T.N.T. Chat Transcript: James "Lights Out" Toney

Original Chat Session on March 1, 2005


T.N.T. Chat Transcript: James "Lights Out" Toney

"The people's champ is here! Not the paper champ like Byrd, Ruiz and Rahman!"

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome James Toney to tonight's TNT chat session

JAMES_TONEY: The people's champ is here!

JAMES_TONEY: Not the paper champ like Byrd, Ruiz and Rahman!

nardfan: What up James im a big fan.waht will you do if Stoney gets in your face?

JAMES_TONEY: He's definitely going to sleep I pray he does that because he'll have a one way ticket to the hospital.

lightsoutrome: james do you see the fight with ruiz going the distance?

JAMES_TONEY: No, I definitely don't. I will have Ruiz out within 6. As son as I touch him solidly, clean...it's OVER

_iodine_: James, you gonna be on the cover of the next EA fight night?

JAMES_TONEY: I love my fans! Boxing fans are the best in the world. You know what, it doesn't matter to me, I'm in the game and whoever uses me will be whooping ass. I don't worry about the over

JAMES_TONEY: they need the publicity more than I do.

nero: james, why did you allow hasim rahman to take the mandatory spot in the wbc?  i feel you could kill vitali.

JAMES_TONEY: The reason they got the spot is because him and Don King were playing those games while I was injured. With the WBC in Don's back pocket I was in a no win situation.

TONEYKILLSFAGRUIZ: James, im a huge fan of yours always have been since i started watching boxing.  What will you do if ruiz tries to get dirty with you as far as the holding continously?

JAMES_TONEY: That's what I'm hoping he does. He'll be setting himself up for the whiplash. I'm a real fighter and I'm ready to adjust to whatever he throws at me.

byrdman: james, you my favorite fighter to watch, which fighters did you watch growing up? also are you still lifting weights or are you going to drop back on that a bit like roach wants?

JAMES_TONEY: I watched, Tommy Hearns, Ray Robinson, Marvin Hagler...then I studied Ezzard Charles, Moore and Rocky Marciano. I'm going to keep it real he was a small man but he was a great fighter knocking out big giants like I do.

JAMES_TONEY: I've been dropping back a little bit. I'll be back at closer to my regular size, but we'll see.

mikefrmmiami: what are you gonna do when ruiz starts wrestling wit you man and also i met you at miccosukee and your real cool wit your fans

JAMES_TONEY: I love my fans, you guys are the best. If Ruiz gets rough, he doesn't want to go there because he will get seriously hurt. I'm nobody to play with.

magnum: who do you see winning the other fights in the tourney and who will you be set up to face after ruiz?

JAMES_TONEY: After I knockout Ruiz, I will face anybody who wants to get it on with me. I'm the peoples champ and I will face anybody anywhere anytime. I'll fight any challenger. if you're going to be the best you've got to fight the best. I want to fight who you want me to fight. The fans should have more of a say so anyway.

G-DOG: What UP James.... Dont got know questions... just wanted to let you know me and my NIGGAS here in PHX, AZ will toasting for you to knock out that CHUMP RUIZ...   next:  FRANKENSTIEN

JAMES_TONEY: Thank you. I guarantee I'm going to make you and your peoples happy. Make sure you drink something for me.

marz: big fan JT it's your ability to combo that makes you a dangerous HW, will Ruiz holding stop that?

JAMES_TONEY: No. I don't see him being a problem. Ruiz will be easier than fighting Jirov. Jirov was basically a dumb ass fighter and so is Ruiz

chodeberg1: Hi James.  You're one of my favorite fighters of all time.  I live out in LA, any good time to stop by wild card to catch your work out?

JAMES_TONEY: Mon-Sat from noon-2:30 pm

JoeinPa: Who hit you with the hardest shot / and were you really dazzed?

JAMES_TONEY: Merqui Sosa back in 91. He hit me in the back of the head and had me dazed, but I shook it off like a pitbull and went back to work on him

trav: James other than yourself who do you think is the best heavy out there



JAMES_TONEY: It’s hard to even tell you. I think I'm going to go with myself. Me myself and I

JAMES_TONEY: Nobody else out there is a threat

attyg3: James how are u the best heavyweight out there, when you've beaten an old Holyfield, and Rydell Booker? Your heavyweight resume isnt to impressive but you contend you are the best. Even Larry Donald beat Holy

JAMES_TONEY: How am I the best? Because I am and nobody could do nothing about it but sit back and watch. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. If you think somebody is better I'm going to show you they ain’t!


JAMES_TONEY: Yes I will be there and tell you're man I'm going to do all that and more. That's going to be a good PPV show so you know I'm going to be there.

AKay: james was da deal!! Tell me about the reality show you got coming out? will we see your Dark Gable persona on there at all pimping the ladies? James i also copped fight night and i whooped Roy on there 1st round KO with you!

JAMES_TONEY: My reality show is about a day in the life of James Toney. Everybody will see what I do all day and night and people are going to see what it's like to be James Toney.

JAMES_TONEY: It comes out in April and it's going to be a ball!

WAFE: do you see don king gettin in the way of you and the belts with his bullshit about options? also pls do us boxing fans a favor and rid the game of ruiz we'll owe you one ;)

JAMES_TONEY: Definitely he's going to try to get in the way because he's a cancer to the sport of boxing.

JAMES_TONEY: Ruiz will be done with by the time I'm finished with him. You won't see no more Ruiz when I'm done with him

MizJordan: James, I love u...u'll be at the Wildcard around March 10th then?..I'm lookin to get an autograph and maybe a kiss....lol

JAMES_TONEY: Ohhhhhhhhhhh…I'll be there waiting.


ChicoEscuela: Toney, when I think of your greatest performances I think of Prince Charles Williams and Michael Nunn.   Which fight of yours is your favorite of all in terms of exhibition of skill? And who's the most skilled opponent you've ever been in the ring with?

ChicoEscuela: I know it ain't that bitch Roy Jones.  Was it Mike McCallum, Michael Nunn, or someone else?   You will be undisputed James

JAMES_TONEY: I think the Iran Barkley fight takes it. Mike McCallum was the most skilled opponent. The man made you think.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank James Toney for taking time out of his schedule to chat with us tonight

JAMES_TONEY: Be good Boxingtalk.

JAMES_TONEY: See you Thurs.