T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Jeff Lacy


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Jeff Lacy

Original Chat Session on September 21, 2004

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Jeff Lacy to the chat room

byrdman: how come you switched

Jeff_Lacy: switched what?

byrdman: trainers

byrdman: you went from roach to birmingham?

Jeff_Lacy: I didn't switch trainers, it just more about me trainign where I was comfortable. Freddie Roach has so many fighters in the gym that he's not able to move around. So I went back to where I was comfortable and that was home, where Winky Wright was

Jeff_Lacy: being trained by Dan Birmingham.

TheChampIsHere: with most of the great fighters around your weight class retiring soon like hopkins, jones jr., and tarver, who would you like to get in the ring with before they retire so you could break out?? good luck in our fight with syd vanderpool!!

TheChampIsHere: or do you see jermain taylor as your break out fight??

Jeff_Lacy: Thank you. Really, I'm not looking past Vanderpool. After I become IBF champion, I'll talk to my people and we'll see which direction we want to go.

Jeff_Lacy: Jermain Taylor is a possibility. If the fans really want to see and people talk about it, that would be a fight that gives me a chance to break-out.

nevets: you've looked vulnerable to punches down the middle, is that being over eger?

Jeff_Lacy: Yeah, it's just that styles make fights. I was probably just a little bit eager to get to the guy and wasn't thinking as much as I should have been,

Jeff_Lacy: It looks that way from the outside but when you step inside it's totally different.

superhigh: When are you gonna step up the competition, and fight some big fights....vanderpool is gonna go down in 6????you have the talent...and who do you want to fightt the most???What about calazage???

Jeff_Lacy: Right now we have to go for one of the titles. I'm sure in the near future you're going to be seeing me fight those guys. I really want to fight those guys now but they're not willing to jump in the ring because the money is not there.

Jeff_Lacy: No one wants to fight a tough fight for free.

Bryan_AKA_Superman: Jeff Lacy!  How are you doing?  What do you feel has been the strongest inspiration in you becoming a boxer – let alone becoming a professional prizefighter?

Jeff_Lacy: I think it's the goals that I set out for myself. I love the challenge of conquering goals. It's a big challenge I set to myself when I step in the ring to face my opponent.

Syd_Vanderpool: So Jeff, I'm going to employ a strategic gameplan in facing you, I plan to use my legs well and work behind my jab, what you think of that?

Jeff_Lacy: That's what I planning on your doinng., we worked for two months on that so I hope you got a plan B.

Bandito: hey jeff, do u want to fight danny green and joe calzaghe? and do u want any part of the big 3....hopkins, jones and tarver?

Jeff_Lacy: Of course I want the big three, that's where the money's at! I would fight Green and Calzaghe. As long as the money is there that's where I'll be. I'm not going to duck no one.

Jeff_Lacy: If I ever turn a fight down, you can guarantee the money's not there.

Shawn: Jeff, in the amateurs I heard you got stopped a few times, is this true...I would like to see you fight against power punchers Shieka or Echols..

Jeff_Lacy: If that's what I have to do, I have to do it. I never got stopped. I was up again, but I wasn't able to come back and win the fight. What I'm doing now, I love fighting punchers more than anyone else anyway,

Method: Who do you spar with (past/present), and how do you see a fight with Joe CalSLAPPY playing out?  Do you ever see Jermaine "No Intentions" Taylor in your future (obviously I am aware of the current weight division conflict)?  Who are your favorites to watch?

Jeff_Lacy: I do see Calzaghe being suited for my style. He throws a lot of winging punches, I would connect straight down the middle on him. I like Miguel Cotto, I like his style of fighting, his boxing ability. I like Floyd Mayweather. I like Cory Spinks. I like Wink

no_ID: How do you incorporate serious weight training and aerobic conditioning in your workout routine w/out overtraining? How much can you bench press max?

Jeff_Lacy: I don't max out. I don't lift no more than 100 pounds it's more about high reps than anything esle with me. I bulk up too easy lifting heavy weight.

Jeff_Lacy: As for overtraining, you have to know your own body and know what it can take and what it can't.

elferozisbak: Jeff i never seen a calmer fighter then you  with out a doubt your the future of 160 168 or 175 whereever u wish to go! I dont see syd pitting up any better showing then his bro did vs vargas! also what ur predictions for  jones/hopkins and jones tarver3?

Jeff_Lacy: Thanks . I have to go with Jones over Hopkins. Jones might have a problem with Tarver again. I saw he was embarrassed after the fight so I don't know about that one, it all depends on which Jones comes to fight,

ejy: Jeff, anytime you fought guys with a modicom of ability you were extended and didn't look too good. How do you propose to beat Syd Vanderpool as he is a much superior opponent to anyone you have faces thus far?  I'll be backing "the Jewel" with cash.

Jeff_Lacy: You'll be losing your money. One of the things I've got to say, if I don't look good it's because sometimes you can't look good when someone doesn't want to fight.

Jeff_Lacy: I will win the best way I can, it might not look good but I'll be taking that belt home.