonkers and White Plains because there's a large Dominican population here

juyt: what has Golden Boy Promise You? Any fight with Barrera

JOAN_GUZMAN: They haven't directly stated anything, but they spoke to my manager and they promised a big fight. I'm looking for a fight with any of the big names out there at 130 or 135

chopper: how close were you and Agapito? How much did his passing affect you? What is your ideal matchup as of right now promoter aside?

JOAN_GUZMAN: Agapito and I were friends, but not best friends. After our fight we gained respect for each other and when we saw each other we would greet each other

JOAN_GUZMAN: His passsing effected me because he was a great Dominican fighter.

JOAN_GUZMAN: The ideal fight for me would be Manny Pacquiao or Marco Antonio Barrera or Manny Pacquio.

JOAN_GUZMAN: They're the most popular guys out there and eventually the public will demand those fights.

Cesar: I was very impressed with your performance on Saturday. Is Scott Harrison on the horizon or are you looking for a big fight at 130 or 135. If yes who?

JOAN_GUZMAN: If he comes to the United States I'll fight him without a problem, but we're not going overseas

JOAN_GUZMAN: The same way I fought with Jauergui that's what I would have done to harrison

catchweight: Joan – who is your pick in the Castillo-Corrales fight? Who would you rather fight?

JOAN_GUZMAN: It's a great fight that it's tough to pick. Nothing is written out about that fight, we'll just have to sit and watch it.

JOAN_GUZMAN: Either one of them would be fine, they're two great fighters


JOAN_GUZMAN: The higher the quality of fighter they bring they worse they're going to look.

JOAN_GUZMAN: Jauregui had a very awkward style that was difficult to decipher.

JOAN_GUZMAN: As well as being my manager he's my friend. It's not just here's your money and take the cut, we have a great relationship outside of boxing.

SirAy: Joan, you are a very gifted and technically sound fighter and showman...but you lack that power needed to put dudes on their back in the bigger weights...how do you plan on building power..good job on your fight man

JOAN_GUZMAN: That'll come with time. My power is there, people who saw me fight were expecting the KO becuase they didn't know what happened with my hands, but it's coming.

cremster: who is next guzman and who would you look to challenge for the belt? you are very gifted and i have been impressed sice i first found you on shobox on February 2002 and i am a big fan

JOAN_GUZMAN: I don't know who's going to be next, whatever is next is up to my promoter and manager.

JOAN_GUZMAN: If it was up to me I'd be fighting for the title tomorrow

keepyalefthandup: waddup joan any plans on fighting freitas?

JOAN_GUZMAN: If they let me fight him in July, I'll give him some salsa

2fasttodd: Joan, what is your weight between fights and do you try to keep your conditioning when you don't have a fight coming up? What's your roadwork schedule like?

JOAN_GUZMAN: I'm a lot more disciplined now. I have a nutritionist to assist me in my eating habits. Starting next week we're going to get back to our routine.

JOAN_GUZMAN: How much do I walk around at?


clgonline: Wolud you cdonsier fightgin Scott Harrison in thefutrue? Or has that bridge been permaenlty borken?

JOAN_GUZMAN: If he comes over here we'll fight him. We're not going overseas or anywhere else to fight him.

shyne: guzman what are your interests besdies boxing?

shyne: p.s congratulations, great peformance on saturday

JOAN_GUZMAN: Going from one restaurant to the other


JOAN_GUZMAN: I like playing basketball, watching baseball on TV and playing Playstation

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Joan Guzman for taking time out to chat with us tonight