T.N.T. Chat Transcript: James Toney

Original chat session on March 15, 2005


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: James Toney

"He's as stupid as they come and his belt will belong to me."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome James Toney to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

JAMES_TONEY: What's good

mbase: James, whatÕs the latest with the Ruiz fight?  Is it probably gonna be on April 30 and if so where will it probably be taking place?

JAMES_TONEY: Most likely it's going to be on April 30. I'll be ready for whatever whenever. I think they're still talking about the Garden.

JAMES_TONEY: G knows more than I do.

JAMES_TONEY: And I'm being real with you.

tspiel: Hello James....your a rare talent and you make boxing fun, especially for us true fans. I know your going to win, but what is your plan when that octopus Johnny Squiz" tries to hump all night with his usual clutching and grabbing bullshit."

JAMES_TONEY: My thing is this, John Ruiz could fight how he always fights, he's perfect for me. The uppercut and left hook, he's going to be there for them and then that straight right hand is going to knock his ass out.

lilphil: i was lookin forward to meeting you in vegas on april 23rd will you still be there if your fight with ruiz gets moved up .if not ill be in NY to see you kick ruiz's ass!

JAMES_TONEY: I won't make it to the 23 because I'll be in camp. Shoot, I might be in New York by then. Hopefully I'll see you in NY

Mino: yo big boy, u have a prob with Puerto Ricans? Cuz im puerto rican and proud baby, did not appreciate that comment

JAMES_TONEY: I got no problem with Puerto Rican's but he's a poor example of a Puerto Rican so you should talk to Ruiz about that BS

greg: James, thanks for talking with us.  What are you doing different in training this fight from others?  No question you have the skills and talent to out work Ruiz all night, anything your adding to take him out?

JAMES_TONEY: The only thing I'm adding to my game is getting stronger, getting faster and getting ready for this guy. He's as stupid as they come and his belt will belong to me.

AKay: yo james i want you to rock a btalk shirt in your reality show. And after you beat up on Ruiz lets get on the btalk float at the pr parade in nyc and scope out all the ladies. When and where is the show and what is it called?

JAMES_TONEY: The name of the show is called a day in the life of James Toney, I'd love to go to PR Parade with my boy G. Leon. That's how we do on Boxingtalk, but I can't mess with those PR ladies, I'm totally committed.

AKay: you know them rican ladies got the onion booties james

JAMES_TONEY: Fo sho. We know that. The best in the busines.


SkillsPayBills: WhatÕs up James, how come the fight with Byrd did not get made? That would be a great fight in Michigan. Instead you are fighting John ÒThe Tie-up ManÓ Ruiz, make sure huggy bearÕs lights go out James!  Also if you come to NY where will you train?

JAMES_TONEY: His lights is definitely going out. Byrd and his attorney were playing games. Hopefully he takes care of Klitschko so we could start talking unification once I'm done with Ruiz.

boxerjimm: JT, I know you feel you will man handle Ruiz, but everyone" always thinks that... and they usually come out losing.  Are you taking him seriously?  Taking him lightly could be a bad move.  Having said all that... I do hope you smoke him."

JAMES_TONEY: I'm not taking him lightly at all. Those other guys ain't me and they don't have the talent I do. You saw what they did, now watch I do to him with these two hands on April 30.

bart: was ruiz your first choice of champs to fight?who do you want to hit more ruiz or stony?

JAMES_TONEY: I want to hit both of em at the same time. Klitschko was my first choice, but he chose the easy route against Rahman

lightsoutrome: james after u kick jawny boy ass, how many more times u plan to fight the rest of the year? any chance u ever fight in our hometown LA at the staples center?

JAMES_TONEY: Three more times after Ruiz. I got to make up for the last two years right now. I would love to fight at Staples. It's a dream of mine and you  know Id' be there all they have to do is pay the money.

Salva_TRU: What up Lights out!!! Do you think that the Reyes gloves really add that more much punching power??? and what's your favorite buffet in Las Vegas?

JAMES_TONEY: To me, they don't know nothing but adding more pain to my hands. I like to fight with them but they aint good for your hands.

ringsidemike: James, what changes to your training schedule do you make if you fight on April 30?

JAMES_TONEY: No changes at all. I train all day and all night anyway so it dont matter. Nothing needs to be done to make up for the time because there's no time to really make up


JAMES_TONEY: They make a big deal out of my weight cause I'm so damn good. I'll probably come in around 212 like I did for Holyfield, but I'll  be much stronger and faster though.

numberonelike1: Hey James. I'm really looking forward to the fight with Ruiz. I wish you well. I don't have any questions at this time.

JAMES_TONEY: Thank you.

nardfan: What up James?What made you start boxing?I cant remember the guys name,but you finished him with a bad cut over your eye and they gave you 1 rd. to finish him and you did,that was the shit dawg.Stay 4 Rahman and we could just sit back and watch.

JAMES_TONEY: That was Tim Littles who I fought in LA. I got better things to do than listen to Hasim Rahman.

JAMES_TONEY: I got to take care of my business for Ruiz and this fight

JAMES_TONEY: Something he wishes he was doing

Salva_TRU: Ay James, if you would ever train a fighter, do you think that shoulder roll is something that everybody can pick up, or is it for a select few that can stand in the pocket and not be afraid of punches wizzing by their ears? oh yeah, and FUCK ROY JONES JR.

JAMES_TONEY: It's only for a select few because you have to have the heart to stand there and be willing to trade with somebody.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank James Toney for taking time to chat with us tonight

JAMES_TONEY: Be Good Boxingtalk